Do you want to password protect a form on your WordPress website?


Normally, when you add a form to your website, it is visible to all users who can see that page. If you want to protect a WordPress form and limit its access to only certain people, then you may need to password protect that particular form.

通常,将表单添加到网站时,所有可以看到该页面的用户都可以看到该表单。 如果您想保护WordPress表单并将其访问权限限制为仅某些人,则可能需要使用密码保护该特定表单。

In this article, we’ll explain step by step how to easily password protect your WordPress forms.


Password protecting a WordPress form

为什么用密码保护WordPress表单? (Why Password Protect WordPress Forms?)

There are lots of reasons why you might password protect forms on your WordPress website.


For instance:


  • You create and maintain websites for a number of clients. When they need support, they fill out a support request form. Non-clients shouldn’t be able to request support using that form.

    您为许多客户创建和维护网站。 当他们需要支持时,他们会填写支持请求表。 非客户应无法使用该表格请求支持。
  • You have weekly appointments with clients over Zoom or Skype, which they can book through your website. Non-clients shouldn’t be able to book an appointment.

    您需要通过Zoom或Skype与客户进行每周约会,他们可以通过您的网站进行预订。 非客户不应该能够预约。
  • photography club. Members can send in their best photos each month and you feature a selection on your website. Non-members shouldn’t be able to send in photos.摄影俱乐部。 成员可以每月发送最精美的照片,您可以在网站上进行精选。 非会员不能发送照片。

In all these situations, you want to prevent non-clients or non-members from filling in your form. Otherwise, you need to carefully go through all the form entries to check whether they are valid submissions or not.

在所有这些情况下,您都希望防止非客户或非会员填写您的表格。 否则,您需要仔细检查所有表单条目,以检查它们是否为有效提交。

We are going to cover 2 ways to password protect your forms in WordPress.


1.使用WPForms密码保护WordPress表单 (1. Password Protect a WordPress Form Using WPForms)

WPForms is our #1 rated contact form plugin for WordPress. It allows you to create any kind of WordPress forms by using a simple drag and drop form builder.

WPForms是WordPress排名第一的联系表格插件 。 它允许您使用简单的拖放表单生成器来创建任何类型的WordPress表单。

It also comes with a form locker addon which allows you to add password protection to your WordPress forms when needed.


First,you need to install and activate the WPForms plugin. For more details, see our step by step guide on how to install a WordPress plugin.

首先,您需要安装并激活WPForms插件。 有关更多详细信息,请参阅有关如何安装WordPress插件的分步指南。

Next, you need to set up your form. Just follow our instructions on how to create a contact form in WordPress for help with this.

接下来,您需要设置表格。 只需按照我们有关如何在WordPress中创建联系表单的说明进行操作即可获得帮助。

Once you have your form ready, the next step is to install the Form Locker addon for WPForms. First, go to WPForms » Addons in your WordPress admin.

准备好表单后,下一步就是为WPForms安装Form Locker插件。 首先,在WordPress管理员中转到WPForms»Addons

The WPForms addons page in your WordPress admin

Here, you need to search for the ‘Form Locker’ addon. Just click on the ‘Install Addon’ button to install and activate it:

在这里,您需要搜索“ Form Locker”插件。 只需单击“安装插件”按钮即可安装并激活它:

Installing the Form Locker addon for WPForms

Now, go to WPForms » All Forms and find the form that you want to protect. Simply click on the form name to start editing it:

现在,转到WPForms»所有表单,然后找到要保护的表单。 只需单击表单名称即可开始对其进行编辑:

Editing a form in WPForms

Next, go to Settings » Form Locker and you will see the Form Locker options. Go ahead and click on the ‘Enable password protection’ box:

接下来,转到“设置”»“ Form Locker” ,您将看到“ Form Locker”选项。 继续并单击“启用密码保护”框:

Going to the Form Locker settings page in WPForms and checking the password box

You will now be able to enter a password. You may also enter a display message if you want to.

现在,您将能够输入密码。 如果需要,您也可以输入显示消息。

Entering a password and a message for your password protected form

Don’t forget to click the Save button at the top of the screen after setting your password:


Make sure you save your changes to password protect your WordPress form

Now, when someone visits a post or page with that form on, they will see the rest of the content but not the form itself.


The user's view of the form before entering the password

When the user enters the password, the password box and message will disappear. They will see the page content and the form itself:

当用户输入密码时,密码框和消息将消失。 他们将看到页面内容和表单本身:

The form displays after the user enters the password

You could also use this method to password protect forms in widgetized areas such as your sidebar.


A password protected form in the WordPress site's sidebar

As you can see, outside of just password protection, the form locker also offers other advanced features like limiting total number of entries, restricting access to logged in users only, and even enabling form submissions for only certain dates.


However if you’re looking for a free option to password protect your form, then see option #2.


2.密码保护表单的WordPress页面 (2. Password Protect the Form’s WordPress Page)

What if you want to hide the whole page, not just the form itself? This is very easy to do in WordPress.

如果要隐藏整个页面,而不仅仅是表单本身,该怎么办? 这在WordPress中非常容易做到。

First, create or edit a page and add your form to it, as shown above:


Editing the WordPress page that has the form on

Then, click on the ‘Document’ settings on the right hand side. Simply click on the ‘Public’ link here:

然后,单击右侧的“文档”设置。 只需单击此处的“公共”链接:

Editing the page's visibility settings

You will now see the ‘Post Visibility’ popup. Next, click the ‘Password Protected’ option and type in the password you want to use:

现在,您将看到“发布可见性”弹出窗口。 接下来,单击“受密码保护”选项,然后输入要使用的密码:

Password protecting the page with the form on in WordPress

Now, when someone visits that page, they will need to enter a password to see any of the content:


The WordPress page now requires a password before the content can be viewed

We hope this article helped you learn how to password protect your WordPress forms. You may also want to see our guide on how to password protect a WordPress website, how to secure your contact forms, and how to improve overall WordPress security to keep your content safe and protected.

我们希望本文能帮助您学习如何密码保护WordPress表单。 您可能还想查看有关如何为WordPress网站设置密码保护如何保护联系表单以及如何提高WordPress整体安全性以保护内容安全的指南。

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