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翻译 如何查gmail发件人ip_如何在Gmail中阻止来自特定发件人的电子邮件

如何查gmail发件人ipThere are some email senders from which you never want to hear. You can’t stop them from sending you emails, but you can set up Gmail to automatically delete the emails as soon as they ar...

2020-10-12 14:03:45 1130

翻译 Google TV和Android TV有什么区别?

Google TV is the company’s platform for smart TVs and set-top boxes. But wait, didn’t Google already have a TV platform called Android TV? And what about the Google TV app? Let’s dive into another Goo...

2020-10-12 12:53:59 2169

翻译 初学者如何提高跑步速度_2020年假日:您最喜欢的跑步者的16个礼物创意

初学者如何提高跑步速度Maridav/ShutterstockMaridav /快门Have some friends or family members who love putting on their running shoes and hitting the road? The best gift you can give them is something that will enhan...

2020-10-12 11:44:30 2971

翻译 在Ubuntu中无需单击标题栏即可移动窗口

Ubuntu has a cool feature that lets you click and drag a window by clicking anywhere in the window as long as you are holding down either the Control, Alt, or “Win” key while you are dragging.Ubuntu具...

2020-10-12 10:14:32 534

翻译 ubuntu 热键设置_分配热键以在Ubuntu中打开终端窗口

ubuntu 热键设置Since we spend so much time at the command line in Ubuntu, it sometimes makes it simpler to launch a new terminal window with a shortcut key.由于我们在Ubuntu中的命令行上花费了很多时间,因此有时它使使用快捷键启动新的终端窗口变得更...

2020-10-12 07:33:52 253

翻译 android 历史记录_如何在Android中查看您的通知历史记录

android 历史记录Notifications are a key component of smartphones, so it can be annoying if you accidentally swipe one away before reading it. Introduced in Android 11, “Notification History” is a log of e...

2020-10-12 05:42:29 4895

翻译 在Ubuntu上安装Samba服务器

If you want to share files between your Ubuntu and Windows computers, your best option is to use Samba file sharing. 如果要在Ubuntu和Windows计算机之间共享文件,最好的选择是使用Samba文件共享。To install, first open a terminal w...

2020-10-12 05:21:50 722

翻译 android 禁用通知栏_如何在Android上禁用通知气泡

android 禁用通知栏The notification “Bubble” is a feature introduced in Android 11 that works like Facebook Messenger’s “Chat Heads.” Conversations can be popped-out into windows that overlay your current a...

2020-10-12 04:41:24 1188

翻译 双重启动Ubuntu时将Windows设置为默认操作系统

When you install a dual-boot of Ubuntu, one of the frustrating things that you’ll immediately notice is that Ubuntu is now set as the default operating system in the Grub loader. There’s an easy way t...

2020-10-12 02:19:59 184

翻译 快速提示:Windows Vista Temp文件目录

Windows Vista Disk Cleanup wizard is really not all that bad, butI did find a small problem with it… It doesn’t fully empty your temp folder. It only allows you to delete temporary files that haven’t...

2020-10-12 02:09:08 99

翻译 vista19910715_为Vista登录屏幕启用Ctrl + Alt + Delete

vista19910715In older versions of Windows, you had to use the Ctrl+Alt+Delete combination to login to the system. This was supposed to provide a higher security login, although I don’t know how.You a...

2020-10-12 01:47:39 83

翻译 谷歌身份验证器 手表_6条使您的三星手表更加Google-y的提示

谷歌身份验证器 手表Samsung三星Samsung Galaxy watches are, arguably, the best smartwatches for Android phones. However, they lack one major thing that people who use Android love: Google. There are a few ways you...

2020-10-12 01:36:40 1215

翻译 js禁用快速滚动_快速提示:禁用Firefox标签滚动

js禁用快速滚动One of the features in Firefox 2.0 that drives me crazy is the tab scrolling buttons when you have a lot of tabs open. I’d prefer to just see all the tabs on the screen, even if they are small...

