Have you ever wondered about the most expensive WordPress themes in the market?


The premium WordPress theme market is flooded with great products across different prices. Many of them are around $50. But there are also a lot of higher-priced themes with advanced features, or that cater to specific niches.

优质的WordPress主题市场充斥着各种价格不同的优质产品。 他们中的许多人都在50美元左右。 但是,还有许多定价更高,具有高级功能的主题,或者可以满足特定领域的需求。

In this article, we list some of the most expensive premium WordPress themes and why they’re worth it.


Most expensive WordPress themes compared
昂贵的高级WordPress主题注释 (A Note on Expensive Premium WordPress Themes)

Just because a theme is expensive, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best option for you. Make sure you check out our guide on selecting the perfect theme for WordPress so you know what to look for.

仅仅因为一个主题很昂贵,并不一定意味着它是您的最佳选择。 确保您查看了有关为WordPress选择完美主题的指南,以便您知道要查找的内容。

The main reason why the themes we’ve picked here are more expensive than average is that they offer all the tools that are needed to make a perfect website.


So in reality, you’re buying a theme, plus a bunch of what would otherwise be premium plugins.


Of course, you’ll still need to buy a domain name (a website address, like wpbeginner.com) for your site. You’ll also need WordPress web hosting.

当然,您仍然需要为您的网站购买域名 (网站地址,例如wpbeginner.com)。 您还需要WordPress虚拟主机

When you’re looking at buying an expensive premium theme too, the costs of building a website can add up fast.

当您也打算购买昂贵的高级主题时, 构建网站成本可能会Swift增加。

Luckily, the web hosting company Bluehost is offering a great deal for WPBeginner’s readers.


You can get 65% off web hosting with Bluehost, plus a free domain name and free SSL certificate. This is a great way to get powerful web hosting for your WordPress site at a fraction of the usual price.

您可以使用Bluehost获得65%的虚拟主机托管折扣,以及免费域名和免费SSL证书。 这是一种以通常价格的一小部分获得强大的WordPress网站虚拟主机的好方法。

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If you’ve never added a WordPress theme to your site before, you’ll also want to work through our step by step guide on how to install a WordPress theme.


Now let’s look at some of the more expensive premium WordPress themes on the market.


1. StudioPress的Genesis框架 (1. Genesis Framework from StudioPress)

StudioPress Genesis Theme Framwork

StudioPress is the company that owns and develops the Genesis Framework. A WordPress theme framework is a library of code that is used as the basis for theme.

StudioPress是拥有和开发Genesis Framework的公司。 WordPress主题框架是用作主题基础的代码库。

The Genesis Framework is what we use here at WPBeginner. Here’s why:

我们在WPBeginner上使用了Genesis Framework。 原因如下:

  • Community: When customizing your theme, you’re bound to have questions. StudioPress has a helpful community you can reach out to for help 24/7.社区:自定义主题时,您一定会遇到问题。 StudioPress有一个有用的社区,您可以24/7全天候寻求帮助。
  • No starting from scratch: A framework is already developed. You just need to use a child theme as-is or customize it to your liking.
  • 没有从头开始:已经开发了一个框架。 您只需要按原样使用子主题或根据自己的喜好对其进行自定义。
  • Built-in functionality: Theme frameworks often come with 内置功能:主题框架通常带有内置在主题中的widgets and options built into the theme. This can reduce your need for extra plugins.小部件和选项。 这样可以减少您对额外插件的需求。
  • Quality codework: Multiple people are typically working on a theme to ensure it’s robust. Plus, Genesis is open source, meaning various experts are contributing to the product.高质量的代码工作:通常需要多个人来处理一个主题,以确保其健壮性。 另外,Genesis是开源的,这意味着各种专家都在为该产品做出贡献。
  • Seamless updates: You can update your theme without losing any style or customizations you’ve made.无缝更新:您可以更新主题,而不会丢失任何样式或自定义。

The Genesis Framework comes with 60+ child themes (some by StudioPress, some third-party) that you can choose from.

您可以从Genesis Framework中选择 60多个子主题(某些StudioPress,某些第三方)。

Some of the Genesis child themes available

Here are the pricing options:


Genesis Framework only: $59.95

仅Genesis Framework: 59.95美元

Genesis Framework + single theme: $129.95

创世纪框架+单个主题: $ 129.95

Want all the themes? There’s a great deal available if you buy your hosting from WP Engine, which offers fantastic hassle-free hosting.

