Graphics Settings

The graphics settings shown here are mostly useful for customizing and optimizing graphics-related settings across the project.
Built-in shader settings内置的shader设置
These settings allow you to specify which shader is used to do lighting pass calculations in  deferred shading  and  legacy deferred lighting  rendering paths, respectively.
这些设置允许你指定在 deferred shading (Deferred Shading是现在比较流行实时渲染方式,这种渲染方式能把Geometry和Lighting之间的耦合解开,把Forward Shading的Geometry Pass*Lighting Pass复杂度下降为Geometry Pass+Lighting Pass,特别适合于渲染较多动态光源的场景)和 legacy deferred lighting 中哪些shader被用于光照通道的计算。
Setting:设置 Description:描述
Built-in shader(Default value) Use Unity’s built-in shaders to do the calculation.
Custom shader定制shader Use your own compatible shader to do the calculation. This enables you to do deep customization of deferred rendering.用你自己的兼容的shader用于计算。这样你就可以深度定制 deferred rendering。
No Support不支持 Disable this calculation. Use this setting if you are not using deferred shading or lighting. This will save some space in the built game data files.关闭计算。如果你没有使用 deferred shading或者 lighting。这将会节省你构建游戏数据文件的空间。
Always-included Shaders一直包括的shader
Specify a list of  Shaders  that will always be stored along with the project, even if nothing in your scenes actually uses them. It is important to add shaders used by streamed AssetBundles to this list to ensure they can be accessed.
指定一个将会一直存在工程中的shader列表,即使你的场景中没有任何东西使用它们。对于assetbundlle中用到的 shader 把他们加到这个list中非常重要,可以防止shader丢失。 (当需要导出的资源中使用的是内置的shader的时候需要注意这个)
Shader strippingshader剥离(根据当前打开场景的光照贴图模式和雾的模式把导出的shader中没有用到的 shader variants剔除掉不导出,可能导致光照丢失和雾丢失的问题
Lower your build data size and improve loading times by stripping out certain shaders involved with lighting and fog.降低打包的数据大小和通过剥离光照和雾中涉及的特定的shader提高加载的速度。
Setting: Description:
Automatic(Default value)自动 Unity looks at your scenes and lightmapping settings to figure out which fog and lightmapping modes are not in use, and skips corresponding shader variants.unity查看你的场景和光照贴图的设置来知道哪些雾和光照贴图的模式没有用到,然后剥离相关的shader variants.
Manual手动 Specify which modes to use yourself. Select this if you are building asset bundles or changing fog modes from a script at runtime, to ensure that the modes you want to use are included.指定哪些模式你用到了。如果你导出assetbundle或者会用脚本在运行时修改模式,来确保你将要用到的模型被包括了。
Shader preloading shader预加载
Specify a list of shader variant collection assets to preload while loading the game. See  Optimizing Shader Load Time  page for details.

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