Unity 2017.2现已发布

Unity 2017.2 introduces new 2D world-building tools, support for new XR platforms, and thanks to an exclusive collaboration between Unity and Autodesk, faster importing and exporting between Maya/3DS Max and Unity. Unity 2017.2 includes updates to the robust storytelling tools Timeline and Cinemachine, as well as support for ARCore, ARKit, Vuforia, and Windows Mixed Reality immersive headsets. Unity 2017.2 is now available for download. This blog post gives you an overview of some of the highlights followed by more detailed information about new features and improvements.

Unity 2017.2引入了新的2D世界构建工具,支持新的XR平台,并且由于Unity和Autodesk之间的独家合作,因此可以在Maya / 3DS Max和Unity之间更快地导入和导出。 Unity 2017.2包括功能强大的讲故事工具Timeline和Cinemachine的更新,以及对ARCore,ARKit,Vuforia和Windows Mixed Reality沉浸式头戴式耳机的支持。 现在可以下载 Unity 2017.2 。 这篇博客文章为您提供了一些重点概述,以及有关新功能和改进的更详细的信息。

2017.2中包含的内容–概述 (What’s included in 2017.2 – Overview)



Unity 2017.2 puts the power in the hands of 2D creators with a complete suite of 2D tools, including the new 2D Tilemap feature for fast creation and iteration cycles, and Cinemachine 2D for intelligent and automatic composition and tracking.

Unity 2017.2借助完整的2D工具套件,将2D创作者的力量掌握在其中,其中包括用于快速创建和迭代周期的新2D Tilemap功能,以及用于智能,自动构图和跟踪的Cinemachine 2D。

Cinemachine’s dynamic, procedural cameras come to 2D game design making it easy to  automate composition and tracking to enhance 2D gameplay, characters, and environments.


Tilemap makes it fast and easy to create and iterate level design cycles right in Unity, so artists and designers can rapidly prototype when building 2D game worlds.





Unity 2017.2 increases the level of support for new XR (augmented and virtual reality) platforms significantly. You can now count on native support for Windows Mixed Reality, Vuforia, and OpenVR on macOS. This means you can reach a wider audience, as well as take advantage of performance optimizations and enjoy a more efficient development workflow.

Unity 2017.2大大提高了对新XR(增强现实和虚拟现实)平台的支持水平。 现在,您可以指望在macOS上对Windows Mixed Reality,Vuforia和OpenVR的本机支持。 这意味着您可以覆盖更广泛的受众,并利用性能优化和享受更高效的开发工作流程。

Platform support: Our mission to help streamline AR development continues with support for Google’s ARCore SDK and for Apple’s ARKit through Unity’s ARKit plugin. We are already inspired by the experimentation and innovation we’re seeing from creators around the world, and we can’t wait to see all types of augmented reality experiences come to life as we continue to build up an expanded, customized AR development workflow for the latest and greatest AR platforms. We are also unlocking access to numerous immersive headsets with new support for Windows Mixed Reality, which will enable virtual reality developers to reach the widest audience.

平台支持: 通过Unity的ARKit插件支持Google的ARCore SDK和苹果的ARKit,我们继续致力于简化AR开发的使命。 我们已经受到来自世界各地创作者的实验和创新的启发,我们迫不及待地希望看到所有类型的增强现实体验都将变为现实,因为我们将继续为之构建扩展的,定制的AR开发工作流程。最新最好的AR平台。 我们还将通过对Windows Mixed Reality的新支持来解锁对众多沉浸式耳机的访问,这将使虚拟现实开发人员能够接触到最广泛的受众。

Performance: 2017.2 also brings VR creators more features that dramatically boost and optimize performance. Stereo Instancing (the next iteration of single-pass rendering) is now available for all integrated PC platforms using DX11. This rendering advancement will help optimize use of hardware, allowing developers to build better games and experiences. Another new feature is Video Asynchronous Reprojection for Google VR, offering a much higher quality video experience on Daydream View.

性能 :2017.2还为VR创作者带来了更多功能,可显着提升和优化性能。 立体声实例化(单遍渲染的下一个迭代)现在可用于所有使用DX11的集成PC平台。 渲染功能的改进将有助于优化硬件的使用,从而使开发人员可以构建更好的游戏和体验。 另一个新功能是Google VR的视频异步重投影,可在Daydream View上提供更高质量的视频体验。

These new platforms and improvements make cross-platform VR and AR development easier and faster. Combined with our existing feature set, developers can continue to push the boundaries of immersive storytelling on the largest number of XR platforms.

这些新平台和改进功能使跨平台的VR和AR开发更加轻松快捷。 结合我们现有的功能集,开发人员可以继续在数量最多的XR平台上突破沉浸式叙事的界限。

Digital Content Creation tools workflow–FBX support

数字内容创建工具工作流程– FBX支持

Unity and Autodesk have been working together to dramatically improve FBX support. This collaboration has enabled Unity to work directly on FBX SDK source code speeding up the development of a smooth and non-destructive round-trip workflow between the tools.

