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翻译 python 语义理解_python列表理解

python 语义理解 Python列表终极指南! (Python List Ultimate Guide!)List Comprehension is one of the most powerful features available in dealing with Python lists. This feature is already at your fingertips. No n...

2020-09-24 01:38:16 313

翻译 python石头剪刀布游戏_在python3中构建剪刀石头布游戏

python石头剪刀布游戏In this article, I will be showing you step by step how to make a full python rock-paper-scissor game easily. I won’t be using any hard ways so even beginners can understand how it works....

2020-09-24 01:27:20 569

翻译 python中阶乘怎么表示_Python中阶乘的记忆

python中阶乘怎么表示I am currently working on an article about calculating sines and cosines using Taylor Polynomials. These make heavy use of factorials so I started thinking about ways to streamline the pr...

2020-09-24 01:16:59 3309

翻译 重构 灾难_漂亮的pythonic重构

重构 灾难Lately, I’ve been coding with Python and building my own small programs and utilities. After building a successful simple timer and calculator I got to wondering, “is my code in the simplest most...

2020-09-24 01:06:15 88

翻译 你的句子应该多久

Writers like to write. Shocking, I know. But how much are we supposed to write before people lose interest? 作家喜欢写作。 令人震惊,我知道。 但是在人们失去兴趣之前,我们应该写多少? To write is to translate the billions of interelated...

2020-09-24 00:55:20 968

翻译 shellcode编写入门_编写解析器入门

shellcode编写入门This article discusses a simple approach to implement a handwritten parser from scratch and some fundamentals associated with it. This focuses more on explaining the practical aspects of ...

2020-09-24 00:44:25 180

翻译 感知机 pdf_开发结构感知的pdf解析器

感知机 pdfThis article introduces briefly a PDF parsing library named pdfstructure that I am currently developing. The library attempts to capture the original document hierarchy and to make the relation...

2020-09-24 00:34:50 189

翻译 Elasticsearch开发人员基础

Elasticsearch has been used more and more in the software engineering, data and DevOps fields. In this post I will write about the basics of elasticsearch from developer perspective. E lasticsearch已在软...

2020-09-24 00:24:50 84

翻译 彩信猫 发送彩信失败_在彩信上为人类摆姿势

彩信猫 发送彩信失败Today, training and running ML models on a local or remote machine is not a big deal as there are different frameworks and tools with lots of tutorials that enable you to get some decent res...

2020-09-24 00:14:06 168

翻译 julia在mac环境变量_Julia的变量和类型

julia在mac环境变量A brief introduction to Julia’s variables and types. Julia的变量和类型的简要介绍。 This is part 4 of the Julia Tutorials (a series of tutorials on Julia). If you are not familiar with Julia’s REPL, ...

2020-09-24 00:03:11 222

翻译 扫描功能代码编写_干净的代码编写功能或方法

扫描功能代码编写This article is the second of a clean code series, you can find the first part about Clean Code Naming Conventions. Let’s jump in and learn how to code clean functions! 本文是简洁代码系列的第二篇,您可以找到关于简洁...

2020-09-23 23:52:40 447

翻译 医生和程序员 哪个更好_你正在成为一个更好的程序员吗

医生和程序员 哪个更好I received an interesting question from a reader recently. He wanted to know how you can tell if you’re making progress as a programmer. 我最近收到一个读者的有趣问题。 他想知道如何判断您是否正在以程序员的身份取得进步。 It’s a gr...

2020-09-23 23:43:27 542

翻译 telegram bot_使用python第2部分使用Telegram bot管理Azure实例

telegram botWelcome to Part 2 of Managing Azure Instances with Telegram Bot using Python. If you haven’t read the previous article, you may read it here. w ^迎阅读与使用Python电报博特管理Azure的实例的第2部分。 如果您尚未阅读上一篇...

2020-09-23 23:34:05 449

翻译 绿盟waf负载均衡_天蓝色前门5级负载均衡器WAF内容缓存

绿盟waf负载均衡Azure front door provides comprehensive tools for managing the load balancing between the different back-end services, along with integrated web application firewall policies, session affinit...

