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Oracle’s Application Implementation Methodology (AIM) is Oracle's project management methodology and implementation strategy.

AIM provides documentation templates that support the tasks that must be performed to assist the implementation participants in running and managing projects successfully. One typically doesn't use all the available templates, but pick those that will be useful to your project.

[edit]Available templates

Some of the available template documents are:

AP010Executive Project Strategy
AP010Invitation Memorandum
AP010Session Planning Checklist
AP020Application Overview Customization
AP020Invitation Memorandum
AP020Project Team Orientation Plan
AP020Session Planning Checklist
AP030Project Team Learning Plan
AP040Project Team Learning Environment
AP050Project Team Learning Events Administration
AP060Business Unit Managers Readiness Plan
AP060High Level Systems Overview Customization
AP060Invitation Memorandum
AP060Session Planning Checklist
AP070Invitation Memorandum
AP070Project Readiness Roadmap
AP070Session Planning Checklist
AP080Communication Campaign
AP090Application to Process Overview Customization
AP090Invitation Memorandum
AP090Managers Readiness Plan
AP090Session Planning Checklist
AP100Business Process Organizational Impact
AP110Human Performance Support Systems
AP120Information Technology Groups Alignment
AP130User Learning Needs Analysis
AP140Learning Plan
AP150User Learningware
AP160User Learning Environment
AP170User Learning Events Administration
AP180Effectiveness Assessment
AP180Invitation Memorandum
AP180Session Planning Checklist
BP010Business and Process Strategy
BP020Change Catalog
BP030Data Gathering Requirements
BP040Current Process Model
BP050Leading Practice Review
BP060High Level Process Vision
BP070High Level Process Designs
BP080Future Process Model
BP090Business Procedure Documentation
BR010High Level Gap Analysis
BR020Configured Mapping Environment Architecture and Configuration
BR030Business Requirements Mapping Form
BR050Integration Fit Analysis
BR060Information Model
BR080Business Mapping Test Results
BR100AapAccounts Payable Application Setup
BR100AarAccounts Receivable Application Setup
BR100AasSales and Marketing Application Setup
BR100AbomBill Of Materials Application Setup
BR100AcaCommon Applications Application Setup
BR100AcasCommon Applications System Admin Application Setup
BR100AceCash Management Applications Setup
BR100AcfCommon Financials Application Setup
BR100AcmCommon Manufacturing Application Setup
BR100AcnSales Compensation Application Setup
BR100AcrpCapacity Application Setup
BR100AcsService Application Setup
BR100AcstCost Management Application Setup
BR100AengEngineering Application Setup
BR100AfaFixed Assets Application Setup
BR100AfiOPM Financials Application Setup
BR100AglGeneral Ledger Application Setup
BR100AhrHuman Resources Application Setup
BR100AicOPM Inventory Application Setup
BR100AinvInventory Application Setup
BR100AloOPM Logistics Application Setup
BR100AmrpMaster Scheduling MRP Application Setup
BR100AoeOrder Entry Application Setup
BR100ApaProject Accounting Application Setup
BR100ApdOPM Product Development Application Setup
BR100ApoPurchasing Application Setup
BR100AppOPM Process Planning Application Setup
BR100AqaQuality Application Setup
BR100AscpSupply Chain Planning Application Setup
BR100AssSupplier Scheduling Application Setup
BR100AsyOPM Systems Application Setup
BR100AwipWork in Process Application Setup Document
CM010Configuration Management Procedures
CM020Document Index
CM020Document Update Notice
CM030Configuration Item Index
CM030Configuration Item Status Record
CM040Release Note
CR010Project Management Plan
CR010Project Start Up Checklist
CR020Control and Reporting Procedures
CR040Risk and Issue Form
CR040Risk and Issue Log
CR050Problem Report Form
CR050Problem Report Log
CR060Change Request Form
CR060Change Request Log
CR070Meeting Minutes
CR070Project Progress Report
CR080Acceptance Certificate
CR080Client Satisfaction Report
CR080End Report
CV010Data Conversion Requirements and Strategy
CV020Conversion Standards
CV030Conversion Environment
CV040Conversion Data Mapping
CV050Manual Conversion Procedures
CV060Conversion Program Designs
CV070Conversion Test Plans
CV120Installed Conversion Programs
CV130Converted and Verified Data
DO010Documentation Requirements and Strategy
DO020Documentation Standards and Procedures
DO040Document Environment
DO060User Reference Manual
DO070User Guide
DO080Technical Reference Manual
DO090System Management Guide
MD010Application Extension Strategy
MD020Application Extension Definition And Estimates
MD030Design Standards
MD040Build Standards
MD050Application Extensions Functional Design
MD060Database Extensions Design
MD070Application Extensions Technical Design
MD090Development Environment
MD120Installation Instructions
PJM01Engagement Summary
PJM02Project Memo
PJM03Meeting Agenda
PJM04Rejection Note
PJM05Supplier Assessment Record
PJM06Project Document Generic
PJM07Phase End Report
PJM08Site Visit Report
PJM09Project Management Checklist
PJM10Quality Management Checklist
PM010Transition Strategy
PM020Production Support Infrastructure Design
PM030Transition and Contingency Plan
PM040Installation QA Checklist
PM090System Performance Assessment
PM130Business Direction Recommendations
PM140Technical Direction Recommendations
PT010Performance Testing Strategy
PT020Performance Test Scenarios
PT030Performance Test Transaction Models
PT040Performance Test Scripts
PT050Performance Test Transaction Program Designs
PT060Performance Test Data Design
PT070Performance Test Database Load Program Designs
PT110Performance Test Environment
PT120Performance Test Results
PT130Performance Test Report
QM010Quality Management Procedures
QM020Review Comments List
QM020Review Leader Form
QM030Audit Action Form
QM030Audit Report
QM040Metrics Report
QM045Project Healthcheck Checklist
QM050Quality Report
RD010Current Financial and Operating Structure
RD020Current Business Baseline
RD030Process and Mapping Summary
RD040Business Volumes and Metrics
RD050Business Requirements Scenarios
RD060Audit and Control Requirements
RD070Business Availability Requirements
RM010Resource Management Procedures
RM020Assignment Request
RM020Staffing and Organization Plan
RM025Project Orientation Guide
RM030Staff Training Plan
RM040Physical Resource Plan
RM040Service Level Agreement
RM050Incoming Item Record
RM050Installation Plan and Record
RM060Assignment Terms of Reference
RM070Equipment Fault Record
TA010Architecture Requirements and Strategy
TA020Current Technical Architecture Baseline
TA030Preliminary Conceptual Architecture
TA040Application Architecture
TA050System Availability Strategy
TA060Reporting and Information Access
TA080Application Security Architecture
TA090Application and Database Server Architecture
TA100Architecture Subsystems Proposal
TA110System Capacity Plan
TA120Platform and Network Architecture
TA130Application Deployment Plan
TA140Performance Risk Assessment
TA150System Management Procedures
TE010Testing Requirements and Strategy
TE020Unit Test Script
TE030Link Test Script
TE040System Test Script
TE050Systems Integration Test Script
TE060Testing Environment Setup Log
TE110Test Report for System Test
TE120Test Report for Systems Integration Test
TE130Test Report for Acceptance Test
WM010Work Management Procedures
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