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NVIDIA GPUs power millions of desktops, notebooks, workstations and supercomputers around the world, accelerating computationally-intensive tasks for consumers, professionals, scientists, and researchers.

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  • Learn about Tesla for technical and scientific computing
  • Learn about Quadro for professional visualization

If you have an older NVIDIA GPU you may find it listed on our legacy CUDA GPUs page
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Tesla Data Center Products

GPU Compute Capability
Tesla P100 6.0
Tesla P40 6.1
Tesla P4 6.1
Tesla M40 5.2
Tesla M40 5.2
Tesla K80 3.7
Tesla K40 3.5
Tesla K20 3.5
Tesla K10 3.0



Quadro Mobile Products
GPU Compute Capability
Quadro K6000M 3.0
Quadro M5500M 5.0
Quadro K5200M 3.0
Quadro K5100M 3.0
Quadro M5000M 5.0
Quadro K500M 3.0
Quadro K4200M 3.0
Quadro K4100M 3.0
Quadro M4000M 5.0
Quadro K3100M 3.0
Quadro M3000M 5.0
Quadro K2200M 5.0
Quadro K2100M 3.0
Quadro M2000M 5.0
Quadro K1100M 3.0
Quadro M1000M 5.0
Quadro K620M 5.0
Quadro K610M 3.5
Quadro M600M 5.0
Quadro K510M 3.5
Quadro M500M 5.0


Desktop Products

GPU Compute Capability
NVIDIA NVS 810 5.0
NVIDIA NVS 510 3.0
NVIDIA NVS 315 2.1
NVIDIA NVS 310 2.1


Mobile Products
GPU Compute Capability
NVS 5400M 2.1
NVS 5200M 2.1
NVS 4200M 2.1


5) CUDA-Enabled TEGRA /Jetson Products

GeForce Notebook Products

GPU Compute Capability
GeForce GTX 1080 6.1
GeForce GTX 1070 6.1
GeForce GTX 1060 6.1
GeForce GTX 980 5.2
GeForce GTX 980M 5.2
GeForce GTX 970M 5.2
GeForce GTX 965M 5.2
GeForce GTX 960M 5.0
GeForce GTX 950M 5.0
GeForce 940M 5.0
GeForce 930M 5.0
GeForce 920M 3.5
GeForce 910M 5.2
GeForce GTX 880M 3.0
GeForce GTX 870M 3.0
GeForce GTX 860M 3.0/5.0(**)
GeForce GTX 850M 5.0
GeForce 840M 5.0
GeForce 830M 5.0
GeForce 820M 2.1
GeForce 800M 2.1
GeForce GTX 780M 3.0
GeForce GTX 770M 3.0
GeForce GTX 765M 3.0
GeForce GTX 760M 3.0
GeForce GTX 680MX 3.0
GeForce GTX 680M 3.0
GeForce GTX 675MX 3.0
GeForce GTX 675M 2.1
GeForce GTX 670MX 3.0
GeForce GTX 670M 2.1
GeForce GTX 660M 3.0
GeForce GT 750M 3.0
GeForce GT 650M 3.0
GeForce GT 745M 3.0
GeForce GT 645M 3.0
GeForce GT 740M 3.0
GeForce GT 730M 3.0
GeForce GT 640M 3.0
GeForce GT 640M LE 3.0
GeForce GT 735M 3.0
GeForce GT 635M 2.1
GeForce GT 730M 3.0
GeForce GT 630M 2.1
GeForce GT 625M 2.1
GeForce GT 720M 2.1
GeForce GT 620M 2.1
GeForce 710M 2.1
GeForce 705M 2.1
GeForce 610M 2.1
GeForce GTX 580M 2.1
GeForce GTX 570M 2.1
GeForce GTX 560M 2.1
GeForce GT 555M 2.1
GeForce GT 550M 2.1
GeForce GT 540M 2.1
GeForce GT 525M 2.1
GeForce GT 520MX 2.1
GeForce GT 520M 2.1
GeForce GTX 485M 2.1
GeForce GTX 470M 2.1
GeForce GTX 460M 2.1
GeForce GT 445M 2.1
GeForce GT 435M 2.1
GeForce GT 420M 2.1
GeForce GT 415M 2.1
GeForce GTX 480M 2.0
GeForce 710M 2.1
GeForce 410M 2.1


6) Tegra Mobile & Jetson Products

Tegra Mobile & Jetson Products

GPU Compute Capability
Jetson TX1 5.3
Jetson TK1 3.2
Tegra X1 5.3
Tegra K1 3.2


(*) OEM-only products

(**) The GeForce GTX860 and GTX870 come in two versions depending on the SKU, please check with your OEM to determine which one is in your system.

  1. 1152 Kepler Cores with Compute Capability 3.0
  2. 640 Maxwell Cores with higher clocks and Compute Capability 5.0 or 5.2

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How can I find out which GPU is in my computer?

On Windows computers:

  1. Right-click on desktop
  2. If you see "NVIDIA Control Panel" or "NVIDIA Display" in the pop-up window, you have an NVIDIA GPU
  3. Click on "NVIDIA Control Panel" or "NVIDIA Display" in the pop-up window
  4. Look at "Graphics Card Information"
  5. You will see the name of your NVIDIA GPU

On Apple computers:

  1. Click on "Apple Menu"
  2. Click on "About this Mac"
  3. Click on "More Info"
  4. Select "Graphics/Displays" under Contents list
2) Do I have a CUDA-enabled GPU in my computer?
Answer: Check the list above to see if your GPU is on it. If it is, it means your computer has a modern GPU that can take advantage of CUDA-accelerated applications.
3) How do I know if I have the latest drivers?
Answer: Go to www.nvidia.com/drivers
4) How can I obtain a CUDA-enabled GPU or system?
For Tesla for HPC and supercomputing applications, go to www.nvidia.com/object/tesla_wtb.html
For GeForce for entertainment, go to www.nvidia.com/object/geforce_family.html
For Quadro for professional visualization, go to www.nvidia.com/object/workstation_wheretobuy.html
5) How can I download the CUDA software development kit?
Answer: Go to CUDA Development Tools.