2020-09-23 23:23:11 417

翻译 谷歌面试官 java面试_Google的面试教给我有关如何处理拒绝的知识

谷歌面试官 java面试There are tons of success stories about how people have prepared and cracked interviews at top tech firms like Google, Facebook, and Amazon. However, hidden behind these success stories ar...

2020-09-23 23:13:14 310

翻译 程序员 写作_如何经常写作可以使您成为更好的程序员

程序员 写作I’ve been coding professionally for around 5 years now and I’ve continued to work on my writing for more or less the same amount of time, although in a much smaller capacity. In this time, I’ve ...

2020-09-23 23:04:03 94

翻译 kubernetes 集群_kubernetes虚拟集群作为开发环境

kubernetes 集群Kubernetes has matured so much recently that it even expanded beyond its original space as operations technology. So, also at least 1.7 million developers are already using Kubernetes as ...

2020-09-23 22:53:34 181

翻译 aws aurora_AWS Aurora Postgres上的活动活动数据库

aws aurora 背景 (Background)As per Murphy’s law “Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong” . Hence after chasing 100% availability target, our next goal should always be to minimize MTTD and MTTR. Active/a...

2020-09-23 22:43:03 177

翻译 蝰蛇音效音效包_用数据科学分析音效迷艺术

蝰蛇音效音效包The Sonic fandom has achieved a level of notoriety that few fandoms on the Internet enjoy. The art is known for being distorted, disturbing and in many cases, explicit. In my latest Youtube vid...

2020-09-23 22:32:24 458

翻译 熊猫icon_关于熊猫的十件事

熊猫iconPandas is the definitive library for performing data analysis with Python. It was originally developed by a company called AQR Capital Management but was open-sourced for general use in 2009. Pa...

2020-09-23 22:23:14 197

翻译 kafka版本变化_使用debezium和kafka流分析变化

kafka版本变化Change Data Capture (CDC) is an excellent way to introduce streaming analytics into your existing database, and using Debezium enables you to send your change data through Apache Kafka®. Alth...

2020-09-23 22:13:14 467

翻译 rspec 测试页面元素_用rspec测试

rspec 测试页面元素First, a little on the subject of Test-Driven Development or TDD. It is a recursive process by which we write code, test code, and repeat. In the words of Kent Beck, author of “Test-Driven...

2020-09-23 22:02:47 208

翻译 如何抛弃excel入门python

Excel is, was, and will be an excellent tool forever. Its ingenuity is awe-inspiring and elegance surpasses that of Bella Hadid. Since python has been around, it has become hard to ignore the ease and...

2020-09-23 21:52:54 80

翻译 saas erp权限设计_saas应用程序的设计权限

saas erp权限设计For many SaaS applications, product designers need to design permission systems because of the concern of privacy and safety of data, or in order to make it more efficient and relevant for...

2020-09-23 21:43:48 707

翻译 linux bash技巧_您每天可以使用的6种bash技巧

linux bash技巧Nothing defeats your Linux street cred faster than using a GUI to do basic tasks. Everyone knows the command line can be super productive for many tasks, but if you know a few simple trick...

2020-09-23 21:34:44 250

翻译 可靠性建模 编程_编程软件可靠技术

可靠性建模 编程By Rhea Moutafis 瑞亚·穆塔菲斯(Rhea Moutafis) Originally published on Aug. 25, 2020, on Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Enterprise.nxt, publishing insights about the future of technology. 最初于2020年8月25...

2020-09-23 21:25:25 391

翻译 ruby 生成哈希值_为什么使用默认值的Ruby哈希值很危险

ruby 生成哈希值Ruby hashes are simple yet powerful data structures every Ruby-developer uses about ten times a day. Setting default values with the Hash.new constructor feels intuitive and makes developers...

