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ThinkPad Yoga, X1 Carbon Touch, and Yoga 2 Pro all together

I'm a big Lenovo fan and have used Thinkpads nearly exclusively since my first T60p. I'm using an first-gen X1 Carbon Touch as my main on the go machine these days. I've also tried using a Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro but had a little trouble with its extremely high-dpi display, although the build quality of the hardware is amazing.

我是联想的忠实拥护者,自从我第一次使用T60p以来,几乎完全使用过Thinkpad。 这些天,我在旅途中使用第一代X1 Carbon Touch作为我的主要工具。 我还尝试过使用Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro,但是其极高的dpi显示屏有点麻烦,尽管硬件的构造质量令人惊叹。

I'm also trying out a loaner of a ThinkPad Yoga. What's the difference between the ThinkPad Yoga and the regular Yoga or Yoga 2 Pro? I think of the ThinkPad line, and this Yoga, as a business laptop. It has a TPM which is essential for Bitlocker encryption and VPN/DirectAccess without a Smartcard. Both very similar specs otherwise aside from the Yoga 2 Pro's super-high-res 3200x1800 screen.

我也在尝试ThinkPad Yoga的借款人。 ThinkPad Yoga和常规Yoga或Yoga 2 Pro之间有什么区别? 我认为ThinkPad系列产品和这款Yoga都是商务笔记本电脑。 它具有TPM,对于没有智能卡的Bitlocker加密和VPN / DirectAccess是必不可少的。 除了Yoga 2 Pro的超高分辨率3200x1800屏幕外,这两个规格非常相似。

Battery life on all these is reasonable, but not truly all-day long epic. You can get 6 hours on any of them, you just need to be thoughtful about what you are doing. Turn down brightness, use power plans smartly, and you're cool.

所有这些的续航时间都是合理的,但并不是一整天的史诗。 您可以在其中任何一个上得到6个小时的时间,您只需要考虑自己在做什么。 调低亮度,明智地使用电源计划,您会很酷。

Frankly, the battery life Haswell brought us hasn't been as life-changing as has been the "RapidCharge" feature on the X1 Carbon Touch. A 30 min layover at an airport can get me almost 80% of my battery back. THAT is a feature that has changed how I work.

坦率地说,Haswell带给我们的电池续航能力没有X1 Carbon Touch的“ RapidCharge”功能那样改变生活。 在机场停留30分钟可以为我节省近80%的电池电量。 这项功能改变了我的工作方式。

联想ThinkPad Yoga (Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga)

Yoga means the laptop is also a convertible and bends into a tent or a tablet. This is the consumer Yoga. My Mom and my wife both chose and use this model, coincidentally.

瑜伽意味着笔记本电脑也是可变形的,可以弯曲成帐篷或平板电脑。 这就是消费者的瑜伽。 巧合的是,我妈妈和妻子都选择并使用了这种模式。

  • The ThinkPad Yoga has your choice of processor from a 4th Gen Intel i3 up to a to an i7-4600U at 3.3GHz.

    ThinkPad Yoga可以选择处理器,从第四代Intel i3到3.3GHz的i7-4600U。
  • You can get the rather low-res touch-enabled 1366x768 screen or the near-deal touch and pen (with a pen you can store in the device!) 1920x1080 screen. Get the 1080p one, I say.

    您可以获得分辨率较低的支持触摸的1366x768屏幕或接近交易的触摸和笔(可以使用笔存储在设备中!)1920x1080屏幕。 我说是1080p的。
  • This one uses mini-HDMI for its video out.


联想IdeaPad Yoga 2 Pro (Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 2 Pro)

The Yoga 2 Pro has more options to build out but does top out on the processor side earlier.

Yoga 2 Pro有更多选择可以扩展,但确实可以在处理器端达到最高。

  • The Yoga 2 Pro can also clock to up to an i7-4500U at 1.8Ghz.

    Yoga 2 Pro还可以高达1.8Ghz的频率运行i7-4500U。

    • Update: the clock speed for the 4500U is 1.8 and it's Max Turbo Frequency is 3.0.

      更新: 4500U的时钟速度为1.8,最大Turbo频率为3.0。

  • It has a fantastic 13.3" QHD+ 32001800 screen.

    它具有出色的13.3英寸QHD + 32001800屏幕。
  • Micro HDMI video output.

    Micro HDMI视频输出。

    • This was and remains the one totally unacceptable spec for me. As I present a lot, this connector is useless. It's too small, too weak, too unreliable, and too wonky. It only took three presentations before it broke. I don't blame Lenovo, I blame the connector and its spec. If you aren't going to use video out, don't sweat it at all. But if you are presenting daily, NEVER buy a laptop with micro HDMI. It will let you down.

      对于我来说,这曾经是而且仍然是完全不可接受的规范。 据我介绍,这个连接器没有用。 它太小,太弱,太不可靠且太古怪。 破产前只进行了三场演讲。 我不怪联想,我怪连接器及其规格。 如果您不打算使用视频,请不要汗流it背。 但是,如果您每天出席会议,则永远不要购买带有微型HDMI的笔记本电脑。 它会让你失望的。

联想ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch (Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch)

I own and love the first generation X1. I'd really like to get my hands on the new one and its controversial keyboard and compare the two.

