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情绪低落,没有动力,郁闷,散分!!! ( wenxy1 )
2004-07-18 14:26:48

Do not blame your environment too much, you can basically improve yourself anywhere.

Do not change job for the sake of change.

What I have done several times is:

1) Do the best at your current job.

2) Learn something new for your next job in mind.

3) Switch to your next job.

If your IQ is above average, work hard and work smart, you will be surprised at what you can achieve in 10 years.

But work is not everything, enjoy life too.

【人生】大家都有没有完整的人生规划?? 茫然ing.... ( ruir )
2004-7-14 03:04:57

> 什么时候该有多少存款??

Live a happy life and then save as much as you can, looking for investment instead of just saving.

> 什么时候结婚,

When you find the right person to marry.

> 什么时候买房,

When you have enough money, price is reasonable, you can afford the monthly mortgage payment, and you're sure you like to live in that place for several years.

> 买车。

Do you really need a car in China? If public transportation is good, why increase traffic and pollution? I ride bicycle to work in summer.

> 什么时候学什么知识?

Figure out your short/medium term goals, then you know what to learn.

> 什么时候自己开公司?

Why do you want to have your own company? Do you think you're qualified to be a boss? Do you want to work the long hours bosses normally need to? Do you think you can afford to pay you your current salary if you're your own boss

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