小编整理了其中有关事件抽取、关系抽取、NER、以及与NLP问题相关的Few-Shot和Zero-Shot 相关论文题目,希望能对大家的研究有一点帮助嗷!


  • What the Role Is vs. What Plays the Role: Semi-Supervised Event Argument Extraction via Dual Question Answering

  • Span-Based Event Coreference Resolution

  • GATE: Graph Attention Transformer Encoder for Cross-Lingual Relationand Event Extraction


  • Document-Level Relation Extraction with Reconstruction

  • Document-Level Relation Extraction with Adaptive Thresholding and Localized Context Pooling

  • Entity Structure Within and Throughout: Modeling Mention Dependencies for DocumentLevel Relation Extraction

  • DDRel: A New Dataset for Interpersonal Relation Classification in Dyadic Dialogues

  • FL-MSRE: A Few-Shot Learning Based Approach to Multimodal Social Relation Extraction

  • Multi-View Inference for Relation Extraction with Uncertain Knowledge

  • GDPNet: Refining Latent Multi-View Graph for Relation Extraction

  • Progressive Multi-Task Learning with Controlled information Flow for Joint Entity and Relation Extraction

  • Curriculum-Meta Learning for Order-Robust Continual Relation Extraction

  • A Unified Multi-Task Learning Framework for Joint Extraction of Entities and Relations

  • Empower Distantly Supervised Relation Extraction with Collaborative Adversarial Training

  • Clinical Temporal Relation Extraction with Probabilistic Soft Logic Regularization and Global Inference


  • Multi-Modal Graph Fusion for Named Entity Recognition with Targeted Visual Guidance
  • CrossNER: Evaluating Cross-Domain Named Entity Recognition
  • A Supervised Multi-Head Self-Attention Network for Nested Named Entity Recognition
  • Nested Named Entity Recognition with Partially-Observed TreeCRF
  • Continual Learning for Named Entity Recognition
  • Knowledge-Aware Named Entity Recognition with Alleviating Heterogeneity
  • Denoising Distantly Supervised Named Entity Recognition via a Hypergeometric Probabilistic Model
  • MTAAL: Multi-Task Adversarial Active Learning for Medical Named Entity Recognition and Normalization

Few-Shot / Zero-Shot

  • SALNet: Semi-Supervised Few-Shot Text Classification with Attention-Based Lexicon Construction
  • Few-Shot Learning for Multi-Label Intent Detection
  • Few-Shot Class-Incremental Learning via Relation Knowledge Distillation
  • A Bidirectional Multi-Paragraph Reading Model for Zero-Shot Entity Linking
  • Leveraging Table Content for Zero-Shot Text-to-SQL with Meta-Learning
  • SALNet: Semi-Supervised Few-Shot Text Classification with Attention-Based Lexicon Construction
  • Dynamic Neuro-Symbolic Knowledge Graph Construction for Zero-Shot Commonsense Question Answering



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