IDEA One of the two will be used. Which one is undefined

You can find all the details here:
IDEA-170117 “objc: Class JavaLaunchHelper is implemented in both …” warning in Run consoles
It’s the old bug in Java on Mac that got triggered by the Java Agent being used by the IDE when starting the app. This message is harmless and is safe to ignore. Oracle developer’s comment:
The message is benign, there is no negative impact from this problem since both copies of that class are identical (compiled from the exact same source). It is purely a cosmetic issue.
The problem is fixed in Java 9 and in Java 8 update 152.
If it annoys you or affects your apps in any way (it shouldn’t), the workaround for IntelliJ IDEA is to disable idea_rt launcher agent by adding into (Help | Edit Custom Properties…). The workaround will take effect on the next restart of the IDE.
I don’t recommend disabling IntelliJ IDEA launcher agent, though. It’s used for such features as graceful shutdown (Exit button), thread dumps, workarounds a problem with too long command line exceeding OS limits, etc. Losing these features just for the sake of hiding the harmless message is probably not worth it, but it’s up to you

这位外国码友清楚地解释了这个Error的原因,大概意思是说这是Mac上面Java的一个老Bug了,会在那些使用了Java Agent的IDE上运行应用时触发,但这个Error对程序是无影响的,可以无视。在Java 9和Java 1.8.152版本里已经修复了。

  点击IJ最上面菜单的Help-Edit Custom Properties,没有这个properties文件的话,IJ会提示创建,然后在里面加上
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