TWU Summary - collection

Here are some fruits I've collected from TWU.


Agile conceptions and practices
     ~ The difference of stand-up meeting and why.
     ~ It depends on the dev's experience when doing the story estimation.
     ~ Talk with BAs, give them reasons and options when negotiating the story.
     ~ Tips for bug defection, re-produce it first.
     ~ Retro.
     ~ Pairing tips.
     ~ Feedback is a gift.
     ~ The benefit of version control and continuous integration.

Technical improvement
   It composes disparate components into a fully working application ready for use.
     ~ dependency injection
     ~ annotation-based IoC container configuration
   from conception to practice
     ~ the servlet configuration
     ~ deployment of a web application
     ~ request mapping in Controller
     ~ in jsp file, to use the ModelAndView and write judgement or loop with jstl
     ~ experiment for the HTTP request and response theory
     ~ css
     ~ js
     ~ learned unit test principles and the integration test with spring from mistake
     ~ web test with Selenium and page object
     ~ testing in console program
     ~ practiced mock in java test
*programming itself
     ~ TDD should step by step, keep going and watching in a clear path.
     ~ Code smell and object calisthenics
*git svn
     ~ the difference between disputed SCM and Centralized SCM, and their usage.
     ~ tips for git with the reasons, like dealing with revert or no branch situation

Communication skill
     ~ thinking in English
     ~ got used to the accents of people from different countries
     ~ quickly switch between English and Chinese.
     ~ learned how to say a lot of things in normal life
*communication in team
     ~ got over the nervous talking stage in the team
     ~ talked with other devs about the tech issue
     ~ talked with BAs about the refactoring decision, the story implementation plan, the situation of the problem and the requirement changes.
     ~ learned to convince other people to agree one's idea
     ~ understood other people's thoughts from their words



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