想要所有主题? 如果您从WP Engine购买主机,可以提供很多便利的无忧主机。

StudioPress is now part of WP Engine, the most popular managed WordPress hosting company. You can get the Genesis Framework and 35+ other StudioPress themes when you sign up for WP Engine hosting to build your website.

StudioPress现在是WP Engine的一部分, WP Engine是最受欢迎的托管WordPress托管公司。 当您注册WP Engine托管以构建您的网站时,您可以获得Genesis Framework和35+个其他StudioPress主题。

Bonus: WPBeginner users also get an additional 20% OFF with our WP Engine coupon. You don’t need to enter a code, just go through our link to get started with WP Engine today!

奖励: WPBeginner用户还可以通过我们的WP Engine优惠券获得20%的额外折扣 。 您无需输入代码,只需通过我们的链接立即开始使用WP Engine!

2. Divi (2. Divi)

ElegantThemes Divi

Divi is a drag and drop theme and WordPress page builder plugin from Elegant Themes. It comes with 20+ templates you can use for all different types of websites.

Divi是来自Elegant Themes的拖放主题和WordPress页面构建器插件。 它带有20多个模板,可用于所有不同类型的网站。

This page builder features a true ‘what you see is what you get’ (WYSIWYG) editor. This means you can see exactly what you’re changing on the page as you edit.

页面构建器具有真正的“所见即所得”(WYSIWYG)编辑器。 这意味着您可以在编辑时在页面上确切看到所做的更改。

It also comes with 46 content modules you can drag and drop into your layout. You can then arrange these with 20 row types and 3 section types in the Divi design settings.

它还带有46个内容模块,您可以将其拖放到布局中。 然后,您可以在Divi设计设置中使用20行类型和3节类型来排列它们。

To make it easy for you to create a great website fast, Divi has 166 unique layout packs. This gives you a total of over 1200 individual layouts that you can use and customize.

为了方便您快速创建出色的网站,Divi提供了166个独特的布局包。 这使您总共可以使用和定制1200多种单独的布局。

A few of Divi's layout packs

Divi makes it super easy to create custom page layouts, including sales/landing pages, without any coding.

Divi使创建自定义页面布局 (包括销售/登陆页面)变得非常容易,无需任何编码。

You can then save the pages you’ve created as templates and use them to create more custom layouts on your site. You can even export a layout and use it on another site that you’ve installed Divi on.

然后,您可以将创建的页面另存为模板,并使用它们在您的网站上创建更多自定义布局。 您甚至可以导出布局并在已安装Divi的其他站点上使用它。

When you buy Divi, you’ll also get these Elegant Themes products along with it:


  • Extra: a magazine-style WordPress theme and visual page builder额外:杂志风格的WordPress主题和可视页面生成器
  • Bloom:Bloom
  • Monarch: a social media sharing pluginMonarch:社交媒体共享插件

You don’t have to pay anything extra for these.


Divi: $89/year or $249 for a lifetime license.

Divi:年费$ 89美元,终身许可费$ 249美元。

3.阿斯特拉 (3. Astra)

Astra Pro theme for WordPress

Astra is a multipurpose theme that can be used for any type of website. It’s lightweight, meaning that it’ll help with your WordPress site’s speed.

Astra是一个多用途主题,可用于任何类型的网站。 它轻巧,这将有助于提高WordPress网站的速度

With Astra, you have full control over the look and feel of your site. There are 800+ Google fonts included and you can change the colors and background of any area on your website.

使用Astra,您可以完全控制网站的外观。 包含800多种Google 字体 ,您可以更改网站上任何区域的颜色和背景。

Astra gives you lots of control over your site’s header and footer, too. For instance, you can create a sticky header that stays fixed to the top of the screen as the user scrolls down.

Astra还为您提供了对网站的页眉和页脚的大量控制。 例如,您可以创建一个粘性标头,当用户向下滚动时,该标头保持固定在屏幕顶部。

Once you’ve bought Astra, you can use it on as many websites as you want. This makes it a great deal if you want to create several websites, either for yourself or for clients.

一旦购买了Astra,就可以在任意多个网站上使用它。 如果您想为自己或客户创建多个网站,那么这非常重要。

If you opt for the Mini Agency Bundle or the Agency Bundle, you’ll get 55+ special ‘Agency’ templates. These are full websites that you can use as-is or customize to suit you. All of them are built using either Beaver Builder or Elementor.

