Rainy Children's Day

原创 2006年06月01日 19:18:00

It's a rainy children's day, the rain is like pulling down. I'm stucked in a small meeting room at SHM. I'll wait till the rain to become smaller.

While it's still so cool to look through the window.

Got frustrated by struts, those configuation problems are getting me down. I don't like that.

I can only be with my girlfriend for another 2 or 3 weeks. Then her parents will come and I'll have to move to school which is 40km from downtown. But anyway, I will start the training camp down in the country side.

2015北京现场赛UVALive 7263 Today Is a Rainy Day 【bfs】

题意:给定两个字符串(只含有123456)问最少用几步可以从后者变换到前者。两种操作:1.每次变一个2.每次把所有某种变成另一种 很明显应该多做后一种的操作才会使得整体最优,每个数字都可以有5种变换...

UVALive7263-Today Is a Rainy Day(2015ICPC北京C题)-模拟+BFS

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2015ACM-ICPC 北京赛区 Problem C. Today Is a Rainy Day

Description      Today is a rainy day. The temperature is apparently lower than yesterday. Winter is...
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Sicily 1686 Happy Children's Day

#include #include #include using namespace std; const int MAXN = 100010; // declaration of th...

Children's Day(4706)

Children's Day(4706)

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HDU4706:Children's Day

Problem Description Today is Children's Day. Some children ask you to output a big letter 'N'. 'N' ...
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