FFmpeg DASH muxer参数说明

DASH:FFmpeg muxer参数说明(本文)

  • window_size —— — 默认值:int:0取值范围:[0, int_max]
    maximum number of segments kept in the manifest
    # mpd中记录的最大分片数)
  • extra_window_size默认值:int:5取值范围:[0, int_max]
    maximum number of segments kept outside of the manifest before removing from disk
  • min_seg_duration默认值:int64:5000000 取值范围:[0, int_max]
    minimum segment duration (in microseconds)
    # 最小分片时长(微秒) 默认值:5s
  • remove_at_exit —- 默认值:bool:0取值范围:[0, 1]
    remove all segments when finished
  • use_template —— 默认值:bool:1取值范围:[0, 1]
    Use SegmentTemplate instead of SegmentList
    # 如single_file:1 会被置0
  • use_timeline —— 默认值:bool:1取值范围:[0, 1]
    Use SegmentTimeline in SegmentTemplate
    # manifest中startNumber、timescale与之相关
  • single_file —— — 默认值:bool:0取值范围:[0, 1]
    Store all segments in one file, accessed using byte ranges
    # 以单一文件存储:以byte range表示
  • single_file_name
    DASH-templated name to be used for baseURL. Implies single_file set to “1”.
  • init_seg_name
    DASH-templated name to used for the initialization segment. Default is “init-stream$RepresentationID$.m4s
  • media_seg_name
    DASH-templated name to used for the media segments. Default is “chunk-stream$RepresentationID$-$Number%05d$.m4s
  • streaming streaming
    chunk streaming mode of output. In chunk streaming mode, each frame will be a moof fragment which forms a chunk.
  • adaptation_sets
    Assign streams to AdaptationSets. Syntax is “id=x,streams=a,b,c id=y,streams=d,e” with x and y being the IDs of the adaptation sets and a,b,c,d and e are the indices of the mapped streams.
    To map all video (or audio) streams to an AdaptationSet, “v” (or “a”) can be used as stream identifier instead of IDs.
    When no assignment is defined, this defaults to an AdaptationSet for each stream.
  • timeout
    Set timeout for socket I/O operations. Applicable only for HTTP output.
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