In this time of the Corona Virus and COVID-19, Microsoft has taken the unprecedented move of shutting down their Seattle campus. No one goes in to work until March 25th. That means they're all remote workers! Like me! For 13 years!

在这次发生Corona Virus和COVID-19的时候,微软采取了前所未有的行动,关闭了西雅图的校园。 直到3月25日,没人上班。 这意味着他们都是远程工作者! 像我这样的! 十三年来!

Do note that I am deeply sympathetic for the situation we all find ourselves in and I'm deeply aware of the privilege we have as tech/desk workers to be able to do our jobs remotely. I am also (dare I say) looking forward to what I believe will be a dramatic increase in Remote Worker Empathy on the part of the in office folks.

请注意,我对大家都陷入困境的情况深表同情,并且我深知作为技术/办公桌工作人员能够远程完成工作的特权。 我也(敢于说)期待我相信办公室内工作人员的远程工作者同理心将会大大增加。

Check out my previous posts on being remote and explore the Remote Work category if you like.


I also want to showcase some of the great tips and suggestion for remote work that are being shared. Here's tips from our own Adrian Murphy who has shared them internally at the company and has given me permission to share them externally. You can follow Adrian on Twitter and thank him his team for sharing all this information and for their kindness!

我还想展示一些共享的远程工作的很棒的技巧和建议。 这是我们自己的Adrian Murphy的提示,他在公司内部进行了共享,并允许我在外部进行共享。 您可以在Twitter上关注Adrian,并感谢他的团队分享了所有这些信息以及他们的好意!

These tips are written in the context of using Microsoft Teams (which has an extraordinary free plan, BTW) but you can replace those references with Zoom/Skype/Whatever and the tips are the same.

这些技巧是在使用Microsoft Teams (有一个特别的免费计划,BTW)的情况下编写的,但是您可以将这些引用替换为Zoom / Skype / Whatever,并且这些技巧是相同的。

远程工作的提示,技巧和最佳实践 (Tips, Tricks and Best Practices for Working Remotely)

Working remote can be quite a shift from being in the office, and sometimes the things you take for granted in person suddenly become massive inconveniences when working remotely. Whether this is your first time being remote or you're a remote superstar from the Antarctica office, this collection of tips and best practices may help you get settled.

远程工作可能比在办公室转变了很多,有时,当您在远程工作时,亲身理会的事情突然变得不便。 无论您是第一次来遥远还是来自南极洲办公室的超级巨星,这些提示和最佳实践都可以帮助您安顿下来。

通讯 (Communication)

  • Be mindful of time zones. Your middle of the day may be someone’s 3:00 am, so when scheduling calls or pinging via Teams, don’t forget to take into account the time zone differences for all involved.

    注意时区。 您一天的中午可能是某人的凌晨3:00,因此在安排致电或通过小组查询时,请不要忘记考虑所有参与者的时区差异。
  • Turn on your video when on a call with your team (there’s a bunch of communication which is non-verbal). Occasionally show off your pets on said video. It’s the little things that make it all feel more human.

    与团队通话时打开视频(一堆交流是非语言的)。 有时会在上述视频中炫耀您的宠物。 小事情让一切都变得更加人性化。

    • Some might have reduced bandwidth. Consider turning on video at the beginning during intro and turning it off during important parts if you experience hiccups.

      有些可能减少了带宽。 如果遇到打h,请考虑在介绍开始时打开视频,并在重要部分关闭视频。
  • During calls, make sure to wait a few extra seconds when asking if folks online have any comments. It can take time for folks to un-mute themselves, and sometimes things can chug or hiccup. It’s not as instant as it is face to face, so you don’t want to move on before folks can even get a word out on a call.

    在通话过程中,请确保在询问在线好友是否有任何评论时多等待几秒钟。 人们可能需要一些时间才能取消静音,有时事情可能会起伏或打ic。 它并不像面对面时那样即时,因此您不想在人们甚至可以在通话中说出话之前就继续前进。

    • Some headsets have a hardware mute button and different conference software has hotkeys for mute/unmute. That can make it faster to unmute yourself.