2020-10-11 23:57:54 168

翻译 如何在iPhone上关闭“请勿打扰”

Apple’s “Do Not Disturb While Driving” is a potentially lifesaving iPhone feature, but it doesn’t always turn on automatically at the appropriate time. For example, you might be a passenger in a movin...

2020-10-11 22:57:29 424

翻译 iphone 提取ipa_如何从iPhone上的实时照片中提取静止图像

iphone 提取ipaIf you’ve ever taken a Live Photo on your iPhone, you’ve basically created a short video clip attached to an image. If you don’t like the resulting photo (or want to grab a different one),...

2020-10-11 22:48:09 447

翻译 在Linux上删除超过x天的文件

The find utility on linux allows you to pass in a bunch of interesting arguments, including one to execute another command on each file. We’ll use this in order to figure out what files are older than...

2020-10-11 21:28:10 337

翻译 ubuntu 自定义快捷键_在Ubuntu Linux上分配自定义快捷键

ubuntu 自定义快捷键Ubuntu includes a very limited shortcut key configuration utility which doesn’t allow you to assign hotkeys to your own applications or scripts. To get around this limitation, we can use ...

2020-10-11 21:18:01 541

翻译 在Ubuntu服务器上添加用户

Ubuntu Server is like any Linux variety, and has full multi-user capabilities,and acommon task on any server is adding users.就像任何Linux变种一样,Ubuntu Server具有完整的多用户功能,任何服务器上的常见任务都是添加用户。useradd 用户添加T...

2020-10-11 19:29:22 931

翻译 ubuntu查看安装软件包_查看在Ubuntu上安装软件包的位置

ubuntu查看安装软件包Once you use the apt-get utility to install a package, sometimes it seems to disappear into nowhere. You know it’s installed, you just have no idea where.一旦使用apt-get实用程序安装软件包,有时它似乎就消失了。 ...

2020-10-11 19:19:08 3295

翻译 safari中字体加粗_在Windows的Safari中减少字体的“模糊性”

safari中字体加粗One of the immediate complaints people have had about the new Safari for Windows betais how “fuzzy” the fonts seem to look in comparison to Internet Explorer or Firefox. There’s a quick so...

2020-10-11 18:26:52 264

翻译 在Safari中为RSS Feed添加书签

The new Safari browser has a very nice RSS reader built right in. For those of you that aren’t familiar, RSS (Really Simple Syndication)feedsare the wave of the future. You can get articles in your ...

2020-10-11 18:16:39 269

翻译 卸载kubuntu 桌面_在Kubuntu上启用远程桌面(VNC)

卸载kubuntu 桌面Kubuntu includes the built-in ability to allow other users to control the desktop. Like Ubuntu, you can allow users to access and control the desktop via the VNC client. Unlike Ubuntu, the...

2020-10-11 18:06:39 637

翻译 kde 禁用钱包_在KDE中禁用文件的单击打开

kde 禁用钱包Having switched from Ubuntu to Kubuntu recently, the first thing that irritated me beyond all reason was that single-clicking on a file or folder immediately opensthe fileinstead of selectin...

2020-10-11 16:47:13 556

翻译 ipad和iphone切图_如何在iPhone和iPad上设置定期提醒

ipad和iphone切图It’s not always easy to remember when to do important things. Luckily, your iPhone or iPad can easily remind you about a repeating task or event using the Reminders app. Here’s how to set...

2020-10-11 16:36:36 111

翻译 如何在iPhone上使用画中画

Khamosh PathakKhamosh PathakFor a couple of years now, the iPad had the ability to play videos in picture-in-picture mode. Once you upgrade toiOS 14or higher, your iPhone gains the feature as well. ...

2020-10-11 15:46:07 2175

翻译 丢失了Outlook的“搜索”标签? 这是还原方法

Microsoft Outlook has a new Search box, which we quite like. The only downside is the Search tab is now hidden until you click in the Search box. Fortunately, there’s a way you can make that tab stay ...

2020-10-11 14:56:42 1180

翻译 快速命中:11 Firefox选项卡操作方法

We couldn’t live without Firefox’s tabbed browsing support, and we also couldn’t live without 10 of these 11 tips for optimizing your tab experience.没有Firefox的选项卡式浏览支持,我们就无法生存,而这11个技巧中的10个优化选项卡体验也无法生...

