Week 3 - Tue. & Wed.

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It was a struggle for me in developing a story on these two days. Yesterday I started pairing with Akshay on this story, but we both had no idea on the MVC and Javascript code related. So, a whole day was gone in reading and experimenting on the code with discussion.

We switched pair this morning and he quited, leaving me fighting there. Fortunately, Julie switched in offering some help, and finally I could discuss the solution, with whom we can understand the thoughts from each other. When we came back from lunch, unfortunately, we were involved into the requirement "researching" again with BA. It's so disappointed that we have not finished this story, yet.

Besides the experiences, I found out the difference of the stand-up meeting between the team in China and in TWU. As far as I concerned, what we say in stand-up should contain these aspects of information:

  • What I did yesterday. To notify the team your efforts can help teammates get an conception about the project progress.
  • What I plan to do today. This can force people to always start working with a plan, and also help other people synchronize their plan.
  • What I found very important and has to let the team know. It's like, had introduced an interface when refactoring, or had gotten new ideas for some strategies. Sometimes we spread knowledge with this chance.
  • What I got blocked in my working. To tell your pain or problems in the working to the team, as a kind of feedback, will help the team solve the problems ASAP and improved. 

However, the trainers told me not to say so much. More directly, Kai told me that DO tell just the important information for the team, without any experience or detail, like "We need help on spring MVC." Incredible, right? I think so. But when we considered we have over 20 people in the team, it makes sense. Supposing one minute for each person, we need 20 minutes, which would be "the longest twenty minutes in my life" from Jonathan.

Oh,by the way, we don't have a toy or anything as the token for speaking in TWU.


I am investing an effort to make a comparison among Git, Svn and Hg. It has not finished yet.

Week 1 - Tue.

英语的blog毕竟放在csdn不便交流,所以我新开辟了google的blog,链接如下:http://shaobowu.blogspot.com/2010/10/week-1-tue.html 今天我...
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Week 2 - Tue.

Last week when I was collecting the information of ThoughtMobile from Patty Mandarino, I had never i...
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Week 5 - Tue. 忆往昔

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Week 1 - Wed.

今天的课程比较简单。上午是XP的回顾以及lego game(积木游戏),下午是两场open space。 XP的五个基本点,Kai提问时大家答出来4个之后竟然全场哑了,那个尴尬阿,我也激动地想不起来X...
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Week 6 - Wed.

TWU生活进入尾声了,但这两天的工作还是很充分。 昨天十分郁闷,我的本地代码一早就过了测试,可惜发现点UI上的小问题没及时提交。等到过一个小时后真正试着提交时就难了,其他人加了新的测试,merge之后...
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Week 2 - Wed. & Thu.

Let's make it quickly.周三也就是昨天,Elian和Jonathan讲了Mockito,他们故意把mock搞得很有悬念,浪费了不少练习时间。对Mock我们比较熟悉了算是,但是还很不...
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python 3 module of the week

在网上看到一篇比较好的学习python标准库的tutoria: Python 3 Module of the Week. 决定学习一下,因为很多是时候等到需要用的时候再去临时学习,虽然大多数情况下也能...
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Python Module of the Week 无水印pdf

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Python Module of the Week

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