Test about publishing on CSDN tech center

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About half year hasn't arrive here. Now, I found that I can publish article as a technique author. Wonderful. Maybe I will come here oftenly in future.

About ID TECH 5

http://blog.csdn.net/puzzy3d/article/details/1710622     About ID TECH 5 Id tech 5...说实在...

[Tech Note] Things you better know about object-oriented programming

Introduction This article introduces several valuable zhishizhishi

Tech memo of imx27 pdk (1) -- For kernel building on imx27 pdk with ltib

Suppose i already setup my ltib to this path: /home/hongao_client/ltib, then ltib perl file was unde...
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  • leocdsc
  • 2011年04月08日 03:07
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Docker on Windows-Packt Publishing(2017)

  • 2017年08月21日 18:14
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Tech memo of imx27 pdk(4) -- Running linux-2.6.38 on imx27 pdk

From Tech memo of imx27 pdk(1 ~ 3) we already know how to run linux-2.6.22 with imx27pdk patch on th...
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  • leocdsc
  • 2011年04月15日 18:26
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solari power center test

  • 2012年07月19日 00:10
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throughput test result about ovs and VyOS

在openstack中的ovs和虚拟路由器(VyOS)的压力测试 1.简述 有幸在spirent实习所以做了这个实验,这个也是NFV测试解决方案的一部分,ovs的压力也是受限于服务器的内存,CPU...

About Unit Test In Android(安卓单元测试研究,附技术分享ppt)

what is unit test? 单元测试中的单元是一个系统或一个程序的组成部分,单元测试就是要对这些组成部分进行独立地、隔离地以某种约束和规则进行的测试,以发现每一部分的问题或者确定该部分不存...
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