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"Software will be the single most important force in digital entertainment over the next decade. XNA underscores Microsoft's commitment to the game industry and our desire to work with partners to take the industry to the next level."
  - Bill Gates, founder and chief software architect of Microsoft

Microsoft XNA is the catalyst for a new ecosystem of interchangeable, interoperable software tools and technologies from Microsoft, middleware and game development companies. By integrating software innovations across Microsoft platforms and across the industry, XNA forms a common environment that liberates developers from spending too much time writing mundane, repetitive boilerplate code. Instead, XNA frees game creators to spend their time where it matters most -on the creativity that differentiates their games.


The XNA development platform will serve as the foundation for future game platforms from Microsoft, including Windows, Xbox and Windows Mobile-based devices.

Games on future iterations of Microsoft game platforms will be powered by tools and technologies from the XNA ecosystem. XNA dramatically improves the way games are produced, helping contain skyrocketing development costs by reducing the amount of time developers spend writing mundane, repetitive boilerplate code for complex new hardware. The XNA ecosystem integrates new and existing tools and technologies from Microsoft and its partners so that developers can make better games, faster.

Illustrating the potential of the XNA development platform, Microsoft made a series of announcements about its own video game tools and technologies in four key areas: online, input, graphics and audio.


  • In response to strong customer demand, Xbox Live™ development tools for functionality such as billing, security, login, friends and matchmaking will be made available to Windows developers. The tools will make it easier to create the same social, unified online gaming experiences on Windows that game players have come to expect on Xbox.
  • On the input front, as part of XNA, Microsoft will develop a common controller interface and unify input APIs and button standards across multiple platforms. The result will be a family of common controllers for Windows and Xbox game players. In addition, the move will fuel a whole new wave of compelling, cross-platform input devices from peripheral manufacturers.
  • In graphics and audio, many tools such as PIX (an analysis tool) and XACT (an audio authoring tool) - previously available only to Xbox developers - now will be available on Windows as part of the XNA development platform. Likewise, innovations from Windows such as High-Level Shader Language (HLSL) will come to Xbox. The DirectX® API and the Visual Studio® development system will continue to be the baseline environment for both platforms. Collectively, these tools and technologies will enable movie-quality graphics while forming the impetus for new software that will help developers cope with the looming complexity of high-definition video and audio.

XNA那些事(一) 框架工作原理

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作者:Mike Fleishauer & clayman本文版权归原作者所有,仅供个人学习使用,请勿转载,勿用于任何商业用途。由于本人水平有限,难免出错,不清楚的地方请大家以原著为准。欢迎大家和我多多...
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【用C#写游戏-XNA游戏编程】坦克大战(一) 初探XNA

从初涉编程到学习C#也一年有余了,从今天开始就借一个《坦克大战》来对自己以前学过的知识进行一次汇总和尝试开始写博客,好了,废话不多说,开篇。     XNA中的X表示能够在WindowsXbox和...
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XNA4.0 RPG游戏开发教程(一)

翻译国外的系列教程,一步步讲述如何用XNA4.0开发RPG游戏,是XNA4.0游戏开发为数不多的具有实战意义的教程。 原文地址:http://xnagpa.net/xna4rpg.php 作者非常耐心...
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在写游戏编辑器的时候,需要将XNA整合到WinForm中,这样既可以使用WinForm的标准Windows控件,提高开发效率,又可以使用XNA显示2D和3D图像,非常完美的结合。   下面就说说将XN...
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        我又回来勒,呵呵。一年多没有更新这个blog了,一年时间发生了太多事情,上一篇文章的还是关于XNA 2.0beta,如今3.0的正式版都出来了。有时候想写的东西太多,反而不知道改写什么...
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VS 2012、VS 2013安装XNA扩展

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XNA4.0 RPG游戏开发教程(四)

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XNA Math Library 及 相关整理

1 SIMD SIMD(single instruction multiple data),即一条指令可以进行多个数据的运算,是数据级的并行。一般应用于多媒体中的大量数据的处理。比如4D向量(x, ...
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