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1. The CSDN links of each Lab, which should include:


2. Summary and harvest

  • personal programming:In my personal project, I regained my love for programming. In the process of my personal project, I relearned the grammar knowledge about Python and some advanced knowledge about Python. I thought my Python ability was still good. But then I found that there are still many things I lack. There is no end to programming learning, and I will live and learn as I grow old.And I also learned to use the Markdown text compiler in the first experiment, which will give me more ways to record my life or study in the future.
    example:Here I learned to use Python to delete special symbols and only left the elements I wanted, which improved my basic level of Python
  • pair programming:In this project, it was the first time that I really cooperated with my classmates on a programming project. I realized how important the division of labor and communication between two people is for a programming project. I learned teamwork, and for the first time in this project, I learned the development of WeChat applets and the use of the ink knife interface design. This project has benefited me a lot, and I have initially felt the atmosphere of teamwork. Great experience.
    In this project, I learned to use the ink knife to do some basic UI design. By using the ink knife, I can first present a rough model in front of us, and gradually advance with this model.
  • team project practice :In the process of programming a large project, we summoned our partners to complete this project. This project is a scale that we have never participated in before, and we are not very familiar with many technologies, basically starting from 0 , so we learn a lot from it. For me, my biggest achievement is the communication with various members, and the responsibility when assigning tasks as the team leader, which made me feel how difficult and bumpy it is for a project from development to application.

3. Technology and tools

  • ink knife:In this course, I learned how to use the ink knife. The ink knife allows me to show the user a rough UI design page without code. At the same time, using the ink knife can provide me with ideas during the project, and Check whether my result is the same as the initial desired UI design.
  • Vue,Node.js:In this course, I learned to write and use some codes for front-end technology, which allows me to write a rough page to facilitate interaction with the back-end。

4.Something else I want to say

During this process, we learned a lot of things. Most of the people in our group were novices who started from scratch. We continued to learn and communicate, and finally completed the general functions of the Fupan project. In this process, we have learned a lot of knowledge that cannot be learned in the classroom, such as the configuration of oss, the configuration of springboot, the writing of Vue, etc. This process has allowed us to gain a lot, and at the same time we have put in a lot of effort. Here During the process, we deeply felt the charm of software engineering. The state of not being able to write in a hurry but being deeply attracted by him is so fascinating. At the same time, in this project, we felt how difficult it is for a product to be developed for everyone to use and to be liked by everyone. Through this project, we have a full understanding of the design of software engineering, which is an extremely valuable experience for those in our group who will be employed in the future.

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