There are several WordPress eCommerce plugins that allow you to add a shopping cart to your website. However, if you want to keep your eCommerce store separate for better speed and security, then your options are quite limited.

有几个WordPress电子商务插件 ,可让您将购物车添加到您的网站。 但是,如果您想将电子商务商店分开以提高速度和安全性,那么您的选择就非常有限。

BigCommerce is an all-in-one eCommerce platform that allows you to create a powerful online store without dealing with the technical hassle.


In this article, we will show you how to easily create a shopping cart in WordPress with BigCommerce, step by step.


Adding a shopping cart in WordPress with BigCommerce

了解WordPress的BigCommerce (Understanding BigCommerce for WordPress)

BigCommerce is a highly scalable and fully-hosted eCommerce platform.


It is an all-in-one solution which provides you with everything you will need to create and run an online store, including hosting, design, content, payment solutions, and marketing tools.


WordPress on the other hand is the most popular content management system (CMS) used by over 34% of all websites online. You can use it to create a content-focused blog, a business website, or even an online store.

另一方面,WordPress是最受欢迎的内容管理系统(CMS),超过34%的所有在线网站都使用WordPress。 您可以使用它来创建以内容为中心的博客商业网站 ,甚至是在线商店

You can now integrate these two powerful platforms together and enjoy the best of both worlds.


Using BigCommerce as your eCommerce plugin in WordPress gives you the following advantages:


  • Smooth content-and-commerce integration: BigCommerce for WordPress lets you enjoy the industry-leading eCommerce capabilities without compromising the powerful content management features of WordPress.流畅的内容和商务集成 :适用于WordPress的BigCommerce可让您享受行业领先的电子商务功能,而不会损害WordPress强大的内容管理功能。
  • Minimum usage of server resources: You can use BigCommerce as your eCommerce backend for things like catalog management, processing payments, and managing fulfillment logistics, and more. This means that your eCommerce store will have minimal impact on your 服务器资源的最低使用率 :您可以将BigCommerce用作您的电子商务后端,用于诸如目录管理,处理付款和管理物流履行等工作。 这意味着您的电子商务商店对WordPress hosting server resources.WordPress托管服务器资源的影响将最小。
  • High scalability: BigCommerce lets you scale your online business without losing speed or uptime. 高可扩展性 :BigCommerce可让您扩展在线业务,而不会损失速度或正常运行时间。
  • Enhanced eCommerce security: BigCommerce takes care of all your eCommerce security needs. It gives you a secure PCI compliant checkout experience.增强的电子商务安全性 :BigCommerce会满足您所有的电子商务安全性需求。 它为您提供安全的,符合PCI的结帐体验。
  • Built-in payment options: You can use popular payment options like PayPal powered by Braintree at the lowest credit-card processing rates.内置付款选项 :您可以以最低的信用卡处理费率使用常用的付款选项,例如由Braintree支持的PayPal。
  • Sell across multiple channels: Each website works as a ‘channel’ in BigCommerce. You can connect a BigCommerce account with multiple WordPress sites (channels), 跨多种渠道销售 :每个网站都在BigCommerce中充当“渠道”。 您可以将BigCommerce帐户与多个WordPress网站(渠道), multi-site network, or social accounts and sell your products.多站点网络或社交帐户相关联,然后销售您的产品。

Wondering how BigCommerce stacks up against WooCommerce? Take a look at our article on BigCommerce vs WooCommerce for a side by side comparison.

想知道BigCommerce如何与WooCommerce对抗? 请看一下我们关于BigCommerce与WooCommerce的文章,以进行并排比较。

With that said, let’s go ahead and see how to create a shopping cart in WordPress with BigCommerce.


BigCommerce入门 (Getting Started with BigCommerce)

First, you need to visit the BigCommerce website and click on the ‘Get Started’ button.


Sign up for BigCommerce

This will bring up a signup form. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

这将显示一个注册表格。 按照屏幕上的说明完成过程。

Sign up for BigCommerce account

Once you have signed up, you’ll reach the BigCommerce dashboard where you will be asked to connect your WordPress website.


BigCommerce dashboard

Your BigCommerce store is now ready, let’s connect it to your WordPress website.


