Week 2 - Tue.

Last week when I was collecting the information of ThoughtMobile from Patty Mandarino, I had never imagined I would meet this lady. But today It came true. Patty, this elegant lady from Chicago office, came to Bangalore and we made a party for her, as well as for the team building. She joined the team of mine with Sundeep, Suhana and Huang Tuo together. We beat the other three teams and eventually won the Quiz game. Each of us got a nice T-shirt as the award, which I loved pretty much.


In the daytime we did a lot of pair programming. The trainers told less than before, they made us do more pracitce instead. In my opinion, the practice is good, but we might need more thoughts and analysis on the way how we were thinking about the programming. Because sometimes I found I was lost in solving a problem or coding for code itself. That made me remember a sentense in Lun Yu in Chinese, "学而不思则罔".


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