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翻译 vlookup示例_VLOOKUP示例–如何在Excel中执行VLOOKUP

vlookup示例Microsoft Excel includes a variety of different functions that help users with calculations of any kind. The functionality of Excel is so comprehensive that average users don't even take adva...

2020-08-21 15:49:49 503

翻译 Excel VBA教程–如何使用Visual Basic在电子表格中编写代码

介绍 (Introduction)This is a tutorial about writing code in Excel spreadsheets using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). 这是一个有关使用Visual Basic for Applications(VBA)在Excel电子表格中编写代码的教程。 Excel is one of...

2020-08-21 15:38:51 3372

翻译 docker手册_Docker手册

docker手册The concept of containerization itself is pretty old, but the emergence of the Docker Engine in 2013 has made it much easier to containerize your applications. 容器化本身的概念还很老,但是Docker Engine在201...

2020-08-21 14:48:21 207

翻译 程序员怎么赚更多的钱_自由职业技巧:如何感到更加自信和赚更多钱

程序员怎么赚更多的钱Over my 10 years as a freelance developer, many fellow freelancers have asked me for advice. How can they make freelancing work for them? 在我作为自由开发者的10年中,许多自由职业者都向我寻求建议。 他们如何让他们从事自由职业? So I'...

2020-08-21 14:07:13 135

翻译 sql算术运算符_SQL运算符教程–按位,比较,算术和逻辑运算符查询示例

sql算术运算符At its core, the internet and all applications built upon it are data. 互联网及其上建立的所有应用程序的核心都是数据。 Every email, tweet, selfie, bank transaction, and more is just data sitting in a database somew...

2020-08-21 13:29:02 476

翻译 电子邮件传输的内容_电子邮件标题中有什么内容,为什么要关注?

电子邮件传输的内容Ever gotten a spam or phishing message from an email address you didn't recognize? Maybe someone offered you a free trip, asked you to send them bitcoin in exchange for personal photos, or ju...

2020-08-21 11:47:11 735

翻译 如何成为软件工程师的团队合作者

如何成为嵌入式软件工程师In my first software engineering role at an eCommerce brand, I often secretly worked on tasks outside of my core responsibilities. And many times I felt isolated from my teammates. 在电子商务品...

2020-08-21 09:15:08 292

翻译 k3应付系统初始化应付票据_在家工作时应付无尽干扰的真实感觉

k3应付系统初始化应付票据Whether or not you have worked remotely before, you’ve likely never had to share your “home office” with your partner and two children. 无论您以前是否在远程工作,您都可能从未与伴侣和两个孩子共享“家庭办公室”。 Before quar...

2020-08-21 08:15:24 154

翻译 deno使用rust_如何在Deno和Oak中使用MySQL

deno使用rustI recently wrote about how to make a Todo API in Deno + Oak (without using a database). You can find the repo under chapter_1:oak on GitHub. 我最近写了关于如何在Deno + Oak(不使用数据库)中制作Todo API的文章 。 您可以...

2020-08-21 06:05:20 180

翻译 68-95-99规则–以普通英语解释正态分布

99.7%-95%-68%Meet Mason. He's an average American 40-year-old: 5 foot 10 inches tall and earning $47,000 per year before tax. 认识梅森。 他平均年龄40岁,身高5英尺10英寸,每年税前收入$ 47,000。 How often would you expect to me...

2020-08-21 05:54:24 996

翻译 tcp reno_如何使用称为Reno Expo的简单入门工具包构建全栈应用程序

cubic renoBuilding any new project from scratch can be intimidating. There's a lot to decide before you can even start coding to test out your idea. 从头开始构建任何新项目都可能令人生畏。 在开始编码以检验您的想法之前,还有很多决定。 How are...

2020-08-21 05:44:40 206

翻译 electron.js_在使用Electron.js之前我希望知道的事情

electron.jsIn this article, I'll share how you can avoid some of the mistakes I made when learning about Electron.js ????‍♂️. I hope it helps! 在本文中,我将分享如何避免在学习Electron.js ????‍????️时犯的一些错误。 希望对您有所帮助! Note: Th...

2020-08-21 01:46:08 385

翻译 英语面试简短问题_用简单的英语解释产品设计

英语面试简短问题Product design is the process you go through when you conceptualize and build a product. 产品设计是概念化和构建产品时要经历的过程。 The path to building – hardware, software, or even simple prototypes – has diffe...

