The JavaScript Library World Cup

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Coofucoo: Very modish topic at present.Can save our time just because there are too many javascript librarie we can get.


Love them or loathe them, JavaScript libraries are making a huge impact in the area of DOM Scripting. As AJAX matures, and the complexity of the scripts required to support its expanding use increases, it becomes much less feasible to produce custom code from scratch for every project.

In addition, the growth of AJAX and the burgeoning interest in Web 2.0 applications is bringing many new people to the field. Not surprisingly, they don't want to spend the long, hard years absorbing the arcane knowledge required to wrestle with browser bugs and API differences.

Whether you're an old-school DHTML guru or a Web 2.0 wannabe, it's time you got to know some libraries. So, what's out there? I'm glad you asked!

Over the past year or so, as DOM Scripting has exploded in the mainstream coding arena on the back of AJAX, a seemingly endless number of JavaScript libraries have joined the list of contenders. Fortunately for our poor brains, there are four libraries that have emerged as the clear forerunners in terms of their levels of adoption, documentation and community support:

  • Dojo, a powerful library developed primarily off the back of JotSpot
  • Prototype, the backbone of Ruby on Rails excellent AJAX support
  • Mochikit, the Python library that makes JavaScript suck less
  • Yahoo UI Library (often shortened to just YUI), the new kid on the block

JavaScript脚本语言介绍并实现第一个Hello World程序

1.JavaScript是Web页面中的一种脚本编程语言,也是一种通用的、跨平台的、基于对象和事件驱动并具有安全性的脚本语言,具有与Java类似的语法。它不需要进行编译,而是 直接嵌入在HTML页面中...
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2016亚洲区域赛现场赛china final L题

Problem L. World Cup Input file: Standard Input Output file: Standard Ouptut Time limit: 1 second ...
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2017 黑龙江省赛热身赛 C - World Cup

题意:           思路:         本来是道很简单的题,现场思考的很复杂,这搜那搜的,归并树模拟一下就行。 代码: 不知道 AC 不 AC 我没有数据.........  #inclu...
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各类编程语言的Hello World写法

(每隔一段时间整理几门语言的HelloWorld写法,更新中......) A开头:         1、Android(版本4.2.2)           Activity:     ...
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poj 3117 World Cup(简单数学题)

poj 3117 World Cup(简单数学题)
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JavaScript 常见安全漏洞和自动化检测技术

JavaScript 常见安全漏洞和自动化检测技术 投稿:mrr 字体:[增加 减小] 类型:转载 时间:2015-08-21 我要评论 js安全漏洞目前存在较大的技术难题,本文结合案例给...
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第五章 初始化与清理

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三届(2012、2011、2009)KDD Cup内容、数据源和论文

根据腾讯微博中的用户属性(User Profile)、SNS社交关系、在社交网络中的互动记录(retweet、comment、at)等,以及过去30天内的历史item推荐记录,来预测接下来最有可能被用...
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JavaScript 常见安全漏洞及自动化检测技术

序言 随着 Web2.0 的发展以及 Ajax 框架的普及,富客户端 Web 应用(Rich Internet Applications,RIA)日益增多,越来越多的逻辑已经开始从服务器端转移至客户...
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KDD Cup简介 KDD Cup is the annual Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery competition organized by ACM ...
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