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翻译 wsl 上使用docker_使用新的和改进的Visual Studio容器工具(和WSL2)在Docker上进行开发

I've been spending a lot of time with Docker lately. Docker Desktop on Windows is great and getting better every day. Now that WSL2 (Windows Subsystem for Linux) is rolling out stable over the coming ...

2020-10-14 18:47:52 504

翻译 在日冕病毒时代的爱情-远程工作的技巧,窍门和最佳实践

Do note that I am deeply sympathetic for the situation we all find ourselves in and I'm deeply aware of the privilege we have as tech/desk workers to be able to do our jobs remotely. I am also (dare I...

2020-10-14 17:57:50 1123

翻译 .net core任务调度_探索.NET Core库Coravel以进行任务调度,缓存,邮件发送等

Coravel claims it is a "Near-zero config .NET Core library that makes Task Scheduling, Caching, Queuing, Mailing, Event Broadcasting (and more) a breeze!" A lovely claim, that is, in fact, true! It's ...

2020-10-14 17:07:44 1492

翻译 linux ssh配置文件_如何在Windows终端中设置选项卡配置文件以自动SSH进入Linux盒

linux ssh配置文件By now I hope you've installed Windows Terminal. If not, go do that, I'll wait. It's time. 现在,我希望您已经安装了Windows Terminal 。 如果没有,那就去做,我等。 是时候了。You may also have customize your settings. If...

2020-10-14 16:58:39 401

翻译 nircmd_使用NirCmd和Elgato StreamDeck以编程方式更改系统的麦克风和扬声器

nircmdUSB Headphones, a formal Conference Room Speakerphone for conference calls, and 5.1 Surround Sound speakers, as well as different mics like a nice Shure XLR connected to a USB耳机,用于电话会议的正式会议室免提电话...

2020-10-14 16:38:57 538

翻译 开源的Carter社区项目为ASP.NET Core路由增加了优雅的外观

I blogged about NancyFX 6 years ago and since then lots of ASP.NET open source frameworks that build upon - and improve! - web development on .NET have become popular. 我6年前写了有关NancyFX的博客,从那以后,我就建立并改进...

2020-10-14 16:29:50 264

翻译 试用Visual Studio Online-使用云来管理和编译代码真是太神奇了

Visual Studio Online was announced in preview, so I wanted to try it out. I already dig the Visual Studio "Remote" technology (it's almost impossibly amazing) so moving the local container or WSL to t...

2020-10-14 16:09:58 613

翻译 通过改装原始游戏机进行翻新,以移除活动部件并添加USB或SD卡支持

I'm a documented big fan of Retrogaming (playing older games and introducing my kids to those older games). 我是Retrogaming的忠实拥护者(玩更老的游戏并将我的孩子介绍给那些更老的游戏)。For example, we enjoy the Hyperkin Retron 5 in ...

2020-10-14 15:30:42 705

翻译 podcast_我在Hanselminutes Fresh Tech Podcast上对社区,生产力,友善和正念的看法

podcastover 700 episodes of 我的技术播客my tech podcast, I did something weird. I had 超过700集中,我做了一些奇怪的事情。 我myself on the show. Egotistical, perhaps, given the show literally has my name in it, but the way i...

2020-10-14 15:11:16 188

翻译 c#初学者下载_如何为初学者视频下载80多种免费的101级C#、. NET和ASP.NET,以供离线观看

c#初学者下载Earlier this week I announced over 80 new free videos in our .NET Core 3.0 launch video series - Announcing free C#, .NET, and ASP.NET for beginners video courses and tutorials 本周早些时候,我宣布了.NET ...

2020-10-14 14:52:05 457

翻译 成为技术旅游者

黑马旅游网技术栈Tara and we were marveling that in in 1997 15% of Americans had Passports. However, even now less than half do. Consider where the US is physically located. It's isolated in a hemisphere with ...

2020-10-14 14:09:28 133

翻译 云计算是什么通俗解释_什么是云? 解释

云计算讲解pptI'm continuing my "Computer Stuff They Didn't Teach You" series on YouTube. Please subscribe! I've set a personal goal to get to 100k subs by Christmas. 我在YouTube上继续我的“他们没教你的计算机东西”系列。 请订阅! 我设定...

2020-10-14 14:00:03 366

翻译 自我觉知 自我知觉_给我20岁自我的建议

自我觉知 自我知觉I had a lovely interaction on Twitter recently where a young person reached out to me over Twitter DM. 最近我在Twitter上进行了一次有趣的互动,一个年轻人通过Twitter DM与我联系。She said: 她说:If you could go back and ...

