ITIL foundations 争议题目讨论

1. What information is not required to set up a process

a. the process owner

b. the trigger(input)

c. the objective

d. the desired results(outputs)

教材定义说里说 A process is a bundle of logical activities combined to achieve a certain goal(result).  


For every process inputs and outputs are definded. 

排除 b,d

It is important, therefore, that each process should have an owner.

似乎可以排除a.但是 ITIL 给出的process 定义图里面又明明给出了objective。


 2. What is the meaning of the term Serviceability ?

Serviceability 是availability management 中的一个概念. 考量的是服务出现问题时, 可以获得外部供应商的支持的能力. 与之相关的就是 underpinning contract.

3.  The Capacity Manager asks the user of an application whether a certain activity can be performed at night so that the CPU is not overloaded during the day.

What part of the Capacity process does this refer to ?

a. Application Sizing

b. Modeling

c. Application Management

d. Demand Management

Application Sizing: forecasts (hardware) resources for new applications. 针对对新应用的.在项目开始阶段

Demand Management: The objective of influencing demand and the use of resources.  针对现有系统的优化.影响或者更改使用计划.

The Capacity Plan: 考量现有的resouce utilization and service performance, 比对业务发展计划,为将来的IT Service制定resource需求规划.

选 D.



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