I never care who read my articles

I have been not to care any more who read my articles when I made my decision to write in English. I just wanna practice my English, may or may not to study out of China.
On the other hand, I shared my job weekly in English, just a few people would like to read, it makes my job secreted to some extent.

For the pass two week, I mainly maintain the 3-level data transferring framework, which is done by multiprocessing and threading. Because too much treads(about 15 per core) are used, the system cpu cost is much more than user cpu cost, means that the cpu is busy with the interruptions. So I can just look into gevent and others for help. The coroutine + process may be a best match for this problem, and it also affect my next job to do -- to write a more effective spider.

Two conferences are attended, the Big Date conference and the Python conference which last for two and one day on 5th, 6th and yesterday. I learned a lot of new words in these, such as pig, Taobao's iSteam and the data-flow model of collecting data is the most valuable thing for me, yes, that idea. And I see the technologies that other company are used, I suddenly found we were in Stone Age, yeah, and it's a really the best period. We could build up every thing by our hands. To choose a framework or not, to build the base of the big system. It may not be the best and biggest tool chain, but I have been in. By the way, I met a girl yesterday at the conference who also learned and use python, and wanna be pythonic, and she is really a nice, soft girl. Some one might just passing through your channel, with not thing left but a single, that you two hardly to meet again, no more than an hi saying to each other even if met. Memory is so valuable, nothing could buy back them to you heart while it is slipping out.

Living here.

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