How to hide the "Repair" option in the .NET installation package

If you use Virtual Studio to build your installation package, when you run this package secondly, it would show "Repair" option, just like below picture.

Here I will tell you how to hide the "Repair" option.

Step1: we need a tool to modify the installation.msi file. Microsoft provide a tool called "Orca", we can get it from Windows SDK Components for Windows Installer Developers. BTW, it's so huge, about 4GB. So here I recommend a nice tool called SuperOrca, just 2MB.

Step2: using SuperOrca to open the installation.msi. Adding two entries in the Property table. One is ARPNOREPAIR, the other is ARPNOMODIFY, their value both are 1.

Step3: Changing the default Uninstallation action to "Remove" option.

Step4: Open the RadioButton table, and then change the Y axis value of Repair. Changing it to a very big value, so that it would exceed the window form.
I try a lot of methods to remove the repair option, but they are all failure. Because the repair option is installation default option, if remove it the install program will product exception. Addition, I think changing the position is more safe.

You must finished all of the above steps before executing the installation package. Because after you run the installation package once, the register will log the relevant records. 

When you run this installation package secondly, the final result picture as:

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