      某些耳机具有硬件静音按钮,而其他会议软件具有用于静音/取消静音的热键。 这样可以更快地取消静音。
  • If you are in a room full of people with a conference mic, speak loudly and clearly regardless of where you are sitting. While folks in the room may be able to hear you fine from 6-10 feet away, the conference room mic registers barely a whisper for those dialing in.

    如果您所在的房间里挤满了会议麦克风,无论您坐在哪里,都应大声而清晰地讲话。 虽然会议室中的人们可能会在6到10英尺远的地方听到您的声音,但会议室的麦克风对那些正在拨入电话的人几乎没有耳语。
  • Mute your mic in big meetings, in small meetings it’s up to you—an unmuted mic will also give some of the incidental non-verbal (but vocal) indicators of what you’re thinking/feeling.

  • If you plan to present, prepare for meetings ahead of time by pre-loading web pages, powerpoints, or other presentation materials. During larger calls Teams can sometimes get bogged down, esp with many video sources at once, and this will cause the rest of your software to run slower. Having a room of 15+ people watch a web page load for 30 seconds is a great way to lose friends.

    如果您打算演示,请通过预先加载网页,PowerPoint或其他演示材料来提前准备会议。 在较大的通话中,团队有时可能会陷入困境,尤其是同时拥有许多视频源,这将导致其余软件运行缓慢。 拥有15个房间的房间观看网页30秒钟是失去朋友的好方法。
  • Summarize action items or conclusions in the call for everyone when one has been reached. Finalizing a conversation by summarizing the key take away is a great way to make sure the information is correct, and allows the folks on the call have a chance to hear it and respond if need be before the meeting moves on.

    总结每个人的电话中的行动项目或结论。 通过总结关键摘录来完成对话是确保信息正确的一种好方法,并且可以使通话中的人们有机会听到它并在会议进行之前做出响应(如果需要)。

  • If you are leading/proctoring a meeting, be prepared to play switchboard operator if multiple people speak up at once. In person we use social cues and body language to naturally reach a speaking order, in a remote call someone is going to have to make sure only one person is speaking at a time, but also that everyone gets heard eventually. It can be as simple as “why don’t we have person A speak first, then person B” and let the conversation flow from there.

    如果您要主持/主持会议,请准备好当多个人同时讲话时扮演总机接线员。 面对面的我们会使用社交线索和肢体语言自然地达到说话的顺序,在远程通话中,某人必须确保一次只有一个人在讲话,而且最终每个人都会被听到。 可以简单地说成“为什么我们不先让A人讲话,再让B人讲话”,然后让对话从那里开始。

    • If someone has something to say but is waiting their turn, and the conversation veers in a different direction for a few mins, make sure to check back with the person who was waiting. It’s possible their comment was addressed during the course of that conversation, but don’t assume so. Offer them the chance to speak before the meeting moves on.

      如果某人有话要说,但正在等待轮到自己,并且谈话转向另一个方向几分钟,请确保与正在等待的人进行核对。 在对话过程中可能会解决他们的评论,但不要以为是。 在会议进行之前,让他们有发言的机会。
  • If you are presenting from your machine remotely, ZOOM IN. What looks fine to you on a home monitor may be microscopic on a projected screen in a room of 20 people. You can use the free ZoomIt tool from SysInternals and draw on the screen if you like.

    如果要从机器远程演示,请使用ZOOM IN 。 在20人房间的投影屏幕上,家用显示器上看起来不错的东西可能是微观的。 您可以使用SysInternals提供的免费ZoomIt工具,并根据需要在屏幕上绘制。

  • If possible/acceptable, record meetings in Teams. This allows folks who weren’t able to attend, or may have otherwise missed a moment in the meeting due to a bandwidth hiccup, to catch up after the fact. Add the video link to your meeting notes when sending out (Teams will usually finish processing a recorded video within 10-15 mins of capturing it, and sends a notification to you in outlook that it’s ready).

    如果可能/可以接受,则在团队中记录会议。 这样一来,那些无法参加会议的人,或者因带宽不足而可能错过了会议时间的人们,可以追赶事实。 发送时,将视频链接添加到会议记录中(团队通常会在捕获视频后的10-15分钟内完成对录制的视频的处理,并在准备就绪时向您发送通知)。
  • Keep on top of your mails and Teams inboxes. If people can’t walk up to tap you on the shoulder, this is your only interface with your colleagues. Consider enabling pop up notifications or flashing task bar indicators for when you have unread messages.