我拥有并喜欢第一代X1 。 我真的很想尝试新的键盘及其有争议的键盘,并进行比较。

The X1 isn't a Yoga and while it does bend to flat and it does have a great touch-screen, it is NOT a tablet.


  • The X1 has goes from 4th Gen Intel i3 up to a to an i7-4600U at 2.1GHz.

    X1已从第四代Intel i3升级到2.1GHz的i7-4600U。

    • Update: the clock speed for the 4600U is 2.1 and it's Max Turbo Frequency is 3.3.

      更新: 4600U的时钟速度为2.1,最大Turbo频率为3.3。

  • Mine has a 1600x900 screen but you can now get up to QHD 2560x1440. This isn't as high as the Yoga 2 but when setting Windows at 150% it works nicely. If you have decent eyes you can avoid any high-dpi issues and just run at 100%.

    我的屏幕为1600x900,但您现在可以设置为QHD 2560x1440。 这不如Yoga 2高,但是将Windows设置为150%时,效果很好。 如果您的眼睛不错,则可以避免出现任何高dpi的问题,并以100%的速度运行。
  • The Mini DP Connector is great. I've never had an issue connecting to a projector with this laptop.

    Mini DP连接器很棒。 我从未遇到过使用此笔记本电脑连接投影仪的问题。

旅行时需要考虑的事情 (Things you need to consider if you travel )

We can talk specs all day and you can dig into them if you like. Needless to say, they are fast, they have SSDs and you can get up to 8gig of RAM. Here's some things you may not have thought about when looking at an Ultrabook.

我们可以全天讨论规格,如果您愿意,可以深入研究它们。 不用说,它们速度很快,它们具有SSD,您最多可以获得8gig的RAM。 在看一本Ultrabook时,您可能没有想到这些事情。

All Lenovo laptops are thin and light

These are all small and all around 3lbs. The Yoga 2 Pro is the sleekest and the most outwardly attractive. The X1 is a close second with its tapered nose. The ThinkPad Yoga is boxy and reliable looking.

这些都很小,大约3磅。 Yoga 2 Pro是最时尚,最吸引人的。 X1的锥形鼻尖紧随其后。 ThinkPad Yoga具有四方形且可靠的外观。

  • What kind of Video Output does it have?


    • You won't get full-sized VGA on 90% of Ultrabooks. It'll be either HDMI, Micro-HDMI (a nightmare), or MiniDP (Mini Display Port.) When in doubt, go MiniDP all the way.

      在90%的Ultrabooks上您不会获得全尺寸VGA。 它将是HDMI,Micro-HDMI(一场噩梦)或MiniDP(迷你显示端口)。如有疑问,请完全使用MiniDP。

  • USB3 vs. USB2


    • Most Ultrabooks have one USB3 connector and one that's USB2. The USB3 one is almost always blue, that's how you can tell. Think about what your requirements are what if you'll need a nice USB adapter. I recommend combination USB3 hubs with included Ethernet. I own one and love it.

      大多数超级本都有一个USB3连接器和一个USB2连接器。 USB3几乎总是蓝色,这就是您可以分辨的。 考虑一下您的要求是什么,如果您需要一个不错的USB适配器。 我建议将USB3集线器与随附的以太网结合使用。 我拥有一个并喜欢它。

  • Will you dock your laptop a lot?


    • If so, consider the new OneLink Pro dock from Lenovo. It's in the ThinkPad line of laptops, so that's the ThinkPad Yoga or the 2nd Gen X1 Carbon Touch. That means one connector gets you power, USB along with 6 (!) ports, 4 of which are USB3. You'll also get DisplayPort up to 2560x1600 and a DVI-I connector.

      如果是这样,请考虑使用Lenovo的新OneLink Pro扩展坞。 它在笔记本电脑的ThinkPad系列中,因此是ThinkPad Yoga或第二代X1 Carbon Touch。 这意味着一个连接器可为您供电,USB带有6个(!)端口,其中4个为USB3。 您还将获得最高2560x1600的DisplayPort和DVI-I连接器。

    • I own the original USB3 dock which uses USB3 and DisplayLink technology to run up to two additional monitors. The video is compressed and you have to plug in both a USB3 connector and the power. It works, and I'm happy with it, but OneLink is a clear improvement.

      我拥有原始的USB3扩展坞,该扩展坞使用USB3和DisplayLink技术运行多达两个附加的监视器。 视频已压缩,您必须插入USB3连接器和电源。 它可以工作,我对此很满意,但是OneLink是一个明显的改进。

琴键 (Keyboards)

I have always loved ThinkPad keyboards. The W520 workhorse has the best laptop keyboard ever, to this day, IMHO. The first generation X1 Carbon Touch is a close second.

我一直很喜欢ThinkPad键盘。 迄今为止,W520是迄今为止最好的笔记本电脑键盘,恕我直言。 第一代X1 Carbon Touch紧随其后。

X1 Carbon Touch Keyboard

The ThinkPad Yoga's keyboard is good, but a few changes like the removal of the insert button from the top row as well as the de-emphasis of the function keys did slow me down for a few days.

