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Sky Code(POJ-3904)

Problem Description Stancu likes space travels but he is a poor software developer and will never be able to buy his own spacecraft. That is why he ...

2019-08-09 17:34:01

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Problem Description Given a list of N integers with absolute values no larger than 10 15, find a non empty subset of these numbers which minimizes t...

2019-08-08 12:38:53

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Object Clustering(POJ-3214)

Problem Description We have N (N ≤ 10000) objects, and wish to classify them into several groups by judgement of their resemblance. To simply the mo...

2019-08-06 16:49:11

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Best Cow Fences(POJ-2018)

Problem Description Farmer John's farm consists of a long row of N (1 <= N <= 100,000)fields. Each field contains a certain number of ...

2019-08-05 10:06:16

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Balanced Lineup(POJ-3264)

Problem Description For the daily milking, Farmer John's N cows (1 ≤ N ≤ 50,000) always line up in the same order. One day Farmer John decides to or...

2019-08-03 16:38:47

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Vertical Histogram(POJ-2136)

Problem Description Write a program to read four lines of upper case (i.e., all CAPITAL LETTERS) text input (no more than 72 characters per line) fr...

2019-06-01 22:33:33

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Problem Description Farmer John's cows enjoy reading books, and FJ has discovered that his cows produce more milk when they read books of a somewhat...

2019-06-01 22:28:50

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Romeo Meets Juliet(POJ-2189)

Problem Description Farmer John has two feuding herds of cattle, the Moontagues and the Cowpulets. One of the bulls in the Moontague herd, Romeo, ha...

2019-06-01 22:20:07

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Cow Laundry(POJ-2188)

Problem Description The cows have erected clothes lines with N (1 <= N <= 1000) wires upon which they can dry their clothes after wash...

2019-06-01 19:11:34

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Binary Stirling Numbers(POJ-1430)

Problem Description The Stirling number of the second kind S(n, m) stands for the number of ways to partition a set of n things into m nonempty subs...

2019-05-06 14:49:06

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Out of Hay(POJ-2395)

Problem Description The cows have run out of hay, a horrible event that must be remedied immediately. Bessie intends to visit the other farms to sur...

2019-04-18 17:28:50

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Shortest Prefixes(POJ-2001)

Problem Description A prefix of a string is a substring starting at the beginning of the given string. The prefixes of "carbon" are: "...

2019-04-17 17:35:59

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Problem Description For some years, quite a lot of work has been put into listening to electromagnetic radio signals received from space, in order t...

2019-03-30 20:40:59

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Widget Factor(POJ-2947)

Problem Description The widget factory produces several different kinds of widgets. Each widget is carefully built by a skilled widgeteer. The time ...

2019-03-30 16:09:10

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The Water Bowls(POJ-3185)

Problem Description The cows have a line of 20 water bowls from which they drink. The bowls can be either right-side-up (properly oriented to serve ...

2019-03-29 19:06:35

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Problem Description 有N个相同的开关,每个开关都与某些开关有着联系,每当你打开或者关闭某个开关的时候,其他的与此开关相关联的开关也会相应地发生变化,即这些相联系的开关的状态如果原来为开就变为关,如果为关就变为开。你的目标是经过若干次开关操作后使得最后N个开关达到一个特定的状态...

2019-03-29 17:37:39

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Problem Description In an extended version of the game Lights Out, is a puzzle with 5 rows of 6 buttons each (the actual puzzle has 5 rows of 5 butt...

2019-03-29 16:53:39

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Street Numbers(POJ-1320)

Problem Description A computer programmer lives in a street with houses numbered consecutively (from 1) down one side of the street. Every evening s...

2019-03-21 19:16:25

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Clever Y(POJ-3243)

Problem Description Little Y finds there is a very interesting formula in mathematics: X^Y mod Z = K Given X, Y, Z, we all know how to figure out ...

2019-03-21 15:19:15

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Discrete Logging(POJ-2417)

Problem Description Given a prime P, 2 <= P < 231, an integer B, 2 <= B < P, and an integer N, 1 <= N < P,...

2019-03-21 14:18:52

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