2020-08-20 22:15:19 534

翻译 s3 aws_您需要了解的有关AWS S3的所有信息

aws s3This article will provide an in-depth introduction to AWS S3 — the secure, scalable, and super cheap storage service from Amazon Web Services. 本文将深入介绍AWS S3-来自Amazon Web Services的安全,可扩展和超便宜的存储服务...

2020-08-20 15:45:02 637

翻译 如何创建自己的ESLint配置包

ESLint is a powerful tool that helps you enforce consistent coding conventions and ensure quality in your JavaScript codebase. ESLint是一个功能强大的工具,可帮助您强制执行一致的编码约定并确保JavaScript代码库的质量。 Coding conventions...

2020-08-20 15:23:30 554

翻译 如何在JavaScript中实现链接列表

If you are learning data structures, a linked list is one data structure you should know. If you do not really understand it or how it is implemented in JavaScript, this article is here to help you. ...

2020-08-20 13:51:26 277

翻译 unity镜像_通过镜像学习Unity Multiplayer Basics

Unity is one of the most well-known and established engines for game development, and Mirror is a third-party, open source networking solution that allows you to add multiplayer to your games. Unity是最...

2020-08-20 13:02:45 120

翻译 flask部署机器学习_如何开发端到端机器学习项目并使用Flask将其部署到Heroku

flask部署机器学习There's one question I always get asked regarding Data Science: 关于数据科学,我经常被问到一个问题: What is the best way to master Data Science? What will get me hired? 掌握数据科学的最佳方法是什么? 什么会雇用我? My answer r...

2020-08-20 10:27:21 445

翻译 forkjoin rxjs_如何通过吃披萨来理解RxJS运算符:zip,forkJoin和Combine

forkjoin rxjs 什么是RxJS? (What is RxJS?)Reactive programming is an asynchronous programming paradigm concerned with data streams and the propagation of change - 响应式编程是一种与数据流和变更传播有关的异步编程范式 Wikipedia-Wik...

2020-08-20 10:17:06 212

翻译 如何从头开始构建自己的Linux Dotfiles Manager

As a new linux ???? user, you might realize that there are a bunch of configuration files present in your system. These special files are called "dotfiles". 作为新的Linux用户,您可能会意识到系统中存在大量配置文件。 这些特殊文件称为“点文件”...

2020-08-20 09:27:05 248

翻译 heroku_了解如何使用Heroku部署全栈Web应用程序

herokuBuilding a full stack web app is no mean feat. Learning to deploy one to production so that you can share it with the world can add an additional layer of complexity. 构建全栈式Web应用程序绝非易事。 学习将其部署到生产...

2020-08-20 07:16:25 131

翻译 2020-mb面试指南_2020年最佳代码面试准备平台

2020华为优招面试Software developer interviews are rapidly evolving. Years ago, mastering data structures and common algorithms was enough to ace an interview and get a job. Today though, employers want cand...

2020-08-20 05:55:50 331

翻译 如何使用create-react-app在本地设置HTTPS

Running HTTPS in development is helpful when you need to consume an API that is also serving requests via HTTPS. 当您需要使用同时通过HTTPS服务请求的API时,在开发中运行HTTPS会很有帮助。 In this article, we will be setting up HTT...

2020-08-20 02:59:21 1494

翻译 gi克隆github文件_如何构建GitHub文件搜索功能的克隆

gi克隆github文件In this article, we will build a project that mimics the lesser known but awesome file search functionality provided by GitHub. 在本文中,我们将构建一个项目,该项目模仿GitHub提供的鲜为人知但功能强大的文件搜索功能。 To see how i...

2020-08-20 01:39:52 100

翻译 JavaScript创建对象–如何在JS中定义对象

Objects are the main unit of encapsulation in Object-Oriented Programming. In this article, I will describe several ways to build objects in JavaScript. They are: 对象是面向对象编程中封装的主要单元。 在本文中,我将介绍几种使用JavaS...

2020-08-19 23:05:14 390

翻译 如何有效使用每一点脑力总结_如何更有效地节省脑力和编码

如何有效使用每一点脑力总结 如果您知道这些工具的存在,那么您现在可能会使用它们。 (If you knew these tools existed, you'd probably be using them by now.)This article isn’t going to tell you about saving your neck with a Roost stand, or your...