使用BigCommerce在WordPress中创建购物车 (Creating a Shopping Cart in WordPress Using BigCommerce)

First thing you need to do is install and activate the BigCommerce for WordPress plugin. For detailed instructions, see our guide on how to install a WordPress plugin.

您需要做的第一件事是安装并激活BigCommerce for WordPress插件。 有关详细说明,请参阅有关如何安装WordPress插件的指南

Once the plugin is installed and activated, a new navigation menu labeled BigCommerce will be added to your admin panel, and the setup wizard will open. First, it will ask you to connect your account or create a new account.

安装并激活插件后,将在您的管理面板中添加一个名为BigCommerce的新导航菜单,然后将打开安装向导。 首先,它将要求您连接您的帐户或创建一个新帐户。

Connect with BigCommerce Account or Create New Account

Click on the ‘Connect My Account’ button to continue.


This will bring up a popup where you’ll be required to login to your BigCommerce account. After that, you will be asked to confirm that you want the plugin to connect with your BigCommerce account.

这将弹出一个弹出窗口,要求您登录到BigCommerce帐户。 之后,将要求您确认是否要让该插件与您的BigCommerce帐户建立连接。

Confirm BigCommerce connect

Click on the ‘Confirm’ button to continue.


This will close the popup, and you will see a new BigCommerce screen on your WordPress site. From here you need to set up BigCommerce for WordPress.

这将关闭弹出窗口,并且您将在WordPress站点上看到一个新的BigCommerce屏幕。 在这里,您需要为WordPress设置BigCommerce。

Set Up a Channel for WordPress Site in BIgCommerce

Enter a channel name, select an automatic listing option, and click on the Continue button. If you choose ‘Yes, automatically list new BigCommerce products on this channel’, all new products will automatically sync and appear on your WordPress site.

输入频道名称,选择自动列表选项,然后单击继续按钮。 如果选择“是,在此频道上自动列出新的BigCommerce产品”,则所有新产品将自动同步并显示在WordPress网站上。

On the next screen, you can choose how you want to use BigCommerce for WordPress. You can select ‘Full Featured Store’ if you’re going to transform your WordPress site into a full-fledged store. Alternatively you can choose ‘Simple Blogging’ if you only want to add a shopping cart page in your blog. The Simple Blogging mode also allows you to add individual products into posts and pages.

在下一个屏幕上,您可以选择对WordPress使用BigCommerce的方式。 如果要将WordPress网站转变为成熟的商店,则可以选择“全功能商店”。 另外,如果您只想在博客中添加购物车页面,则可以选择“简单博客”。 “简单博客”模式还允许您将单个产品添加到帖子和页面中。

Choose How You Want to BigCommerce for WordPress

Next, you will see the BigCommerce Settings page on your screen. It includes all the settings you can configure from your WordPress dashboard.

接下来,您将在屏幕上看到BigCommerce设置页面。 它包括您可以从WordPress仪表板配置的所有设置。

BIgCommerce for WordPress Settings

First, it will sync your BigCommerce products automatically depending on the option you chose in the earlier step. In the screenshot above, the plugin is syncing all of our sample products.

首先,它将根据您在上一步中选择的选项自动同步您的BigCommerce产品。 在上面的屏幕截图中,该插件正在同步我们所有的示例产品。

The first option in your WordPress BigCommerce is Product Sync. You can click on it to choose the sync frequency, automatic listing, and import batch size.

WordPress BigCommerce中的第一个选项是Product Sync。 您可以单击它来选择同步频率,自动列出和导入批处理大小。

BigCommerce for WordPress Product Sync Options

Next, you can configure Cart and Checkout options. Simply check the Enable Cart option to allow your users to add products to the cart. You can also enable embedded checkout if you want to show checkout form in WordPress.

接下来,您可以配置购物车和结帐选项。 只需选中“启用购物车”选项,以允许您的用户将产品添加到购物车。 如果要在WordPress中显示结帐表格,也可以启用嵌入式结帐。

BIgCommerce for WordPress Cart and Checkout Options

As shown in the screenshot above, the cart page is selected by default. It is because the plugin automatically creates required pages, including the cart page during the setup process.