    保持在您的邮件和团队收件箱的顶部。 如果人们无法走路来敲打您的肩膀,这是您与同事的唯一界面。 考虑在未读邮件时启用弹出通知或闪烁的任务栏指示器。

    • Likewise, be aware that Teams chat is async by nature, just like e-mail. Expect more delay than when you walk to someone’s desk to ask them a question.

      同样,请注意,团队聊天本质上是异步的,就像电子邮件一样。 与您步行到某人的办公桌问他们一个问题时相比,期望的延迟更多。
  • Never forget that there’s a real person behind every email address, Teams message, and DevOps Tickets.

  • You may have to “read the room” more as a remote worker. You may not be able to see someone’s body language to know whether or not they are joking, smiling, or upset about something.

    作为远程工作者,您可能需要更多地“阅读房间”。 您可能无法看到某人的肢体语言,以了解他们是否在开玩笑,微笑或对某事感到不高兴。
  • It’s okay to take calls in casual clothes if you're comfortable and able. Don’t wear anything that’s offensive, explicit, etc - use your best judgment - but don’t feel like you have to get super dressed and be uncomfortable all day. Enjoy being home and wear your sweatpants!

    如果您舒适又有能力,可以穿便服打个电话。 不要穿任何令人反感,露骨的衣服-运用自己的最佳判断-但不要觉得自己必须穿上整整衣服,整日不舒服。 享受在家的乐趣,穿上运动裤!
  • It’s okay to eat on calls if it’s your dinner or lunch time, we do it all the time in the Boston office! Just mute your mic, chewing sounds are gross!!!!

    如果是您的晚餐或午餐时间,可以在电话上吃饭,我们一直在波士顿办公室工作! 只需将您的麦克风静音,咀嚼的声音就很糟糕!!!!

设备 (Equipment)

  • Make sure that you machine is properly enrolled in Intune and has VPN access before attempting to work from home

  • Make sure you have at least one of your comm tools (email, teams, slack) on your phone in addition to your laptop, so that you can let people know whats up if you lose power/internet at your home.

  • Keep your laptop batteries charged.

  • Get mobile with unlimited data if possible.

  • Stock up on necessary dongles, adapters, cords, and wires. Lack of necessary connectors can decrease your productivity.

    储备必要的加密狗,适配器,电线和电线。 缺少必要的连接器会降低您的生产率。
  • Consider a headset for calls, specially ones with an easy to access mute button and fold down mic. It really can improve the quality of your audio. Webcams, specially those not at keyboard level (pointing up your nose) are also important.

    考虑使用耳机进行通话,特别是带有易于访问的静音按钮并向下折叠麦克风的耳机。 它确实可以提高音频质量。 网络摄像头,特别是那些不在键盘级别(指向鼻子)的摄像头也很重要。

生活方式 (Lifestyle)

  • Take a little time to make your work environment pleasant. If you’re working in a mop closet with no windows, or the spare-room-equivalent thereof, you probably won’t be that productive. We’re complex beings. Put a plant on your desk, get some music going, clean.

    花一点时间使您的工作环境愉快。 如果您在没有窗户或其等效房间的拖把壁橱中工作,那么您的生产力可能就不会那么高。 我们是复杂的人。 在桌子上放一棵植物,让音乐变得干净整洁。
  • You may wish to have a conversation with your kids that goes something like this: “Now, when I’m at my desk this week, it means I’m working. I can be interrupted a little bit sometimes, but most of the time I’ll need to be able to concentrate.”

    您可能希望与您的孩子进行这样的交谈:“现在,当我本周在办公桌旁时,表示我正在工作。 有时候我可能会被打断一点,但是大多数时候我需要能够专心。

    • You may wish to choose a work place in your house with a door to make this more explicit for children. “When this door is shut I am at work and you need to find your other parent”

      您可能希望在房子中选择一个带门的工作场所,以使其对儿童更加清晰。 “关上这扇门,我在上班,你需要找另一个父母”
  • EAT. You’ll forget to eat when you’re not surrounded by huge cafeterias or a team of people asking you what you want to do for lunch.