Unity和Autodesk一直在共同努力,以大大改善FBX支持。 这项 合作 使Unity可以直接在FBX SDK源代码上工作,从而加快了工具之间平滑无损的往返工作流程的开发。

Now all users, including artists and designers, can easily send scenes back and forth between Maya/Max and Unity with high fidelity. The new 2017.2 FBX Importer/Exporter package includes a custom Maya plug-in, and provides the following features: support for GameObject hierarchies, materials, textures, Stingray PBS shaders, and animated custom properties.

现在,包括艺术家和设计师在内的所有用户都可以轻松地以高保真度在Maya / Max和Unity之间来回发送场景。 新的2017.2 FBX Importer / Exporter软件包包括一个自定义Maya插件,并提供以下功能:支持GameObject层次结构,材质,纹理,Stingray PBS着色器和动画自定义属性。


There’s more! 还有更多!

Those are just the highlights of Unity 2017.2, read on to get the and juicy details!

这些只是Unity 2017.2的亮点,请继续阅读以获取更多信息!

2017.2中包含的内容 (What’s included in 2017.2)

Unity for 2D (Unity for 2D)



The new Tilemap feature enables you to build complex, grid-based worlds in 2D games right in Unity. You can quickly and easily create tilemap-based levels without using a third-party solution. Among other things, you can create your own palettes of tiles and smart brushes and then easily access them to paint on a grid-based system directly in the scene.

新的Tilemap功能使您可以在Unity中直接在2D游戏中构建基于网格的复杂世界。 您可以快速,轻松地创建基于图块地图的级别,而无需使用第三方解决方案。 除其他外,您可以创建自己的瓷砖和智能画笔调色板,然后轻松地直接在场景中访问它们以在基于网格的系统上绘画。

Cinemachine comes to 2D


The power of Cinemachine’s dynamic, procedural cameras has come to 2D game design. Now, you can easily enhance and automate composition and tracking for 2D gameplay, characters, and environments to improve the player experience and save hours of programming. The Cinemachine feature is available via the Asset Store, add it to your project now.

Cinemachine的动态程序照相机的功能已应用于2D游戏设计中。 现在,您可以轻松增强和自动化2D游戏玩法,角色和环境的合成和跟踪,以改善玩家体验并节省编程时间。 Cinemachine功能可通过资源商店使用, 现在将其添加到您的项目中

While Cinemachine already had a broad feature set in which many of the modules functioned perfectly well for 2D, we’ve now added some 2D-specific functionality, including the following.


Framing Transposer: Move the camera to track and follow objects.


Group Target: Track the center of a group of objects, and adjust the weight and influence of each one.


Group Composer: Have the camera zoom and/or dolly to keep a group of targets on screen (more for 2.5d or ‘3d’ 2d games).

Group Composer:使相机缩放和/或移动小车以将一组目标保持在屏幕上(对于2.5d或'3d'2d游戏,则更多)。

Orthographic projection rendering: Set the Main Unity camera to Orthographic projection for a pure 2D game (works in 3D for those 2.5d games where you want to use actual parallax and perspective).

正交投影渲染:将纯Unity 2D游戏的Main Unity摄像机设置为“正交投影”(对于要使用实际视差和透视图的2.5d游戏,可以在3D中工作)。

Other 2D improvements


Improvements also include sprite atlas packing, which now uses less time reconciling sprites from the cache atlas. We’ve also updated BoxCollider2D Sprite Tiling generation to produce cleaner shapes.

改进的项目还包括子画面图集打包,现在可以使用更少的时间来协调来自缓存图集的子图。 我们还更新了BoxCollider2D Sprite Tiling世代,以产生更清洁的形状。

Finally, we’ve changed the 9-Sliced Sprites rendered in SpriteRenderer with Sprite Tiling behavior for negative width/height values to produce a more polished result.

最后,我们将SpriteRenderer中渲染的9切片Sprite更改为具有负宽度/高度值的Sprite Tiling行为,以产生更优美的结果。

2D Extras

2D Extras

2D-extras is a repository containing helpful custom Tiles and Brushes like the custom rule based Tilemap shown at the Unite Keynote with assets from the 2D game Phased (by Epichouse Studios):

2D-extras是一个存储库,其中包含有用的自定义图块和画笔,例如在 Unite Keynote 上 显示的基于自定义规则的Tilemap,以及 来自2D游戏Phased(由Epichouse Studios开发)的资产:

These reusable scripts will help you create custom tiles & brushes to make your games. Feel free to customize the behavior of the scripts to create new tools for your own specific use cases!

这些可重复使用的脚本将帮助您创建自定义的图块和画笔来制作游戏。 随意自定义脚本的行为,以针对您自己的特定用例创建新工具!

