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Machine Learning课程 by Andrew Ng

大名鼎鼎的机器学习大牛Andrew Ng的Machine Learning课程,在此mark一下:


这门课是Andrew Ng在其开创的公开在线课程网站coursera上最初开设的几门课之一,assignment也有一定的难度。大纲如下:


第 1周
Environment Setup InstructionsIntroductionReviewCourse Wiki Lecture Notes
Quiz: Introduction
第 2周
Linear Regression with One Variable
Model and Cost FunctionParameter LearningReview
Quiz: Linear Regression with One Variable
第 3周
Linear Algebra Review
Linear Algebra ReviewReview
第 4周
Linear Regression with Multiple Variables
Multivariate Linear RegressionComputing Parameters AnalyticallyReview
Quiz: Linear Regression with Multiple VariablesProgramming Assignment: Linear Regression
第 5周
Octave Tutorial
Octave TutorialSubmitting Programming AssignmentsReview
Quiz: Octave Tutorial
第 6周
Logistic Regression
Classification and RepresentationLogistic Regression ModelMulticlass ClassificationReview
Quiz: Logistic RegressionProgramming Assignment: Logistic Regression
第 7周
Solving the Problem of OverfittingReview
Quiz: Regularization
第 8周
Neural Networks: Representation
MotivationsNeural NetworksApplicationsReview
Quiz: Neural Networks: RepresentationProgramming Assignment: Multi-class Classification and Neural Networks
第 9周
Neural Networks: Learning
Cost Function and BackpropagationBackpropagation in PracticeApplication of Neural NetworksReview
Quiz: Neural Networks: LearningProgramming Assignment: Neural Network Learning
第 10周
Advice for Applying Machine Learning
Evaluating a Learning AlgorithmBias vs. VarianceReview
Quiz: Advice for Applying Machine LearningProgramming Assignment: Regularized Linear Regression and Bias/Variance
第 11周
Machine Learning System Design
Building a Spam ClassifierHandling Skewed DataUsing Large Data SetsReview
Quiz: Machine Learning System Design
第 12周
Support Vector Machines
Large Margin ClassificationKernelsSVMs in PracticeReview
Quiz: Support Vector MachinesProgramming Assignment: Support Vector Machines
第 13周
Unsupervised Learning
Quiz: Unsupervised Learning
第 14周
Dimensionality Reduction
MotivationPrincipal Component AnalysisApplying PCAReview
Quiz: Principal Component AnalysisProgramming Assignment: K-Means Clustering and PCA
第 15周
Anomaly Detection
Density EstimationBuilding an Anomaly Detection SystemMultivariate Gaussian Distribution (Optional)Review
Quiz: Anomaly Detection
第 16周
Recommender Systems
Predicting Movie RatingsCollaborative FilteringLow Rank Matrix FactorizationReview
Quiz: Recommender SystemsProgramming Assignment: Anomaly Detection and Recommender Systems
第 17周
Large Scale Machine Learning
Gradient Descent with Large DatasetsAdvanced TopicsReview
Quiz: Large Scale Machine Learning
第 18周
Application Example: Photo OCR
Photo OCRReviewConclusion
Quiz: Application: Photo OCR



四:Stanford(斯坦福Machine Learning课程cs229.官网):

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Machine Learning课程 by Andrew Ng