Tip Of The Day : Be All That You Can Be

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Tip Of The Day : Be All That You Can Be
by Ark

"Be All That You Can Be."

That's the might-had-been-encouraging piece that croped up to my consciousness from the very deep memory pool of Ark's four-year tangle in the university, uttered by an American speaker facing around a hundred students in one of the few bad-illuminated classrooms of the cozy campus, where, thus deja vu follows, the air was always fresh, the sun was always shiny(even in rainy days,scientifically true), the sky was always blue(which is apparently a memory bias). And when adolescent Ark sat in that classroom.

Time is linear. Memory is a stranger.

Even Nabokov had to make a command-like title to express one of his masterpieces, Speak,Memory. So in mere mortals' cases, memory is something passive we endeavor to dig into.

Rare croped-ups from our memories are hard to understand. Those are the remains of memory refinement, only make particular sense the moment you catch exactly the same feeling, same atmosphere, same posing, same voice, same figure, same nerval impact, as the ones you think you once caught acorrding to your uncontrollable subconscious flash. Right after that particular moment, you feel something unexpressable lost in your memory pool. However you shuttle through the pool, you just don't get it. Anyway, memory pool is seldom swimmable.

So here it comes: Be All That You Can Be, which could mean:

* [The Pessimistic 'BE']
If a loser is all that one could be, then be sadly proud, be professional loser, be specilized in Loserology, and then the joy of life is back.

* [The Optimistic 'BE']
Chant "I love that I suck!" to restore the confidence. It's REALLY very effective, as you can see the proof from Edward Norton's Keeping the Faith, staring Edward Norton, Jenna Elfman, Ben Stiller.

So this is nearly the end of this Tip Of The Day, but we haven't seen the real TIP yet :

TIP: Be All That You Can Be All That You Can Be All That You Can Be All That You Can ...

Don't stop till you get enough.



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