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翻译 如何将您的聊天机器人从ibm watson助手迁移到rasa

介绍(Introduction)IBM Watson Assistant has a very minimalist design & development interface, yet very efficient. The four chatbot pillars are well defined with a top layer of advanced functionality...

2020-10-15 11:43:59 594

翻译 人工智能ai思维_人工智能系统如何学习创造性思维

人工智能ai思维In such a hot situation of artificial intelligence, there have been many examples of using AI systems to write articles, write songs, and create visual art, but the question is, can you tell w...

2020-10-15 11:33:59 955

翻译 深度学习基础网络_深度学习网络的基础

深度学习基础网络Un-crumpling paper balls is what machine learning is all about, it seeks to find neat representations for complex, highly folded data manifolds.U n所-皱纸球是什么机器学习是一回事,它试图找到整齐表示对于复杂的,高度折叠数据歧管。Dee...

2020-10-15 11:24:15 480

翻译 真正的人工智能已经存在吗

Artificial Intelligence is probably the greatest technological achievement in history. It’s subjective, of course, but I’ve been obsessed with technology ever since I was a kid, and while I’m sure the...

2020-10-11 22:12:52 563

翻译 卷积神经网络 递归神经网络_引入递归神经网络

卷积神经网络 递归神经网络Artificial intelligence (AI) is bridging the gap between technology and humans by allowing machines to automatically learn things from data and become more ‘human-like’; thus, becoming mo...

2020-10-11 22:03:32 553

翻译 gpt mbr ext3_可以gpt 3构建gpt 3应用

gpt mbr ext3Three months since OpenAI has released their GPT-3 API, it’s now a shared notion — getting to STOA results is mostly a function of effective prompts programming, rather than an NLP task.自从...

2020-10-11 21:53:30 361

翻译 gpt2_gpt 3,一开始是单词2 2

gpt230秒摘要(30-Second Summary)Any innovative AI technology has its share of advantages and threats. GPT-3 is not an exception.任何创新的AI技术都有其优势和威胁。 GPT-3也不例外。GPT-3 will not be limited by its size and it...

2020-10-11 21:44:29 280

翻译 怎么区分ai人工智能_AI已经变得如此人性化,以至于你无法分辨

怎么区分ai人工智能You might be wondering if machines are a threat to the world we live in, or if they’re just another tool in our quest to improve ourselves. If you think that AI is just another tool, you mig...

2020-10-11 21:33:55 331

翻译 启发式算法与机器学习的区别_使用强化学习训练受启发的四足机器人

启发式算法与机器学习的区别It’s been a while since I’ve started exploring Reinforcement Learning and OpenAI Gym , inspired by the amazing Boston Dynamics Spot. I’ve spent last year studying the foundations of Machi...

2020-10-11 21:23:13 2173

翻译 持续学习和多任务学习的区别_持续学习我们在哪里

持续学习和多任务学习的区别As the deep learning community aims to bridge the gap between human and machine intelligence, the need for agents that can adapt to continuously evolving environments is growing more than...

2020-10-11 21:12:54 1692

翻译 什么是强化学习

Machine Learning is one of the most discussed fields in the IT world. With the large spread of image and speech recognition, self-driving vehicles, product recommendations, and fraud detection, Machin...

2020-10-11 21:02:31 410

翻译 linux回到初始状态_回到学校回到正常状态

linux回到初始状态In the past few months, educational systems all over the world trembled under the might of the global pandemic. Children and educators were ripped from their classrooms overnight. Some mana...

2020-10-11 20:53:27 548

翻译 原子用例组件_在原子设计系统中对组件进行分组

原子用例组件[1] March 20, 2020 Update: Reader Luca Brognara made me realize input groups can easily be mistaken for groups of input fields. To prevent confusion, I’ve crossed input groups from the molecule’...

2020-09-29 20:08:24 478

翻译 频谱解析_频谱

频谱解析#frameworksoflife #frameworksoflife Friends sometimes remarked how excited and happy I was about my job. I used to nod my head and downplay it. Guilt and pride surfaced at the same time for lovin...

