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3.1 Import a URDF on Windows

Note: This tutorial assumes that you have completed tutorials:

Copy the Model data into the Unity Asset folder

General Approach:

  1. Copy the .urdf file into an arbitrary Asset subfolder.
  2. Copy all resources (mesh and texture files) into the same subfolder while maintaining the original folder structure of the ROS package.
  3. In Unity, find the .urdf file in the Project window pane. Right click the file and select Import Robot from URDF in the context menu. (Alternative method: in Unity's menu bar, click GameObject3D Object > URDF Model (import) and select the .urdf file.)

Shadow Hand Example:

  1. Copy the shadowhand.urdf from simox_ros/sr_grasp_description/urdf to:
  1. Copy the .dae mesh geometry files from simox_ros/sr_grasp_description/meshes to:
  1. In Unity click GameObject > 3D Object > URDF Model and select shadowhand.urdf.

Here is an illustration of the resulting Shadow Hand GameObject which is directly imported into the scene.


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