Statistics and Operation

Those are annoying jobs when the statistics is disposable and not be presented by yourself, while the operation is for others system with is nearly to be abandon. I am so boring why I am been here doing such job. I hear an overtime today without payment right now, but I am not going to go back to the office. Tell me why should I do that, please. Overtime will not arise the progress of a project when I  pay no my attention. With tiresome, a waste of time there when I go back.

A bottle-lack is  appeared on my daily work. I found that I am no longer enjoying the demand-directed climate of the company, idea comes out in a shorter time even than a project before. That is, I could not do something deep into a technical problem, so i am improving myself slowly right now. People being impetuous in a modern world, but as we can see, still some calm company such as amazon, they calmly accumulate technologies, when we talk in formal emails, I realize this.

Lots of company benefit from Open Source, but also they contribute to the community, and that's a cycle. If a company contributes codes they would gain people who live in the community and feedback great codes for the company, but if they only wanna get benefit from communities, with code, the programmers are eventually get nothing except tracing Open Source, and never promote themselves. they are not programmers, they are thief, and they waste their time to do the useless thing.

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