Let me start this post with a short German saying about teams:


TEAM — Toll, ein anderer machts!


If you translate it to English, it would come out as: “TEAM — great, somebody else will do it!” Obviously this is the anti-pattern of a team; every development team following this will fail over time.

如果将其翻译成英文,它将显示为:“团队-太好了,其他人会做!” 显然,这是团队的反模式。 随着时间的推移,每个开发团队都会失败。

I work as a team leader for an international team, so remote working/home office was nothing new to us. Of course, due to the current situation, this has increased and now we are a 100% remote working team all over Europe.One of the most important points for the team is to stick together and ensure we follow our short and long term goals.

我是一个国际团队的团队负责人,因此远程工作/家庭办公室对我们来说并不新鲜。 当然,由于目前的情况,这种情况有所增加,现在我们已成为全欧洲100%的远程工作团队。对于团队而言,最重要的一点就是要团结一致并确保我们遵循我们的短期和长期目标。

关键点 (Key points)

From my experience, the following three points are key to a successful development team:


责任 (Responsibility)

If you feel responsible for something, whether it’s a part of your project or tooling around the company, you will treat it differently compared to something from somebody that you have to do now because “it's your job.”Of course, handing over responsibility comes with a level of trust; nothing that can be granted on day one, but over time it should be clear who in your team can take a specific role that fits the skill set of that person.

如果您对某件事负有责任,无论它是项目的一部分还是公司周围的工具,您都会将其与现在必须做的某事区别对待,因为“这是您的工作。”当然,移交责任充满信任; 在第一天就没有什么可以授予的,但是随着时间的流逝,应该清楚团队中的谁可以扮演适合该人技能的特定角色。

通讯 (Communication)

From my point of view, it’s very important to be clear, honest, and direct inside the team between each member, and also encourage the team to do the same to other departments. Communication is a skill that has to be learned over time, there are ways to help introverted people to feel more secure and coach people to get used to it.

从我的角度来看,在团队内部每个成员之间保持清晰,诚实和直接的态度非常重要,同时也鼓励团队对其他部门进行同样的工作。 沟通是一项必须随着时间的推移而学习的技能,有多种方法可以帮助内向的人感到更加安全,并指导人们适应它。

创造力 (Creativity)

Offering the possibility to suggest a solution instead of presenting the way to accomplish a goal or providing the freedom of choosing a technology to finish a task helps to onboard a new person but also keeps existing teammates motivated to get involved and learn new skills.


You might have already thought to yourself that the above points are interconnected and are not single points to address — you are right!If you clearly communicate what you expect and what are the goals, team members will be able to focus and take over responsibilities because they understand what should be done. If people take over responsibilities, they will think about a task more detailed, using their creativity to come up with solutions and present it to the team or other stakeholders.

您可能已经想过,以上几点是相互联系的,而不是要解决的单一点-您是对的!如果您清楚地传达了您的期望和目标,团队成员将能够集中精力并承担责任他们知道应该怎么做。 如果人们承担起责任,他们将考虑更详细的任务,利用他们的创造力提出解决方案,并将其呈现给团队或其他利益相关者。

对我们有用的 (What Worked For Us)

I will provide one example per key point. Like I already mentioned, you can’t isolate each key area completely, but I will try to provide examples focusing more on one side to get you started.

我将为每个关键点提供一个示例。 就像我已经提到的那样,您不能完全隔离每个关键区域,但是我将尝试提供一些侧重于各个方面的示例,以帮助您入门。

通讯 (Communication)

For this one I will come up with two examples, I’m sure at least one will work in more or less any project. For over two years, we have hosted a development blog. The blog is only available inside our company (to everybody) but you could also go with an online version. Every month, we post at least one status update; everybody is free to hand in sections for this update or publish articles in between.

对于这一示例,我将提出两个示例,我敢肯定至少有一个示例可以在或多或少的任何项目中工作。 两年多来,我们托管了一个开发博客。 该博客仅在我们公司内部提供(所有人),但您也可以使用在线版本。 每个月,我们至少发布一次状态更新; 每个人都可以随意提交有关此更新的部分,或在两者之间发布文章。

You achieve multiple goals in one go:


  • Inter-department communication — everybody has a source of news and is more aware of upcoming challenges and developers learn to express technical topics in a more general way.

  • Developers engage with your project, and they will write their article about their part of the project — increasing the feeling of responsibility.

