SLAM 数据集

SLAM benchmarking. 
•KITTI SLAM dataset.
包括 单目视觉 ,双目视觉, velodyne, POS 轨迹 
•OpenSLAM . 
•CMU Visual Localization Data Set: 
Dataset collected using the Navlab 11 equipped with IMU, GPS, Lidars and cameras. 
•NYU RGB-D Dataset: 
Indoor dataset captured with a Microsoft Kinect that provides semantic labels. 
•TUM RGB-D Dataset: 
Indoor dataset captured with Microsoft Kinect and high-accuracy motion capturing. 
•New College Dataset: 
30 GB of data for 6 D.O.F. navigation and mapping (metric or topological) using vision and/or laser. 
•The Rawseeds Project: 
Indoor and outdoor datasets with GPS, odometry, stereo, omnicam and laser measurements for visual, laser-based, omnidirectional, sonar and multi-sensor SLAM evaluation. 
•Victoria Park Sequence: 
Widely used sequence for evaluating laser-based SLAM. Trees serve as landmarks, detection code is included. 
•Malaga Dataset 2009 and Malaga Dataset 2013: 
Dataset with GPS, Cameras and 3D laser information, recorded in the city of Malaga, Spain. 
•Ford Campus Vision and Lidar Dataset: 
Dataset collected by a Ford F-250 pickup, equipped with IMU, Velodyne and Ladybug.

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