2020-09-29 19:58:07 439

翻译 frame被废除_废除用户体验设计的假神

frame被废除My first personal computer was an Osborne 1. It came with not only a CP/M operating system, but copies of SuperCalc, WordStar and two versions of the BASIC programming language: both CBASIC an...

2020-09-29 19:48:22 263

翻译 网页辅助设计辅助作用_加入辅助党

网页辅助设计辅助作用Hi there! This is my first Medium post, I’ll be using this platform to be open and honest about my …(I don’t want to call it an “adventure” or “journey”…) my relationship with Design. 嗨,您好! ...

2020-09-29 19:27:27 125

翻译 界面设计 视觉层次_用户界面设计师应注意的视觉趋势

界面设计 视觉层次 重点 (Top highlight)The recent plethora of software and tools — Sketch, Figma, Adobe’s Creative Cloud, Cinema 4D, Redshift, etc.— is making design accessible to more and more people, and enabl...

2020-09-29 19:17:33 281

翻译 g150th 键盘拆_150年后,我们应该重新设计电脑键盘

g150th 键盘拆Imagine a Mercedes: Beautifully designed, comfortable and more efficient with every new generation. Would you drive such a car on the narrow, unsuspended wheels of the first automobile witho...

2020-09-29 19:07:33 1358

翻译 嘿,妈妈,我是设计师

This has been the most rewarding but stressful 8 months of my life so far. I have made many mistakes and learned countless lessons. One of which is how to explain to your mother what UX design is and ...

2020-09-29 18:56:55 163

翻译 hexo 阅读更多 按钮_您还没有使用阅读更多您是

hexo 阅读更多 按钮 重点 (Top highlight)It’s probably not the first time you’ve heard that using links like “Read More” or “Click Here” is bad practice. This topic has been widely discussed and the internet is...

2020-09-29 18:47:34 913

翻译 所以你想为电影设计

By Perrin Drumm 佩林·德鲁姆(Perrin Drumm) Just say her name and most graphic designers will inwardly ooh and ahh: Annie Atkins, that art department star of some of the most visually rich films and series ...

2020-09-29 18:36:39 674

翻译 超越普里瓦洛夫基础知识卷_超越像素,开发人员可以教给我们有关响应式设计的知识...

超越普里瓦洛夫基础知识卷Since the dawn of web design, we have measured our websites in pixels. A, somewhat absolute, measurement that describes the smallest visual unit of a screens resolution. 小号因斯网页设计的曙光,我们已经以像...

2020-09-29 18:26:05 1220

翻译 青藏高原矢量_如何摆脱设计师的高原

青藏高原矢量 重点 (Top highlight)Four years ago, I embarked on a drastic career change from pre-med to product design. I dropped all my courses, attended a hackathon every weekend, and worked over 80–90 hours...

2020-09-29 18:17:02 285

翻译 figma 安装插件_figma插件的辅助

figma 安装插件Plugins are a way to customize, extend, and automate Figma. 插件是自定义,扩展和自动化Figma的一种方式。 When making a plugin, you’re designing something for yourself, which can be quite fun and a nice change ...

2020-09-29 18:06:32 1669

翻译 kettle 字段转换组件_自动布局如何改善您的输入字段组件

kettle 字段转换组件It’s common for fields to have different settings that are usually displayed in the label. 字段通常具有不同的设置,通常会在标签中显示这些设置。 For example, in the application that we are building at work, fields...

2020-09-29 17:57:27 272

翻译 滑块在网页中的设计_网页设计中使用或不使用的滑块

滑块在网页中的设计Written by Alan Smith 由艾伦·史密斯 ( Alan Smith)撰写 Many designers have strong opinions about the use of sliders and slider controls in website design. Some love them; others hate them. A poorly-t...

2020-09-29 17:46:29 574

翻译 原型图高保真和中保真的区别_最终确定您的高保真度UX概念验证

原型图高保真和中保真的区别 概念证明/第4部分 (PROOF OF CONCEPT / PART 4)This is the final article of a four-part series. Please read Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. 这是一个分为四个部分的系列文章的最后一篇。 请阅读 第1部分 , 第2 部分 和 第3部分。 I’ve had a ...

