&- and

0- nothing

2- two, to, too

2DAY- today

A- a / an

B- be

B4- before

BC- because

BF- boyfriend

BK- back

BRO- brother

BT- but

C- see

D8- date

DNR- dinner

EZ- easy

F8- fate

GF- girlfriend

GR8- great

HOLS- holidays

HV- have

I- I, it

Its- it is

KDS- kids

L8- late

L8R- later

M8- mate

NE1- anyone

PLS- please

PS- parents

QT- cutie

R- are

SIS- sister

SKOOL- school

SMMR- summer

U- you

WR- were

A3- anyplace, anytime, anywhere

ASAP- as soon as possible

B4N- Bye for now

BAU- business as usual

BRB- I’ll be right back.

BTW- by the way

CUL- see you later

CWOT- complete waste of time

FTF- face to face

FYI- for your information

GMTA- great minds think alike

HAND- have a nice day

HRU- how are you

ICBW- it could be worse

IDTS- I don’t think so

IMHO- in my humble opinion

IYKWIM- if you know what I mean

JK- just kidding

KOTC- kiss on the cheek

LOL- laughing out loud

LSKOL- long slow kiss on the lips

LTNS- long time no see

LuvU - I love you.

LuvU2 - I love you too.

MON- the middle of nowhere

MTE- my thoughts exactly

MU- I miss you.

MUSM- I miss you so much.

NP- no problem

OIC- oh, I see

PC&QT- peace and quiet

PCM- please call me

ROTFL- rolling on the floor laughing

RUOK- are you ok?

THNQ- thank you

U4E- you forever

UROK- you are okay

WUCIWUG- what you see is what you get

WYSIWYG- what you see is what you get

XLNT- excellent

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