如果您选择Mini Agency Bundle或Agency Bundle,则将获得55个以上的特殊“ Agency”模板。 这些是完整的网站,您可以按原样使用或自定义适合您的网站。 它们都是使用Beaver BuilderElementor 构建的

Selection of the 55+ Astra Pro agency templates

The full Agency Bundle also gives you several premium plugins, unlimited addons for Beaver Builder and Elementor, and more.

完整的Agency Bundle还为您提供了几个高级插件,Beaver Builder和Elementor的无限插件,等等。

Astra is one of the best WordPress themes for developers, but it’s also very easy to use for complete beginners.

对于开发人员而言 ,Astra是最好的WordPress主题之一 ,但对于初学者来说也很容易使用。

Mini Agency Bundle: $169/year

迷你代理商套装: $ 169 /年

Agency Bundle: $249/year

代理商套装: $ 249 /年

4.来自ChurchThemes的禧年 (4. Jubilee from ChurchThemes)

Jubilee theme from ChurchThemes

Jubilee from ChurchThemes is a fast loading WordPress theme. It comes with an easy-to-use homepage builder you can customize to your liking.

ChurchThemes的禧年是一个快速加载的WordPress主题。 它带有一个易于使用的主页构建器,您可以根据自己的喜好对其进行自定义。

You can easily design your site to match your church’s colors and fonts. Plus, Jubilee’s responsive design means it’ll look great on phones and tablets as well as on computers.

您可以轻松地设计站点,使其与教堂的颜色和字体相匹配。 此外,禧年的自适应设计意味着它在手机,平板电脑以及计算机上看起来都很棒。

The Jubilee theme in action

Jubilee is ideal for church websites. Along with it, you’ll also get ChurchThemes’ other themes. These are Saved, Maranatha, Exodus, and Resurrect.

银禧是教堂网站的理想选择。 除此之外,您还将获得ChurchThemes的其他主题。 这些是已保存的,马拉娜莎的,出埃及的和复活的。

These themes also come with the Church Content Pro plugin. This fantastic plugin is really useful for building a church website. It allows you to set up custom archives, event calendar, personal profiles, and location information.

这些主题也随Church Content Pro插件一起提供。 这个奇妙的插件对于建立教堂网站确实有用。 它允许您设置自定义档案,事件日历,个人资料和位置信息。

To get you started quickly, all the themes comes preloaded with starter content you can install and then make custom changes to.


You’ll also get access to easy-to-follow guides, videos, and support from the creators.


All 5 Themes: From $129/year

所有5个主题:每年$ 129美元起

Themes & Church Content Pro plugin: from $199/year

Themes&Church Content Pro插件:每年199美元起

Church Content Pro only: $79/year

仅教会内容专业人士:每年$ 79

5.波尔多 (5. Bordeaux)

Bordeaux Theme

Bordeaux is a premium WordPress hotel theme from Hermes Themes. It comes with all the standard features you would expect from a premium theme.

波尔多是Hermes Themes的高级WordPress 酒店主题。 它具有您期望高级主题获得的所有标准功能。

It’s fully responsive and looks equally great on all devices and screen sizes. It is highly optimized for speed, performance, and SEO. All theme settings can be easily set up with an intuitive theme options panel.

它具有充分的响应能力,并且在所有设备和屏幕尺寸上均表现出色。 它针对速度,性能和SEO进行了高度优化。 可以通过直观的主题选项面板轻松设置所有主题设置。

Apart from the standard premium features, Bordeaux comes with features specific to hotel websites. It allows you to easily integrate popular hotel booking systems into your WordPress site.

除了标准的高级功能外,波尔多还具有酒店网站特有的功能。 它使您可以轻松地将流行的酒店预订系统集成到WordPress网站中。

You can add custom templates for rooms, rooms and rates, testimonials, attractions, a photo gallery, a blog, and more. This allows you to quickly fill your website with content.

您可以为房间,房间和价格, 推荐书 ,景点, 照相馆 ,博客等添加自定义模板。 这使您可以快速将内容填充到您的网站中。

Bordeaux theme, showing room details

Bordeaux is fully compatible with plugins like The Event Calendar, WooCommerce, and WPForms. You can also use it with the WPML plugin to create multilingual websites.

波尔多与The Event Calendar ,WooCommerce和WPForms等插件完全兼容。 您还可以将其与WPML插件一起使用来创建多语言网站

Once you’ve purchased the theme, you can use it on unlimited domains. This makes it ideal if you have a chain of hotels or if you create websites for clients.