2020-09-29 17:36:07 3144

翻译 如何永久正确地组织设计文件

“Wait, maybe it’s in this folder. Did I e-mail it to myself? Doesn’t matter, it’s on Google Drive anyway … if only I knew on which Google account. Let me find my password real quick”. “等等,也许在这个文件夹中。 我...

2020-09-29 17:26:18 154

翻译 2020年房价趋势_2020年的9种网页设计趋势

2020年房价趋势 重点 (Top highlight)Many design trends posts act like art directors — practically guiding your hands on the mouse. This year, we’re doing trends different, by focusing on what actually matters...

2020-09-29 17:17:16 2646

翻译 多层感知机 分类思想_感知和行动是产品设计需要意识到的思想形式

多层感知机 分类思想I spend my working days at a company that builds a social media management platform for charities. We recently conducted user testing on landing pages that advertised our product and kicked ...

2020-09-29 17:06:41 511

翻译 imp 子分区_imp子有行销问题

imp 子分区I use The GIMP on a daily basis. I use it for everything. I used it to create the header image above. And it all began many years ago when I wanted to pirate Photoshop but my internet connectio...

2020-09-29 16:55:48 421

翻译 ps用户界面字体大小_5个提示,以帮助您选择一个不错的用户界面字体

ps用户界面字体大小Whether or not you’re a seasoned designer, choosing a UI font can be a daunting task. As of writing this, Google Fonts alone has 997 families. You might think picking a font is mostly an exe...

2020-09-29 16:45:23 113

翻译 给设计师的建设性反馈

In my first few years as a design manager, I loved giving positive feedback to direct reports and absolutely dreaded, hated, and procrastinated giving negative feedback. I would agonize over what to s...

2020-09-29 16:35:55 503

翻译 UX和ui设计有什么区别

I hear it all the time– from people inside and outside of the tech industry. Coworkers and clients often interchange UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) as easily as one might switch out stre...

2020-09-29 16:26:03 349

翻译 熊猫图表 连接mysql_自定义熊猫图和图表的5种简单方法

熊猫图表 连接mysqlPerhaps you are a data journalist putting a new story together, or a data scientist preparing a paper or presentation. You’ve got a nice set of charts that are looking good but a bit of tw...

2020-09-29 16:16:28 375

翻译 大国宪制_为什么妥协是伟大的设计超级大国

大国宪制There are no perfect design outcomes. Real projects rarely end up looking like Dribbble shots. Designers are never satisfied with their work. 没有完美的设计结果。 真正的项目很少能像Dribbble镜头那样结束 。 设计师从不对自己的工作感到满意 。...

2020-09-29 16:05:50 212

翻译 对警报线程池的警报线程_covid 19医院网络警报的警报可访问性剖析

对警报线程池的警报线程Older adults (65 years and up) and individuals of any age with serious underlying medical conditions are most at risk for COVID-19. When we consider these groups of people as users, accessi...

2020-09-29 15:55:22 391

翻译 威斯敏斯特教堂 名言_新教堂徽标设计师的视角分析

威斯敏斯特教堂 名言As President Nelson began introducing the Church’s new symbol, it gave me a little designer anxiety. Mainly because he introduced the first of multiple concepts infused into the symbol, the ...

2020-09-26 18:49:08 578

翻译 平面设计师和ui设计师_你只是一个设计师

平面设计师和ui设计师 重点 (Top highlight)Are you a designer? Maybe you’re a visual designer, a user experience designer, or a product designer. Or something else. It might be the case that you are not sure what ...

2020-09-26 18:39:26 177

翻译 figma设计_linux figma fontbase 10其他工具设计

figma设计UI/UX Design, Graphic Design, Photo Editing and more can now be done comfortably on Linux, without the need for expensive Adobe subscriptions. UI / UX设计,图形设计,照片编辑等功能现在可以在Linux上轻松完成,而无需支付昂贵的Adob...

2020-09-26 18:29:34 2376



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