如上面的屏幕快照所示,默认情况下选择购物车页面。 这是因为插件会在创建过程中自动创建所需的页面,包括购物车页面。

You can view the default pages by going to Pages » All Pages from your dashboard.


BigCommerce for WordPress Default Pages

Next, you can see Gift Certificate Settings. You can enable gift certificates if you want to let your users purchase gift certificates for store credit.

接下来,您可以看到“礼品证书设置”。 如果要让用户购买礼品券以获取商店信用,则可以启用礼品券。

BigCommerce for WordPress Gift Certificates Settings

The Currency Settings let you see the default currency, and price display option, including or excluding tax.


BigCommerce for WordPress Currency Settings

Next, you will see Account and Registration settings. Login page, account profile page, an order history page, and other important pages are selected by default. You can add a support email as well.

接下来,您将看到帐户和注册设置。 默认情况下,选择登录页面,帐户配置文件页面,订单历史记录页面和其他重要页面。 您也可以添加支持电子邮件。

BigCommerce for WordPress Account and Registration Settings

There are more options for Analytics settings, product reviews, API credentials, channel, and diagnostics. You can configure them now or skip them to set up later.

Google Analytics(分析)设置,产品评论,API凭据,渠道和诊断还有更多选项。 您可以立即配置它们,也可以跳过它们以稍后进行设置。

BIgCommerce for WordPress Analytics and Other Settings

After that, don’t forget to click on the ‘Save Changes’ button at the top right corner.


Save Settings BigCommerce for WordPress

Now you can go to BigCommerce » Products to view the sample products added to your website by default.


BigCommerce Sample Products in WordPress dashboard

You can also preview your Products page in the frontend by clicking on the ‘View Products’ link at the top.


View BigCommerce Products in WordPress

Here’s how your BigCommerce shopping cart would look in WordPress with the default Twenty Nineteen theme.


Shopping Cart in WordPress with BigCommerce

在BigCommerce中管理产品 (Managing Your Products in BigCommerce)

The account that we created above is a free trial account with sample products. So the next step is to configure your store settings and add real products in BigCommerce.

我们在上面创建的帐户是带有示例产品的免费试用帐户。 因此,下一步是配置商店设置并在BigCommerce中添加真实产品。

1. Adding Products to Your BigCommerce Store


You can add and manage your BigCommerce products from the Products menu. There you will see the sample products added to your store by default.

您可以从“产品”菜单添加和管理BigCommerce产品。 在那里,您将看到默认情况下添加到商店的示例产品。

BigCommerce Products Page

You can delete or replace these products with your actual product details. To add new products, click on the ‘Add’ button at the top.

您可以使用实际产品详细信息删除或替换这些产品。 要添加新产品,请点击顶部的“添加”按钮。

Add New Products to BigCommerce Store

Add the name of your product, price, tax details, choose product categories, product type, and more information. You can also add the product description, shipping details, and availability options from the sections below.

添加产品名称,价格,税收详细信息,选择产品类别,产品类型以及更多信息。 您还可以从以下各节中添加产品说明,运输详细信息和可用性选项。

Once done, save your product. After that, you can add your product images and videos by clicking on the Images & Videos link.

完成后,保存您的产品。 之后,您可以通过单击“图像和视频”链接来添加产品图像和视频。

Add Product Images to BigCommerce Store

Similarly, you can review more options like Inventory, Options & SKUs, Custom Fields, etc. from the options on the top. Once done, don’t forget to save your product.

同样,您可以从顶部的选项中查看更多选项,例如库存,选项和SKU,自定义字段等。 完成后,别忘了保存您的产品。

The Products menu also lets you import or export products, manage product categories, product filtering, brands, Product SKUs, etc.


Once you add new products, categories, brands, etc. in your BigCommerce store, they will be automatically synced to your WordPress site.


2. Setting Up Payment Options


BigCommerce has built-in payment options. Visit Store Setup » Payments to configure your payment settings.

BigCommerce具有内置的付款选项。 访问商店设置»付款以配置您的付款设置。

BigCommerce Payment Settings

You can quickly set up PayPal, credit cards, offline payment methods like bank deposit, other online payment methods like 2Checkout, Amazon Pay, and also set up digital wallets.

