xbox手柄适配器驱动_用于Windows的Xbox 360控制器无线接收器适配器



(Note, I'm intentionally being a little dense here to make a point...)


BTW: If you want to skip to the point, get the updated 1.1 software here: Xbox 360 Accessories Software 1.1 32-bit for Windows Vista and bypass the excessive clicking.

顺便说一句:如果您想跳到这一点,请在此处获取更新的1.1软件:适用于Windows Vista的Xbox 360附件软件1.1 32位,绕过过多的单击。

I've got an Xbox 360, and I've got a PC and I've got four (4) Xbox 360 wireless controllers, so it was a natural thing when I saw the "Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver Adapter for Windows" that I'd take a look. Seems like a brilliant idea, right? A small USB dongle that lets you use your Xbox 360 Wireless Accessories on your PC. Brilliant. One stop closer to the "Games for Windows" (i.e. Vista as Game Console) dream, right?

我有一个Xbox 360,我有一台PC,我有四(4)个Xbox 360无线控制器,所以当我看到“用于Windows的Xbox 360无线接收器适配器”时,这是很自然的事情。看一看。 似乎是个好主意,对不对? 一个小型USB加密狗,可让您在PC上使用Xbox 360无线配件。 辉煌。 一站式地接近“ Windows游戏”(即Vista作为游戏机)的梦想,对吗?

Fabulous...on with the review.


"Setup cannot install this software because your computer does not meet the system requirements." 


Um. Yikes. OK. I got this dialog after running Setup.exe. Didn't make it very far, this is the first thing I saw. My Experience Index in Vista Ultimate is 4.2, and my graphics index is 5.6. I guess my Pentium 4 4Ghz with 2gigs of RAM and a 256M video card isn't up to the task.

嗯kes。 好。 运行Setup.exe后,出现此对话框。 没走很远,这是我看到的第一件事。 我在Vista Ultimate中的体验指数是4.2,而图形指数是5.6。 我猜我的Pentium 4 4Ghz具有2gig的RAM和256M的视频卡不能胜任这项任务。

I guess I'll click "Check Online" and get a new version of the software. Click.

我想我将单击“在线检查”并获取该软件的新版本。 单击。

Um...ok. The Downloads Page of I have Vista...what is this page telling me Or is it asking me something? Ok, I'll click on "Game controllers..."

嗯...好的下载页面。 我有Vista ...此页面告诉我什么,或者它在问我什么? 好的,我将点击“游戏控制器...”

Ok...I figure this qualifies as game controller. I fill this four-step page out, I'm thinking to myself...

好的...我认为这符合游戏控制器的资格。 嗯...当我填写这四步页面时,我在想自己...

  • I still don't know WHY my high-powered system doesn't "qualify."

  • I'm not sure why the setup program didn't just download the latest version.

  • If it couldn't download the software, why not just take me to the right page?

  • Can't they detect my operating system via my IE User Agent and figure that I'm running Vista?


Moral: Don't force your users to click and answer questions when the answer is already available in "context" for the taking. You know I have Vista. My browser said so. You know I speak English. My browser said so. You know I'm trying to install this Gaming thingie. You could have just launched a browser and included this info in the URL/QueryString.

道德:当答案已经在“上下文”中提供时,不要强迫用户单击并回答问题。知道 我有Vista。 我的浏览器是这样说的。 你知道我说英语。 我的浏览器是这样说的。 您知道我正在尝试安装此游戏用品。 您可能刚刚启动了浏览器,并将此信息包含在URL / QueryString中。

Ok, now I click "go." Hm. Another link. I guess I click on that.

好的,现在我单击“开始”。 嗯另一个链接。 我想我点击一下。

All we're getting somewhere. Download...Run...gosh this seems like a lot of work.

