Google VR SDK for Android(1)-introduction(介绍)


Google VR SDK for Android

The Google VR SDK for Android supports both Daydream and Cardboard, including a simple API used for creating apps inserted into Cardboard viewers, and the more complex API for supporting Daydream-ready phones and the Daydream controller.

谷歌的Android VR SDK支持和Cardboard,包括一个简单的API用于创建应用程序 插入到cardborad 使用者,和更复杂的API支持Daydream-ready手机和Daydream控制器。(目前只支持 nexcus 6p)

The Google VR NDK for Android provides a C/C++ API for developers writing native code.

谷歌的Android VR NDK提供了一个C / c++ API为开发人员编写原生代码。

Developers familiar with OpenGL can quickly start creating VR applications using the Google VR SDK, simplifying common VR development tasks such as:

熟悉OpenGL的开发人员可以快速开始使用谷歌VR SDK创建虚拟应用程序,简化常见的虚拟现实开发任务,如:

  • Lens distortion correction. 镜头畸变校正
  • Spatial audio. 空间音频
  • Head tracking. 头部跟踪
  • 3D calibration. 3 d校准
  • Side-by-side rendering.并排呈现
  • Stereo geometry configuration.立体几何配置
  • User input event handling.用户输入事件处理

We're keeping the hardware and software open to encourage community participation and compatibility with VR content available elsewhere.