2020-08-19 20:52:41 122

翻译 如何在5美元的Raspberry Pi上构建个人开发服务器

raspberry piIn this article, you'll learn how to build a personal dev server by installing Git, Node.js, Rust, and Docker on a Raspberry Pi. The cheapest option costs just $5. You can get a starter ki...

2020-08-19 19:32:11 264

翻译 git 覆盖本地修改_Git拉力–如何使用Git覆盖本地更改

git 覆盖本地修改When you learn to code, sooner or later you'll also learn about Version Control Systems. And while there are many competing tools in this space, one of them is the de facto standard used by ...

2020-08-19 19:12:33 3052

翻译 react入门代码_如何在React中构建温度控制应用程序-包括提示和入门代码

react入门代码 我们正在建设 (What we're building)In this beginner React project, we're going to learn how to use state hooks, handle events, apply CSS based on state, and more! Check it out: 在这个初学者的React项目中,我们...

2020-08-19 17:10:41 167

翻译 xmpp 开源项目选择_如何选择和维护安全的开源项目

xmpp 开源项目选择 评估开源项目安全性的一些技巧。 (A few tricks for assessing the security of an open source project.)There is a rather progressive sect of the software development world called the open source community. ...

2020-08-19 15:41:41 117

翻译 python打印换行符_Python换行符以及如何在不使用换行符的情况下进行Python打印

python打印换行符Welcome! The new line character in Python is used to mark the end of a line and the beginning of a new line. Knowing how to use it is essential if you want to print output to the console an...

2020-08-19 14:50:57 3613

翻译 如何在Ubuntu 20.04上设置Python虚拟环境

I recently got myself a “new” laptop – a Lenovo x270 (yay)! And once again I needed to set up a Python virtual environment. So of course I Googled for a solution, just to find my previously written ar...

2020-08-19 14:40:29 468

翻译 超越对手pdf_如何创建一个超越竞争对手的移动应用

超越对手下载The amount of time people spend on their mobile phones has increased over the years, and so has the number of people using mobile devices. 多年来,人们在手机上花费的时间增加了,使用移动设备的人数也增加了。 It’s safe to say tha...

2020-08-19 14:30:47 108

翻译 快排递归非递归python_Python递归神经网络终极指南

快排递归非递归pythonRecurrent neural networks are deep learning models that are typically used to solve time series problems. They are used in self-driving cars, high-frequency trading algorithms, and other ...

2020-08-19 14:20:47 187

翻译 helm部署仓库中没有的包_Kubernetes的Helm软件包管理器简介

helm部署仓库中没有的包Before we dive into the Helm package manager, I'm going to explain some key concepts to deploying any application anywhere. I'll also give you a brief introduction to Kubernetes terminolo...

2020-08-19 13:50:57 139

翻译 自学成才翁_作为一名自学成才的开发者从“我的旅程”中吸取的教训

自学成才翁The path of the self-taught developer is tough and filled with uncertainty. There is no straight line from newbie to career programmer. Because of this, I believe all self-taught developers have ...

2020-08-19 12:50:32 251

翻译 aws fargate_我如何在AWS Fargate上部署#100DaysOfCloud Twitter Bot

aws fargateAfter passing my last certification, I asked myself how much time I spent studying cloud computing. 通过上一份认证后,我问自己自己花了多少时间研究云计算。 My ⏳ in cert:#AWSCertifiedCloud Practitioner: 23dSolutions A...

2020-08-19 12:31:45 140

翻译 node/js 漏洞_6个可用于检查Node.js中漏洞的工具

node/js 漏洞Vulnerabilities can exist in all products. The larger your software grows, the greater the potential for vulnerabilities. 所有产品中都可能存在漏洞。 您的软件增长得越大,潜在的漏洞就越大。 Vulnerabilities create opportuni...

2020-08-19 12:22:34 881

翻译 前端面试的作品示例_如何回答任何技术面试问题-包括示例

前端面试的作品示例Technical interviews can be extremely daunting. From the beginning of each question to the end, it's important to know what to expect, and to be aware of the areas you might be asked about. ...

2020-08-19 12:12:20 366

翻译 如何设置Java Spring Boot JWT授权和认证

In the past month, I had a chance to implement JWT auth for a side project. I have previously worked with JWT in Ruby on Rails, but this was my first time in Spring. 在过去的一个月中,我有机会为辅助项目实现JWT auth。 我以前...

2020-08-19 11:53:06 283



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