About ION(innovation in eclectronic trading )


ION is a global market leader in providing innovative, high performance, real-time solutions across multiple asset classes for electronic trading, position management, pricing, risk management and downstream processing to clients which range from global financial institutions to leading niche financial specialists.
With offices in the leading financial centres of London, New York, Tokyo, Frankfurt, Paris, Madrid, Toronto and further offices in Chicago, Singapore, Ireland, Italy, India and Australia, the company has a global reach enabling it to support customers’ local needs wherever they are.
ION has partnered with customers in 25 different countries. Over 3000 traders use ION front end solutions worldwide daily while tens of thousands rely on the ION platform for their day to day trading.


The ION.NET Interface is the trading interface of the ION solution. It enables traders to access more than 80 electronic markets in a single view, using a fully customizable, user-friendly interface. The ION.NET supports market making, price taking, and RFQ or negotiation models on Cash, Derivatives, and Repo markets. The MarketView platform supports integrated trading tools such as the Multi-Market Spread Trading Tool (MMS), Auto-Hedger, and Market Aggregation. From front to back office, normalized data structures allow a seamless feed of trade data from a variety of markets.

An easy-to-use, flexible pricing interface with extensive coverage of bond types. Trader prices and derived indicators are calculated in real time. Safety checks are incorporated to prevent poor-quality quotes being submitted to the market. Any combination of a number of available pricing models can be configured for each instrument or set of instruments.


Position Keeping and Risk Management
Allows positions to be updated in real time as and when trades are received and prices change. Trades can be accounted for by an electronic feed and, for those trades not done electronically, there is a manual trade entry facility that can be used to account for trades. The risk management facility provides the capability to view and assess underlying exposures for an individual book or across all books for a given trading desk.



The system provides a range of Open APIs for various programming languages including C, C++, and Java for easy integration of existing in-house components. Adapters for standard messaging platforms and databases are readily available







ION has industry leading expertise in both advisory and implementation services through the trade lifecycle, covering electronic trading, position management, pricing, risk management and downstream processing.
The skills and expertise available within the organization enable ION to provide services across multiple asset classes including Fixed Income, Foreign Exchange, Commodities, Derivatives, Money Markets and Equity Markets.
ION´s advisory services cover all aspects of IT strategy and market analysis including:
  • Strategic roadmaps
  • Bespoke solution design
  • Troubleshooting, benchmarking and latency analysis
  • Systems rationalisation
  • Systems integration and STP
ION Implementation services cover:
  • Strategy and planning
  • Project management
  • Business analysis and evaluation
  • Architecture and design
  • Development services
  • System implementation
  • Support (on and off site)


ION provides a wide range of training modules and programs that cover all aspects of the ION offering; trading, pricing, and position keeping.

The aim of the courses is to ensure that ION users are able to tailor and use the ION installation in a most optimal way. 

Each training course is made up of standard training modules and shaped to fit the customers’ specific needs and requirements. 

Courses can be arranged for all users including traders, administrators, support staff and developers.

The course duration varies according to training topic.

The location of each course can be agreed with the participants; the activity can take place either at ION´s or customer´s offices.



For further information, please contact our Sales Department



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