as 和which 引导定语从句的异同




The meeting was put off, as /whichwas exactly what we wanted.

He was a doctor, as/which I knewfrom his manner.

注:which 代表整个句子,还可用于in whichcase, at which point, on which occasion等。

I may have to work late, in which case I’ll telephoneyou. 


      The machine may be out of order,in which case it will be repaired at once.

      Ten years of hard work changed her greatly, for which reason he couldhardly recognize her at first sight.



1.  在限制性定语从句中,当先行词被the same, such ,as,so修饰时,要用as代替who,whom,which 或者that引导定语从句。

Such men as heard him were deeplymoved. 
I've never heard such stories as he tells. 
He lifted so heavy a stone as no one else can lift.



①在thesame as结构中,as也可用that代替。但严格地说,thesame as强调相同,the same that注重同一。
She wore the same dress as heryounger sister wore.
  She wore the same dress that she woreat Mary's wedding. 


②定语从句such/as…as…与结果状语从句such/as… that…的区别:as在所引导的定语从句中作主语,宾语;that在结果状语从句中不做成分

          He has such a good laptop as I want to buy.

          He has such a good laptop that I want to buy one.

        He lifted so heavy a stone as no one else can lift.
        He is so young a boy that he can’tgo to school.


2.which 引导的定语从句只能位于主句后,但as引导的从句可位于主句前、中、后。

As is known to all, China is a developing country.

 He isfrom the south, as we can see from his accent.

    John, as you know, is a famous writer.

Li Mingis late, as is often the case. 

He has been to Paris more than several times, which I don’tbelieve.



3. as有“正如……,正像……”的意思,而which则没有。常用的句型有:

as is oftenthe case                   (这是常有的事)

as wasexpected                     (不出所料)

as oftenhappens                     (正如经常发生的那样)  

as has beensaid before                (如上所述)

as ismentioned above                 (正如上面所提到的)

as everybody/wecan see                 (正如大家/我们所看到的)

as is known to all=as we all know       (众所周知)


4. as 引导的定语从句只表示一个众所周知或意料之中的事,但 which 不受此限制。(即as引导的定语从句在意义上不是否定的。)

He marriedher, which was unexpected. 他和她结婚了,这是出乎意料的。(不可用as)

He failed inthe experiment, which was unexpected.

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