English Summary in May 2016

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             My English Study in May is a little impassive. It didn't bring me much passion and enthusiasm. Fortunately, I have been accustomed to insist without any passion or enthusiasm. I always don't think passion and enthusiasm I can study English well only by  passion and enthusiasm without any perseverance although there is a stimulus for me for a long time.
        This month our group have replace Across America with AJ . So I have more chance to speak English.This process has exposed many problems sch as my vocabulary. Besides I often think some of the stories usually promote Idealism thought to the leaders although my teammates don't agree with me.
     In any case, I always try to find the Positive factors  from AJ so I can both improve my willpower and English.

Summary of english in may

【前言】 【内容】 【总结】   非常充实。
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