ThinkPad Yoga的键盘很不错,但是一些更改(例如从最上面的行中删除插入按钮以及对功能键的不加重操作)使我放慢了几天的时间。

The Yoga also changes the TrackPad a little by making in larger, clickier, and removes the physical buttons for folks who like "The Nub" for their mousing. Note that the buttons are still there, they are just integrated into the top of the TrackPad so your muscle memory doesn't need to change.

瑜伽还通过增大鼠标的喀嗒声来对TrackPad进行一些改动,并为喜欢“ The Nub”的人们移除了物理按钮。 请注意,这些按钮仍然存在,它们只是集成在TrackPad的顶部,因此不需要更改您的肌肉记忆。

ThinkPad Yoga Keyboard

The Yoga 2 Pro keyboard keys don't have the subtle concave shape that the ThinkPad line is known for. The keyboard is nearly flat. It also seemed to show hand grease a little more, although clearly a cloth solves that problem quickly. As a fast touch-typist I'm a little slower on this keyboard but it's certainly reasonable and only took me a few days to adapt. I do prefer the X1, though.

Yoga 2 Pro键盘按键没有ThinkPad系列所闻名的细微凹形。 键盘几乎是扁平的。 尽管一块布可以很快解决该问题,但它似乎还显示出手油脂的一点点。 作为一名快速的打字专家,我在此键盘上的速度稍慢一些,但这当然是合理的,并且只花了我几天时间就适应了。 不过,我确实更喜欢X1。

Yoga 2 Pro Keyboard

决议案 (Resolutions)

I just love 1080p on a 13.3" screen. It's just large enough that it feels roomy but not so big that it's squinty. This collection of three laptops straddles that ideal, though. My wife doesn't see the difference and works on the 768 or 900 machines with no complaint. My wife has a retina one and doesn't appreciate it (or notice its screen). I prefer 1080 or 1800 if I'm doing multiple window website debugging. At 1800p the pixels just disappear.


1366x768 you can see the pixels
1600x900 is a nice compromise
3200x1800 is insane. No pixels to be seen.

终极联想超极本的我的愿望清单 (My Wish List for the Ultimate Lenovo Ultrabook)

This is simple.


  • Micro-HDMI is a failed connector. The industry needs to accept this and stop using it.

    Micro-HDMI连接器故障。 行业需要接受并停止使用它。

    • There is only full-sized HDMI or ideally, MiniDP.  Mini Display Port, in my experience, always works and works well. Adapters are many and plentiful and I always feel comfortable going to a conference with a MiniDP laptop as I know they can handle it.

      只有全尺寸HDMI或理想情况下只有MiniDP。 以我的经验,迷你显示端口始终可以正常工作。 适配器很多而且很多,我一直很高兴使用MiniDP笔记本电脑参加会议,因为我知道他们可以使用它。
  • I want more RAM. Always. Give me a 12 gig Ultrabook, please, Lenovo. That said, these machines have happily run VS, Outlook and two Virtual Machines without complaint.

    我想要更多RAM。 总是。 请给我一台12 gig的Ultrabook。 也就是说,这些计算机可以愉快地运行VS,Outlook和两个虚拟机,而不会产生任何投诉。

      • Anything over 1080p at 13"+ is the sweet spot resolution for me. Retina is nice but Windows 8.1 isn't quite there yet on the desktop. Soon I hope.

        对于我而言,在13“ +分辨率下任何超过1080p的分辨率都是最佳选择。Retina很好,但台式机上还没有Windows 8.1 。我希望很快。

      • A 256 gig SSD is the ideal size for me. 128 is a little cramped for a developer.

        256 gig SSD是我理想的尺寸。 128对于开发人员来说有点局促。
      • #MOARYOGA - The whole Yoga hinge is brilliant.


      Give me an X1 Yoga with the fastest i7, 256G SSD, a Mini DP connector, and a screen that is anything over 1080p and we're cool. You can...

      给我一个X1 Yoga,它配备最快的i7、256G SSD,Mini DP接口和屏幕,分辨率超过1080p,我们很酷。 您可以...

      Shut up and take my money

      Today, I'm happy using the X1 Carbon Touch until I see the new X1. But I really recommend any of these devices if the tech specs and connectors meet your requirements.

      今天,我很高兴使用X1 Carbon Touch,直到看到新的X1。 但是,如果技术规格和连接器满足您的要求,我真的建议使用其中任何一种设备。

      相关链接 (Related Links)

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      赞助商:非常感谢GrapeCity的一个部门ComponentOne本周赞助了该博客。 Studio Enterprise广受欢迎的.NET控件套件包含数百个数据和UI控件,例如网格,图表和报告,这些控件提供了当前和将来应用程序开发所需的功能,特性和支持。 立即下载您的试用版!

      翻译自: https://www.hanselman.com/blog/review-a-tale-of-three-lenovo-laptops-x1-carbon-touch-thinkpad-yoga-ideapad-yoga-2-pro


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