Biggest Flow

- Residual Graph

- Biggest Stream Lowest cut

- Ford-Fulkerson, O(E*f) f is value of biggest flow

- Edmonds-karp, O(VE^2)

  used BFS to find the path, p, from the Gf. p is shortest path from s to t


- Push & Relabel

(u,v) belongs to E, anti-parallel edge (v, u)

in residual graph

f'(u,v) is c(u,v) - f(u,v)

f'(v,u) is f(u,v). 

they are calculated dynamically based on original f(u,v)

be careful, original f(u,v) could be set to zero in the line 6

- Goldberg, O(V^2E)

- Relabel to Front


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