《Learning OpenCV3》——第五章 大型数据操作

第五章 大型数据操作



cv::abs()Return absolute value of all elements in an array
cv::absdiff()Return absolute value of differences between two arrays
cv::add()Perform element-wise addition of two arrays
cv::addWeighted()Perform element-wise weighted addition of two arrays (alpha blending)
cv::bitwise_and()Compute element-wise bit-level AND of two arrays
cv::bitwise_not()Compute element-wise bit-level NOT of two arrays
cv::bitwise_or()Compute element-wise bit-level OR of two arrays
cv::bitwise_xor()Compute element-wise bit-level XOR of two arrays
cv::calcCovarMatrix()Compute covariance of a set of n-dimensional vectors
cv::cartToPolar()Compute angle and magnitude from a two-dimensional vector field
cv::checkRange()Check array for invalid values
cv::compare()Apply selected comparison operator to all elements in two arrays
cv::completeSymm()Symmetrize matrix by copying elements from one half to the other
cv::convertScaleAbs()Scale array, take absolute value, then convert to 8-bit unsigned
cv::countNonZero()Count nonzero elements in an array
cv::arrToMat()Convert pre–version 2.1 array types to cv::Mat
cv::dct()Compute discrete cosine transform of array
cv::determinant()Compute determinant of a square matrix
cv::dft()Compute discrete Fourier transform of array
cv::divide()Perform element-wise division of one array by another
cv::eigen()Compute eigenvalues and eigenvectors of a square matrix
cv::exp()Perform element-wise exponentiation of array
cv::extractImageCOI()Extract single channel from pre–version 2.1 array type
cv::flip()Flip an array about a selected axis
cv::gemm()Perform generalized matrix multiplication
cv::getConvertElem()Get a single-pixel type conversion function
cv::getConvertScaleElem()Get a single-pixel type conversion and scale function
cv::idct()Compute inverse discrete cosine transform of array
cv::idft()Compute inverse discrete Fourier transform of array
cv::inRange()Test if elements of an array are within values of two other arrays
cv::invert()Invert a square matrix
cv::log()Compute element-wise natural log of array
cv::magnitude()Compute magnitudes from a two-dimensional vector field
cv::LUT()Convert array to indices of a lookup table
cv::Mahalanobis()Compute Mahalanobis distance between two vectors
cv::max()Compute element-wise maxima between two arrays
cv::mean()Compute the average of the array elements
cv::meanStdDev()Compute the average and standard deviation of the array elements
cv::merge()Merge several single-channel arrays into one multichannel array
cv::min()Compute element-wise minima between two arrays
cv::minMaxLoc()Find minimum and maximum values in an array
cv::mixChannels()Shuffle channels from input arrays to output arrays
cv::mulSpectrums()Compute element-wise multiplication of two Fourier spectra
cv::multiply()Perform element-wise multiplication of two arrays
cv::mulTransposed()Calculate matrix product of one array
cv::norm()Compute normalized correlations between two arrays
cv::normalize()Normalize elements in an array to some value
cv::perspectiveTransform()Perform perspective matrix transform of a list of vectors
cv::phase()Compute orientations from a two-dimensional vector field
cv::polarToCart()Compute two-dimensional vector field from angles and magnitudes
cv::pow()Raise every element of an array to a given power
cv::randu()Fill a given array with uniformly distributed random numbers
cv::randn()Fill a given array with normally distributed random numbers
cv::randShuffle()Randomly shuffle array elements
cv::reduce()Reduce a two-dimensional array to a vector by a given operation
cv::repeat()Tile the contents of one array into another
cv::saturate_cast<>()Convert primitive types (template function)
cv::scaleAdd()Compute element-wise sum of two arrays with optional scaling of the first
cv::setIdentity()Set all elements of an array to 1 for the diagonal and 0 otherwise
cv::solve()Solve a system of linear equations
cv::solveCubic()Find the (only) real roots of a cubic equation
cv::solvePoly()Find the complex roots of a polynomial equation
cv::sort()Sort elements in either the rows or columns in an array
cv::sortIdx()Serve same purpose as cv::sort(), except array is unmodified and indices arereturned
cv::split()Split a multichannel array into multiple single-channel arrays
cv::sqrt()Compute element-wise square root of an array
cv::subtract()Perform element-wise subtraction of one array from another
cv::sum()Sum all elements of an array
cv::theRNG()Return a random number generator
cv::trace()Compute the trace of an array
cv::transform()Apply matrix transformation on every element of an array
cv::transpose()Transpose all elements of an array across the diagonal
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