Eclipse M8 with new UI is released

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Other features in the Java Editor include.

1. Improved Java outlines

A view menu has been added to the Java editor Outline view containing filters, Link with Editor, and Go Into Top Level Type commands. In addition to the standard filters, two new filters are available: Hide import declarations and Hide package declarations.

2. Refactorings update references in Javadocs

Rename, Move, and Change Method Signature refactorings now update references in Javadoc comments too. This includes references in @see and @link tags, as well as @param and @throws clauses.

3. Reorganized Java preference pages

The Java preference page hierarchy has been reorganized (Build Path and Code Style are new intermediate categories).

4. Inlining JSR bytecode

The Java compiler can now optionally avoid generating class files using the JSR bytecode instruction (typically used in compiling try-finally blocks), instead inlining the instructions for the corresponding subroutine. The generated class files are a bit bigger but generally load faster. This mode is anticipating support for the JSR 202. See preference under Java > Compiler > Compliance and Classfiles.

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