2020-10-14 13:39:59 218

翻译 通过带有Windows Terminal和minicom的WSL1 TTY设备通过Windows 10上的串行COM端口连接到设备

I hope that this blog post is found and helps someone. I wasn't sure what to title it. Hope Google Juice got you here! 我希望找到此博客文章并对某人有所帮助。 我不确定该如何命名。 希望Google Juice能让您在这里!Read this whole post, there'...

2020-10-14 13:30:28 3322

翻译 Microsoft Build 2020注册不仅是开放的,而且是免费的,实时的,是虚拟的,并且一切都为您服务

微软2019 buildMicrosoft Build 2020 is upon us, registration is open NOW. Stop reading this blog post and go register. I'll wait here. Microsoft Build 2020即将到来,注册现已开放。 停止阅读此博客文章并注册。 我在这里等Done? Sweet. ...

2020-10-14 13:11:07 285

翻译 宣布.NET Jupyter Notebooks

The F# community has enjoyed F# in Juypter Notebooks from years with the pioneering functional work of Rick Minerich, Colin Gravill and many other contributors! 多年来, F#社区在Rick Minerich , Colin Gravil...

2020-10-14 13:01:07 173

翻译 .NET Core的跨平台诊断工具

.NET Core is cross-platform and open-source. Tell someone, maybe your boss. .NET Core是跨平台的开放源代码。 告诉某人,也许是你的老板。A good reminder. It's been this way for a half decade but I'm still bumping into folks w...

2020-10-14 12:42:54 223

翻译 面向开发人员的Surface Book 3评论

I was offered a Surface Book 3 to use as a loaner over the the last 5 weeks. I did a short video teaser on Twitter where I beat on the device with a pretty ridiculous benchmark - running Visual Studio...

2020-10-14 12:33:41 663

翻译 在Visual Studio 2019中试用容器工具

I've been doing more and more work in Docker containers (rather than on the metal) and I noticed recently that Visual Studio 2019 added updated support for containers within VS itself so gave it a try...

2020-10-14 12:14:02 853

翻译 视频采访:两个书呆子之间-具有同理心的职业发展

书呆子ricoI was fortunate to be a guest on Steve Carroll's talk show "Careers Behind the Code," but Amanda Silver calls it "Between Two Nerds," so I'm going with that superior title. We also snuck a fern...

2020-10-14 09:53:21 68

翻译 CSI:FAT32 SD卡上缺少WAV音频文件的情况

dsi csiBuckle up kids, as this is a tale. As you may know, I have a lovely podcast at https://hanselminutes.com. You should listen. 带上孩子们,因为这是一个故事。 您可能知道,我在https://hanselminutes.com上有一个可爱的播客。 你应该听。Re...

2020-10-14 09:02:52 1963

翻译 synology nfs_Synology DS1520 +是家庭NAS和私有云的最佳选择

synology nfsI setup a home backup strategy without the cloud 我在没有云的情况下设置了家庭备份策略I later added CrashPlan Cloud Backup and still use it. 后来我添加了CrashPlan Cloud Backup并仍然使用它。A few years back I set up VP...

2020-10-14 08:33:45 842

翻译 用于学习和使用Cloud-Native .NET Apps的免费书籍

If you haven't been over to the Architecture section of the .NET site lately, I'd encourage you to go check it out. There is a TON of free learning content, books, code, and more! 如果您最近还没有接触过.NET网站的“...

2020-10-14 07:53:05 173

翻译 从Newtonsoft.Json将我的ASP.NET播客站点更新为System.Text.Json

update all my .NET Core 2.x sites to 3.1. It hasn't take long at all and the piece of mind is worth it. It's nice to get all these sites (in the Hanselman ecosystem LOL) onto the .NET Core 3.1 mainlin...

2020-10-14 07:23:12 121

翻译 wsl - ubuntu_提出您的假设-WSL的Ubuntu的.NET Core和细微的语言环境问题

I thought this was an interesting and subtle bug behavior that was not only hard to track down but hard to pin down. I wasn't sure 'whose fault it was.' 我认为这是一个有趣且微妙的错误行为,不仅难以追踪,而且难以确定。 我不确定“是谁的错”。He...

2020-10-14 07:03:52 77

翻译 面向初学者的视频课程和教程宣布免费的C#、. NET和ASP.NET

If you've been thinking about learning C#, now is the time to jump in! I've been working on this project for months and I'm happy to announce http://dot.net/videos 如果您一直在考虑学习C#,那么现在该是时候了! 我已经在这个项目上工作...

2020-10-14 06:54:00 141

翻译 wsl2 docker_如何在Windows 10上的Windows System for Linux(WSL2)中设置Docker

wsl2 dockerDocker Desktop for WSL 2 integrates Windows 10 and Linux even closer 适用于WSL 2的Docker桌面更紧密地集成了Windows 10和LinuxRemote Debugging a .NET Core Linux app in WSL2 from Visual Studio on Windows ...