好吧...现在我们到了某个地方。 下载...运行...天哪,这似乎需要大量工作。

Make it easy to update your software, and if you ship a setup.exe, teach it to "phone home" if there's a crucial update. Considering that the 1.0 disc I have is totally useless, I can assume that someone realized at the last minute that there's a bunch of Vista machines that were going to get this error message. If the 1.0 setup was built to check for newer ones, this whole thing could have been seamless.

使更新软件变得容易,如果附带setup.exe,请在有重要更新的情况下将其教给“电话回家”。 考虑到我拥有的1.0光盘完全没有用,我可以假设有人在最后一分钟意识到有很多Vista机器将收到此错误消息。 如果构建1.0设置来检查较新的设置,则整个过程可能是无缝的。

You know what the ironic part is? Take a look at the Program Group in Explorer after everything is installed. There's a Check For Updates icon that points to checker.exe. Why isn't this updating process integrated into Windows Update?

你知道什么是讽刺的吗? 安装完所有内容后,请查看资源管理器中的程序组。 有一个“检查更新”图标,指向checker.exe。 为什么此更新过程没有集成到Windows Update中?

Alright then. I'll run Microsoft Xbox 360 Accessories Status now. Cool, I just click the button on the Receiver and the button on the Xbox 360 Controller and they are sync'ed. Slick.

那好吧我现在将运行Microsoft Xbox 360附件状态。 太酷了,我只需单击“接收器”上的按钮和“ Xbox 360控制器”上的按钮,它们就被同步了。 光滑

Looks like the Controller just shows up like it's a joystick in Windows, which is it. I like standard.

看起来Controller只是像Windows中的操纵杆一样显示。 我喜欢标准。

Well, this is a great dialog, but there's no support for remapping. I tried to get the Xbox 360 Controller to work in Half-Life 2, but unless I choose to learn the obscure HL2 language for this kind of thing, it makes the controller less useful.

好吧,这是一个很棒的对话框,但是不支持重新映射。 我试图让Xbox 360控制器在《半条命2》中工作,但是除非我选择为这种事情学习晦涩的HL2语言,否则它将使控制器的使用性降低。

All the "Games for Windows" games must meet a certain level of compatibility, but that doesn't help me for older games. The newer ones must support this controller (and widescreen monitors!) along with 64-bit Vista. That's certainly something to look forward to. There's just not a lot of Games out yet (and the Games site's "Game Advisor" doesn't support FireFox!).

所有“ Windows游戏”游戏都必须满足一定程度的兼容性,但这对于较旧的游戏没有帮助。 较新的版本必须支持此控制器(和宽屏显示器!)以及64位Vista。 这当然是值得期待的。 游戏还没有很多(游戏网站的“游戏顾问”不支持FireFox!)。

Hacking It


There IS, however, a tool called the Pinnacle Game Profiler that says it'll add support for a Joystick to any game through a series of remapping profiles. Unfortunately, not only does it have trouble on Vista, but it caused Vista to display this astonishingly scary pair of dialogs that I'd never seen before:

但是,有一个名为Pinnacle Game Profiler工具,该工具表示它将通过一系列重新映射配置文件为任何游戏添加对操纵杆的支持。 不幸的是,它不仅在Vista上遇到了麻烦,而且使Vista显示了我从未见过的惊人的一对对话框

This was of course, far too dangerous to risk on my new Vista machine, as things are humming along nicely so far. Who am I to install some crazy remapping software that's not Vista savvy. Maybe one day soon they'll fix it. I hear good things about this remapper.

当然,这太危险了,以至于无法在我的新Vista机器上冒险,因为到目前为止一切进展顺利。 我是谁要安装一些不是Vista精明的疯狂重新映射软件。 也许有一天他们会修复它。 我听到有关此重新映射器的好消息。

Until then, my Xbox 360 Controller Wireless Receiver Adapter for Windows is unused, but I have high hopes.

在此之前,我的Windows Xbox 360控制器无线接收器适配器尚未使用,但我寄予厚望。



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