购买主题后,即可在无限域中使用它。 如果您拥有连锁酒店或为客户创建网站,这将是理想的选择。

Single Theme License: $125 (annual renewal of $75)

单一主题许可证: 125美元(每年续订75美元)

All 18 Themes: $275 (annual renewal of $225)

所有18个主题: $ 275(每年续订$ 225)

6.海狸主题 (6. Beaver Themer)

Beaver Themer

Beaver Themer isn’t a theme, but a plugin that allows you to create custom layouts for any pages and blog templates. You could think of it as a theme builder.

Beaver Themer不是主题,而是一个允许您为任何页面和博客模板创建自定义布局的插件。 您可以将其视为主题构建器。

It can be used on many WordPress themes, making it easy to customize your site with detailed layouts. Once you’ve designed your layouts, you can duplicate and use them over and over again.

它可以用于许多WordPress主题,从而可以轻松以详细的布局自定义您的网站。 一旦设计好布局,就可以重复并重复使用它们。

Most importantly, you won’t have to dig into code or mess with PHP and theme template files to get the results you want for your site.


Beaver Themer lets you create page parts, such as headers and footers, 404 pages, search pages, and more.

使用Beaver Themer,您可以创建页面部件,例如页眉和页脚,404页面,搜索页面等。

Creating a header, footer, 404 page, and more in Beaver themer

Note that you’ll need the premium version of Beaver Builder in order to use Beaver Themer.

请注意,您需要使用Beaver Builder的高级版本才能使用Beaver Themer。

Beaver Themer: $147 for a year, renews at $88.20/year (40% off)

Beaver Themer:一年147美元,以88.20美元/年的价格续订(优惠40%)

Beaver Builder Premium: From $99 for a year, renews at $59.40 (40% off)

Beaver Builder Premium:一年$ 99起,续费$ 59.40(40%折扣)

7. Shoptimizer (7. Shoptimizer)

The Shoptimizer theme

Shoptimizer is a WooCommerce theme that’s built with speed, design, and conversions in mind. It has loads of great features, like the ability to add key product information right below the “buy” button.

Shoptimizer是WooCommerce主题,它的构建考虑了速度,设计和转换。 它具有许多强大的功能,例如能够在“购买”按钮的正下方添加关键产品信息。

You can create sticky product details in a bar at the top of the page that remain there as the user scrolls down. This sticky bar can include details like the price and the buy button, so your potential customer can easily and quickly buy at any time.

您可以在页面顶部的栏中创建粘性产品详细信息,当用户向下滚动时,这些详细信息将保留在此处。 此粘性栏可以包含价格和购买按钮等详细信息,因此您的潜在客户可以随时轻松,快速地进行购买。

Shoptimizer also offers a distraction-free checkout, where you can remove the headers, footers, and sidebars from the page. You can also easily add trust badges and a testimonial to your checkout page, boosting conversions further.

Shoptimizer还提供无干扰的结帐功能,您可以在其中删除页面的页眉,页脚和侧边栏。 您还可以轻松地在结帐页面上添加信任徽章和推荐书,从而进一步提高转化率。

You can even create a countdown timer or a notification about how many items are left in stock to encourage customers to buy quickly. Shoptimizer can show real-time notifications of sales too.

您甚至可以创建一个倒数计时器或有关库存剩余数量的通知,以鼓励客户快速购买。 Shoptimizer也可以显示销售的实时通知

Live notifications in Shoptimizer

To help boost your WordPress site’s SEO, Shoptimizer also offers extra features. These include a space for keyword-rich text on your product category pages. It also prioritizes mobile page speed to help your page rank highly in Google’s “mobile first” search indexing.

为了帮助提升WordPress网站的SEO ,Shoptimizer还提供了额外的功能。 其中包括在产品类别页面上的关键字丰富文本的空间。 它还优先考虑移动页面的速度,以帮助您的页面在Google的“移动优先”搜索索引中排名很高。

Shoptimizer: $99/year

Shoptimizer:每年$ 99美元

We hope this article helped you learn about some of the most expensive premium WordPress themes. If you haven’t launched your website yet, make sure you also check out our guide on how to make a website. After that, take a look at our must have WordPress plugins for all business websites.

我们希望本文能帮助您了解一些最昂贵的高级WordPress主题。 如果您尚未启动网站,请确保您还查阅了有关如何制作网站的指南。 之后,看看我们所有业务网站都必须具有WordPress插件

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