2020-10-14 06:44:22 840

翻译 部署站点到azure_真实世界的云迁移:将已有17年历史的一系列站点从裸机迁移到Azure

Technical Debt has a way of sneaking up on you. While my podcast site and the other 16ish sites I run all live in Azure and have a nice CI/CD pipeline with Azure DevOps, my main "Hanselman.com" series...

2020-10-14 04:42:15 106

翻译 c# 分割字符串 用字符串_如何使用两位数年份解析字符串日期并在C#中在正确的世纪分割

So you've been asked to parse some dates, except the years are two digit years. For example, dates like "12 Jun 30" are ambiguous...or are they? 因此,系统要求您分析一些日期,但年份是两位数的年份。 例如,像“ 12 Jun 30”这样的日期是模棱两可的…...

2020-10-14 04:32:29 276

翻译 azure云 试用_真实世界的云迁移:Azure前门,用于全局HTTP和基于路径的负载平衡

azure云 试用As I've mentioned lately, I'm quietly moving my Website from a physical machine to a number of Cloud Services hosted in Azure. This is an attempt to not just modernize the system - no reason ...

2020-10-14 04:12:52 207

翻译 PICO-8虚拟幻想游戏机是一款理想的受限现代游戏机

I love everything about PICO-8. It's a fantasy gaming console that wants you - and the kids in your life and everyone you know - to make games! 我喜欢PICO-8的所有内容。 这是一个幻想的游戏机,希望您-以及您生活中的孩子以及您认识的每个人-都能制作游戏...

2020-10-14 03:42:57 1436

翻译 nopcommerce_探索NopCommerce-.NET Core中的开源电子商务购物车平台

I headed over to https://github.com/nopSolutions/nopCommerce and cloned the repo. I have .NET Core 2.2 installed that I grabbed here. You can check out their official site and their live demo store. 我...

2020-10-14 03:21:59 203

翻译 右键单击具有VS Code扩展和zipdeploy的快速发布到Azure App Services

I wanted to see what was the fastest way to get an ASP.NET Core web site up (for free) on Azure. First, I could use Visual Studio Community (which is free), and just right click Publish, sign into Azu...

2020-10-14 02:01:36 541

翻译 stem32软件下载_软件无线电是桥接物理和数字并教授STEM的好方法

One of the magical technologies that makes an Open Source Artificial Pancreas possible is "Software-defined Radio" or SDR. I have found that SDR is one of those technologies that you've either heard o...

2020-10-14 01:40:35 117

翻译 azure devops_使用Azure DevOps将MSDeploy打包的Web应用程序部署到Linux Azure App Service

azure devopsFor bizarre and unknown historical reasons, when using MSDeploy to make a ZIP package to upload a website to a web server you get a massively deep silly path like yada/yada/C_C/Temp/packag...

2020-10-14 01:19:34 324

翻译 头脑风暴法-从.NET Core应用程序中创建一个小的独立的可执行文件

风险管理 头脑风暴法I've been using ILMerge and various hacks to merge/squish executables together for well over 12 years. The .NET community has long toyed with the idea of a single self-contained EXE that wou...

2020-10-14 00:19:55 155

翻译 azure iot_我把车库门打开了吗? 使用Azure IoT Central和MXChip DevKit的无代码项目

For whatever reason when a programmer tries something out for the first time, they write a "Hello World!" application. In the IoT (Internet of Things) world of devices, it's always fun to make an LED ...

2020-10-14 00:00:20 161

翻译 这将改变DIY糖尿病社区的一切-TidePool与Medtronic和Dexcom的合作伙伴

I don’t speak in hyperbole very often, and I want to make sure that you all understand what a big deal this is for the diabetes DIY community. Everything that we’ve worked for for the last 20 years, i...

2020-10-13 23:29:33 704

翻译 stm dfu_如何在Windows上修复dfu-util,STM,WinUSB,Zadig,Bootloader和其他固件刷新问题

stm dfuI'm pretty happy with Windows 10 as my primary development box. It can do most anything I want, run a half-dozen Linuxes, and has a shiny new open source Terminal, and has great support for Doc...

2020-10-13 23:09:37 1412

翻译 pi-hole_使用pi-hole和便宜的Raspberry Pi在DNS级别上阻止广告进入您的房子之前

pi-holeLots of folks ask me about Raspberry Pis. How many I have, what I use them for. At last count there's at least 22 Raspberry Pis in use in our house. 很多人问我关于树莓派。 我有多少,我用它们做什么。 最后算一下,我们家至少有22台Ra...

2020-10-13 22:50:27 424



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