您可以快速设置PayPal,信用卡,离线支付方式(如银行存款),其他在线支付方式(如2Checkout,Amazon Pay),还可以设置数字钱包。

3. Select a Plan and Upgrade Your BigCommerce Account


BigCommerce is primarily a paid platform for building online stores. The free trial version expires in 15 days, so you should upgrade your account before it expires.

BigCommerce主要是用于建立在线商店的付费平台。 免费试用版将在15天后过期,因此您应在帐户过期之前对其进行升级。

Go to the ‘Select a Plan’ button at the top right corner and click on that.


Select a BigCommerce Plan

After that, you will see the available pricing options.


BigCommerce Pricing

The BigCommerce Standard plan is available for $29.95 per month.

BigCommerce Standard计划每月收费29.95美元。

在您的WordPress网站中显示您的BigCommerce产品 (Displaying Your BigCommerce Products in Your WordPress Site)

Now that you have added products and set up the store options in BigCommerce, you can display products in your WordPress site and start selling.


There are multiple ways you can add your BigCommerce products to your WordPress site. We will show you two of the easiest methods below.

您可以通过多种方式将BigCommerce产品添加到WordPress网站。 我们将在下面为您展示两种最简单的方法。

1. Add Your Products Page to Menu


The easiest way to show your BigCommerce products page in WordPress is by adding the page to your WordPress menu. Visit Appearance » Menus and create a new menu.

在WordPress中显示BigCommerce产品页面的最简单方法是将页面添加到WordPress菜单中。 访问外观»菜单,然后创建一个新菜单。

Create a New Menu in WordPress

For detailed instructions, see our beginner’s guide on how to add a navigation menu to WordPress.


After that, you can click on the Custom Links option and enter your Products listing page URL.


You can find this page by going to BigCommerce » Products » View Products from your dashboard. The page URL usually is your domain name with /products/ at the end. For example, http://example.com/products/.

您可以转到BigCommerce»产品»从仪表板查看产品来找到此页面。 页面URL通常是您的域名,后跟/ products /。 例如,http://example.com/products/。

Add a Custom Link to WordPress Menu

Next, enter a link text, and click ‘Add to Menu’ button. You can also add the Cart page to the menu.

接下来,输入链接文本,然后单击“添加到菜单”按钮。 您也可以将“购物车”页面添加到菜单。

After that, select Display location for your menu and save the menu.


Save Your WordPress Menu

Once done, visit your website to see new menu items in action.


WordPress Primary Menu Demo

2. Embed Your Products to Your Posts in WordPress


Another simple way to add your BigCommerce products to your WordPress blog is to embed individual products in posts and pages.


This approach is more suitable when you only have a couple of products, and you want to add them to your landing pages or blog posts.


Open your WordPress post editor and click on the Add New Block icon. After that, you can select the BigCommerce Products block.

打开WordPress帖子编辑器,然后单击“添加新块”图标。 之后,您可以选择BigCommerce产品模块。

Add BIgCommerce Products Block to Your Post

Once done, your BigCommerce store products will appear in your post editing area.


BigCommerce Products List in WordPress Post

You can customize your block, add content, and publish your post.


最后的想法 (Final Thoughts)

BigCommerce is an excellent eCommerce platform for WordPress, and a powerful alternative for WooCommerce.


Often users ask us to compare BigCommerce with Shopify, and in our eyes BigCommerce is a better platform because it provides a robust integration with WordPress whereas Shopify does not.


However for full WordPress integration, WooCommerce is our go-to pick. You can see our step by step tutorial on how to start an online store in WordPress for more details.

但是,对于完整的WordPress集成,WooCommerce是我们的首选。 您可以查看有关如何在WordPress中启动在线商店的分步教程, 了解更多详细信息。

We hope this article helped you learn how to create a shopping cart in WordPress with BigCommerce. You may also want to see our guide on the best email marketing services and the best WordPress plugins for business websites.

我们希望本文能帮助您学习如何使用BigCommerce在WordPress中创建购物车。 您可能还希望查看有关最佳电子邮件营销服务和适用于商业网站的最佳WordPress插件的指南。

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