    。 当您不被庞大的自助餐厅或一群人问您要午餐做什么时,您会忘记吃饭。

  • Working remotely can be lonely sometimes. Find a way to reproduce the feeling of that office chatter, or the casual hallway/water-cooler conversation. Music, podcast, background TV noise (when appropriate), etc.

    远程工作有时会很孤单。 找到一种方法来重现办公室闲聊或随意的走廊/饮水机对话的感觉。 音乐,播客,背景电视噪音(适当时)等
  • Get some fresh air from time to time. Normally when you’re at the office you’re walking to/from the office and from your building to the cafeteria for coffee or lunch so you get outside quite a bit, but when working from home and the kitchen is just downstairs, you can very easily go a few days without actually leaving the house. It doesn’t need to be far, and with COVID19 around it probably shouldn’t be, but maybe sit on your porch while you drink your coffee, it helps clear the lungs and the head.

    不时获取新鲜空气。 通常,当您在办公室时,您将步行至/从办公室,从建筑物到自助餐厅喝咖啡或午餐,这样您就可以外出很多时间,但是当您在家工作并且厨房在楼下时,您可以非常轻松地走了几天,而实际上没有离开屋子。 它并不需要很远,COVID19可能就不应该那么远,但是喝咖啡时可以坐在门廊上,这有助于清洁肺部和头部。
  • Good light is important. Having good lighting closer to natural light wavelengths makes the environment much more pleasant.

    良好的光线很重要。 拥有接近自然光波长的良好照明,可以使环境更加舒适。
  • Build a routine of specific cues to help you switch into “work mode”. For example, you may still get dressed as you would if you were heading into the office to put you into the right mindset for the day.

    建立特定提示的例程,以帮助您切换到“工作模式”。 例如,如果您要去办公室将您置于当日的正确心态中,则可能仍会打扮得很像。
  • Get interesting drinks and snacks!!! If you drink 12 cans of seltzer a day, make sure you have seltzer in your fridge. If you like getting peanut M&Ms from the team room at 2pm, grab some for your home! You’d be surprised how boring your regular drinks are when you’re used to fridges filled with flavorful things and a huge tea selection etc.

    获得有趣的饮料和小吃!!! 如果每天喝12罐苏打水,请确保冰箱中装有苏打水。 如果您喜欢在下午2点从团队活动室获取花生M&M,请为您的家买些花生! 当您习惯了装满可口物品和种类繁多的茶等的冰箱时,您会惊讶于常规饮料的无聊程度。

避免的事情 (Things to avoid)

  • If you are in a meeting room with other folks, try to keep side conversations and noises to a minimum. Imagine you are sitting in the center of the table and hear the things closes to the mic the loudest, because that’s how it is for anyone calling in.

    如果您与其他人一起在会议室中,请尽量减少边际对话和喧闹声。 想象您坐在桌子中央,听到最靠近麦克风的声音,因为任何人都可以这样做。
  • Don’t sit right next to the microphone if you are going to be taking notes on a loud keyboard. It will drown out every voice in the room.

    如果要在大声的键盘上做笔记,请不要坐在麦克风旁边。 它将淹没房间中的所有声音。
  • Don’t disclose sensitive information if there are others in your home office when you’re in a meeting. Generally speaking, it’s better to be using headphones if others are around.

    在开会时,如果您的家庭办公室中还有其他人,请勿泄露敏感信息。 一般来说,如果周围有其他人,最好使用耳机。
  • Don’t direct a question to more than one individual at a time. This can be mildly awkward in person, but over a call it becomes nearly impossible to figure out who will speak first without any of the visual/bodily cues we normally rely on to resolve speaking order conflicts.

    一次不要将一个问题指向多个人。 面对面可能会有些尴尬,但是在通话中,几乎没有人可以确定谁先发言,而没有我们通常依靠的任何视觉/身体线索来解决语音顺序冲突。
  • Don’t use whiteboards unless they are clearly visible to the room camera (and even then it can be tricky to see). Digital mediums present in Teams are always going to be superior for folks who are calling in.

    除非使用室内摄像机清晰可见的白板,否则不要使用白板(即使那样看也很棘手)。 团队中存在的数字媒体对于来访的人们来说永远是更好的选择。

What are your tips?


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