2020-09-23 21:15:15 84

翻译 c语言库函数 转化为hal_nas航天飞机计划第1部分中使用的Hal语言

c语言库函数 转化为halHAL/S (High-order Assembly Language/Shuttle) is a programming language developed for NASA in the early 1970s by Intermetrics. HAL/S is regarded as one of the then real-time, high-level pr...

2020-09-23 21:04:29 450

翻译 学习编程语言的最好方法_学习编程的最佳方法是什么

学习编程语言的最好方法If you were to ask a developers what the best way to learn programming is, you’d probably difference answers from different people. One guy will confidently say you have to start building r...

2020-09-23 20:53:34 99

翻译 程序员的职业发展道路_超过9 5,作为程序员的职业道路最适合您

程序员的职业发展道路Traditional employment is not the only route you can take as a programmer. Whether you’re looking to add sources of income while keeping your day job or find that 9–5 jobs are just not your ...

2020-09-23 20:42:50 157

翻译 系统冷启动与推荐系统_如何建立推荐系统

系统冷启动与推荐系统Move over GoodReads! There’s a disruptor in town, known as PO-REC, your friendly neighborhood poem-recommending robot. (Just kidding, GoodReads. Feel free to make PO-REC an offer). 移到GoodRea...

2020-09-23 20:33:26 119

翻译 python中的levenshtein字距

I recently wrote an implementation of the Soundex Algorithm which attempts to assign the same encoding to words which are pronounced the same but spelled differently. In this post I’ll cover the Leven...

2020-09-23 20:24:04 180

翻译 stl有多少个函数_每个程序员都应该知道的重要stl函数

stl有多少个函数std::sort() std :: sort() Sorts the array in ascending order. Takes two pointers as parameters, start pointer and the end pointer to the array to be sorted. 以升序对数组排序。 将两个指针作为参数,分别指向要排序的数组的开始...

2020-09-23 20:13:30 88

翻译 云计算三种服务_5种云计算服务

云计算三种服务My own cloud computing crash course. 我自己的云计算速成班。 Someone once told me: “If you still download your data, you’re not in 2020.” 曾经有人告诉我:“如果仍然下载数据,那么您将不在2020年。” For those who don’t know, this me...

2020-09-23 20:02:55 2649

翻译 托管服务器ip绑定域名_无限的免费托管和域名

托管服务器ip绑定域名Having a web profile is cool, right? It stays online for anyone to see and sharing it with anyone is just so easy. You can share your work or portfolio in just one web address. 拥有个人资料很酷,对吧?...

2020-09-23 19:53:47 312

翻译 raspberrypi依赖_在raspberrypi kubernetes集群上的cockroachdb

raspberrypi依赖Raspberry Pi 4s now have 64 bits ARM processors and 2, 4, and up to 8GB of RAM. This made them, at least for me, quite interesting to build a local Kubernetes (K8s) cluster to play with. ...

2020-09-23 19:43:30 118

翻译 静态页面css_从静态到动态CSS值

静态页面cssWhile working on a Google Chrome extension, I found myself in need of a toggle switch. These are the little guys you’ll most commonly see on your phone or tablet to enable/disable things. 在使用Go...

2020-09-23 19:34:26 301

翻译 数据结构基础系列_数据结构基础

数据结构基础系列I recently graduated from a coding bootcamp. By the end, I now feel comfortable creating a web application from ideation through to completion. However, I know that there are gaps in my knowle...

2020-09-23 19:25:14 95

翻译 python函数参数定义_python函数定义中的5种参数

python函数参数定义 Python函数定义中的5种参数类型: (5 Types of Arguments in Python Function Definition:)default arguments default arguments keyword arguments keyword arguments positional arguments positional argumen...

2020-09-23 19:15:13 1769

翻译 bootstrap 5教程学习如何在没有jquery的情况下开始使用

About one month ago we found out that the first version of Bootstrap 5 alpha has been officially released with some of the most important changes being removing jQuery as a dependency, dropping suppor...

2020-09-23 19:04:22 3065



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