  • Feedback based on a blog post might raise ideas that didn't pop up so far — people start looking at a project from a different angle that could spark some creativity in your team.


My second example would be related to software releases or new features. How about producing a short video (we have a max length of three minutes) to provide some insides to everybody interested? The big advantage of a pre-recorded video is that you can re-try it as often as you want, no stage fright, and all the time in the world to get used to it. This helps people to get comfortable talking about your project and will help them to understand that they are capable of doing this (they developed it, so they are one of the best resources regarding detailed knowledge and insides you might have).

我的第二个示例与软件版本或新功能有关。 如何制作一个简短的视频(最长为三分钟)以向感兴趣的每个人提供一些内幕? 预先录制的视频的最大优势在于,您可以根据需要多次重试,而不会感到怯场,并且可以在世界范围内无所不适应。 这使人们可以轻松地谈论您的项目,并帮助他们了解他们有能力做到这一点(他们开发了它,因此,它们是有关详细知识和可能拥有的内幕的最佳资源之一)。

责任 (Responsibility)

This one might be a bit tricky and will require some more time, but for us, the following idea worked out well:


Host a development project with a limited time frame (for us, one workweek, aka five days). Everybody can suggest a project around the company or a technology that could be beneficial in the future. Each suggestion gets pitched to the team to recruit other team members to join the project. You will notice that people work differently inside their project, and a team-leading role (inside this project) could support further personal development.

在有限的时间范围内(一个工作周,也就是五天)托管一个开发项目。 每个人都可以建议公司周围的项目或将来可能有益的技术。 每个建议都会传达给团队,以招募其他团队成员加入该项目。 您会注意到,人们在项目内部的工作方式有所不同,团队领导角色(在该项目内部)可以支持个人的进一步发展。

Besides this project approach, you might spot fields that fit the character of a developer (like UI/UX focus, backend, database architecture, etc.) and sit down and discuss if she/he would like to focus more on this sector and review tasks/work inside this topic.

除了这种项目方法外,您可能会发现适合开发人员特征的字段(例如,UI / UX焦点,后端,数据库体系结构等),坐下来讨论她/他是否想更专注于该领域并进行回顾。本主题中的任务/工作。

创造力 (Creativity)

Helping to spark some creativity can be challenging. Let’s be honest: we are all a bit lazy from time to time. Let me explain my point:

帮助激发一些创造力可能是具有挑战性的。 老实说:我们有时会有些懒惰。 让我解释一下我的观点:

If you are facing an issue and come to me for a solution (and we assume I’m aware of a possible solution) it’s not always the best idea to present it to you directly.


“Change is the end result of all true learning.”


— Leo Buscaglia


So am I saying to suggest less/nothing to spare creativity? Yes and no. It depends on the specific case and person, but sometimes it’s more productive to coach and provide ideas instead of finished solutions. This is especially important for new developers; they need to learn, and if they accomplish something on their own, it’s something more valuable as a provided solution from somebody else. The process of actually finding the answer opens different paths to explore— possibly leading to a solution that is even better as a known answer.

所以我是说建议什么/什么都不做,以保留创造力? 是的,没有。 这取决于具体的案例和人员,但是有时指导和提供想法而不是最终的解决方案会更有效率。 这对于新开发者尤其重要。 他们需要学习,并且如果他们自己完成某件事,那么作为其他人提供的解决方案,它会更有价值。 实际找到答案的过程为探索提供了不同的途径-可能会导致解决方案更好地作为已知答案。

摘要 (Summary)

It’s part of your job as a team leader to keep your team working together to achieve more than a single person could. On the other hand, you have to keep in mind that your team is built out of individuals, and each person has to be taken care of and guided to fit into the bigger picture. There are several ways to move along, and the ones shown here are working for us; nevertheless, this list is by far not complete. I would be more than happy to receive some insights and ideas from other teams to try out because right now, this is more important than ever.

作为团队领导者,这是您的团队合作的一部分,以保持团队合作以取得比一个人更多的成就。 另一方面,您必须记住,您的团队是由个人组成的,每个人都必须得到照顾和指导,以适应更大的局面。 有几种前进的方式,这里显示的方式对我们有用。 但是,该列表到目前为止还不完整。 我很高兴收到其他团队的一些见识和想法,以进行尝试,因为现在这比以往任何时候都更加重要。

Thanks for reading!


翻译自: https://medium.com/better-programming/engage-your-development-team-e2bcb27d5632


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