2020-10-11 13:35:11 81

翻译 expose_适用于Windows Vista的Great Expose复制

exposeThe market seems to be full of OS X Expose clones, but this is the first one that I’ve found that not only works really well, but has a ton of customization options. It’s called Switcher, and yo...

2020-10-11 13:24:52 94

翻译 iphone 键盘兼容_如何从iPhone键盘上删除表情符号按钮

iphone 键盘兼容If you keep accidentally opening the emoji keyboard while typing on your iPhone or iPad, it’s easy to avoid that in the future.You can remove the emoji button from your on-screen keyboard....

2020-10-11 13:14:40 1358

翻译 综述:Windows Vista外观和风格的16个调整

We’ve come a long way in our coverage of Windows Vista, and it’s time to put together a roundup of all the articles that tweak the appearance of Windows Vista. If you’d like to suggest something that ...

2020-10-11 13:05:10 174

翻译 单个.exe中适用于Windows的开源PDF阅读器

We’ve always been fans of the freeFoxit PDF reader here, but when I came across an open-source PDF viewer that was even more lightweight and simple, I immediately switched. 我们一直是免费的Foxit PDF阅读器的支持者,...

2020-10-11 12:44:30 356

翻译 bleachbit_如何在Linux上使用BleachBit

bleachbitWant to safely delete unnecessary files from your Linux operating system, reclaim hard-drive space, and protect your privacy?BleachBitdoes all of this for you!是否想从Linux操作系统中安全删除不必要的文件,回收硬盘...

2020-10-11 12:02:38 1029

翻译 如何删除您的Spotify帐户

Stopped using Spotify and switched to another service? If you don’t want to keep your account dormant, you can permanently close your Spotify account. Here’s how you can delete your Spotify account in...

2020-10-11 11:52:05 1480

翻译 如何在几乎不格式化的情况下粘贴文本

Jasni/Shutterstock.comJasni / Shutterstock.comCopy-and-paste moves more than just text around. It often brings along formatting from web pages and other documents. You can paste without formatting in ...

2020-10-11 11:21:51 246

翻译 galaxy 生信安装软件_如何在三星Galaxy Smartwatches上安装Google Assistant

galaxy 生信安装软件Samsung三星Samsung Galaxy smartwatches are a great option for people with Android phones, but they don’t have Google Assistant, which can be a deal-breaker. Here’s how to get Google Assista...

2020-10-11 10:10:48 1547

翻译 excel图表中的直方图_如何在Microsoft Excel中创建直方图

excel图表中的直方图Histograms are a useful tool in frequency data analysis, offering users the ability to sort data into groupings (called bin numbers) in a visual graph, similar to a bar chart. Here’s how t...

2020-10-11 09:41:18 1963

翻译 butler volmer_使用Butler自定义OS X菜单栏

butler volmerOne ofmy immediate thoughts when I used a Mac for the first time was:How do I add icons to the top menu? After doing some digging, I found a great application that lets you not only add...

2020-10-11 09:10:53 104

翻译 如何在WhatsApp中添加联系人

Khamosh PathakKhamosh PathakWhatsApp on Android and iPhone directly integrates with your contact book. As long as a contact is on WhatsApp, they’ll show up in the app. But you can also quickly add a c...

2020-10-11 08:42:09 6414

翻译 任务管理器被管理员禁用_为什么禁用任务管理器?

任务管理器被管理员禁用Some time ago I received an email from a reader curious why their Task Manager option was grayed out on the taskbar right-click menu. After a bit of research his problem was solved, and now...

2020-10-11 07:01:55 398

翻译 mac 电脑资源库文件夹_如何在Mac上找到您的资料库文件夹

mac 电脑资源库文件夹When fixing problems on a Mac, sometimes you need to roll up your sleeves and directly modify system settings files in your Library folder. Apple hides the Library folder by default, so it...

2020-10-11 06:52:05 3973



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