编辑 (Editor)

Timeline visualization of audio clips


You can now see a visualization of audio clips in the form of audio waveforms when using Timeline.This is useful when timing actions and events to audio cues, just like in a non-linear video-editing system.  You can easily drag any timeline clip to match audio, or move audio to match actions in the scene.

现在,您可以在使用时间线时以音频波形的形式查看音频片段的可视化效果,这在对音频提示进行动作和事件计时时非常有用,就像在非线性视频编辑系统中一样。 您可以轻松地拖动任何时间线剪辑以匹配音频,或移动音频以匹配场景中的动作。

Interactive Tutorials


In-Editor Tutorials offer a new interactive way of learning how to get started in Unity. The new Tutorial panel in Unity 2017.2 instructs you and responds to your actions as it leads you through a series of tutorials for absolute beginners. Each tutorial gives you the opportunity to interact with Unity to fix parts of a ready-made game as you try and get the player character to the goal. At the same time, you learn the interface and basic Unity concepts..

编辑器内教程提供了一种新的交互式方法来学习如何在Unity中入门。 Unity 2017.2中新的“教程”面板会指导您并响应您的操作,从而引导您完成面向绝对初学者的一系列教程。 每个教程都为您提供了与Unity互动的机会,以在尝试使玩家角色达到目标时修复现成游戏的某些部分。 同时,您将学习界面和基本的Unity概念。


We will be creating more interactive tutorials and plan to open up the creative tools that power this to the community, so that you too can create interactive tutorials for Unity or for your asset store tools. We hope you like this new tool and can’t wait to hear your feedback, so sound off in the comments below or on the dedicated forum thread and let us know!

我们将创建更多的交互式教程,并计划开放为社区提供动力的创意工具,以便您也可以为Unity或资产存储工具创建交互式教程。 我们希望您喜欢这个新工具,并且迫不及待想听听您的反馈,因此,请在下面的评论中或 专用的论坛主题中 留言 ,让我们知道!

Visualization of NavMesh in real time for debugging


Debug data from the process of building a NavMesh with the NavMeshBuilder API can now be selectively collected and visualized in the Editor using NavMeshEditorHelpers.DrawBuildDebug().

现在,可以使用NavMeshEditorHelpers.DrawBuildDebug()在编辑器中选择性地收集和使用NavMeshEditorHelpers.DrawBuildDebug() API构建NavMesh的过程中的调试数据。

资产管理 (Asset Management)

Workflow with Digital Content Creation (DCC) tools


FBX Importer/Exporter: Unity and Autodesk are directly collaborating to bring you the best FBX support in the industry. We are working to make your content creation and interactive workflow pipelines as efficient and effective as possible. This collaboration has enabled Unity to work directly on FBX SDK source code making improvements to the Unity FBX importer and exporter and a custom Unity plugin for Maya. All in all, it has resulted in a powerful round-trip workflow.

FBX导入器/导出器: Unity和Autodesk直接合作,为您提供业界最佳的FBX支持。 我们正在努力使您的内容创建和交互式工作流管道尽可能高效。 这项 合作 使Unity可以直接在FBX SDK源代码上工作,从而改进了Unity FBX导入器和导出器以及用于Maya的自定义Unity插件。 总而言之,它带来了强大的往返工作流程。

The new Unity FBX Exporter adds the ability to export FBX geometry for use outside of Unity.  In particular, the improvements in FBX support allow you to send your work to Maya/Max and then non-destructively merge changes back into your Unity Asset.  The exporter also provides support for materials and textures, and GameObject components including colliders, rigid body, scripts, and audio, etc

新的Unity FBX导出器增加了导出FBX几何体以便在Unity外部使用的功能。 特别是,FBX支持方面的改进使您可以将工作发送到Maya / Max,然后以无损方式将更改合并回Unity资产。 导出器还提供对材质和纹理以及GameObject组件的支持,包括对撞机,刚体,脚本和音频等。

Exporting from Maya to Unity is now simpler and more complete than ever thanks to the Unity custom Maya exporter plugin.  With one click in Maya, you can export FBX files, including materials, textures, and Stingray Physically-Based Shaders, with maximum fidelity for use in  Unity.

现在有了Unity自定义Maya导出器插件,从Maya到Unity的导出比以往任何时候都更加简单和完整。 在Maya中单击一下即可导出FBX文件,包括材质,纹理和基于物理的Stingray着色器,并在Unity中使用时具有最大的保真度。

The improved Unity FBX importer provides support for hierarchies, materials, textures, Stingray PB shaders, and animated custom properties (when present in the FBX file).  With these improvements, work done in Unity is preserved and updated Maya assets slot right back into your Unity scene, so you can simply pick up where you left off and continue your work.

改进后的Unity FBX导入器支持层次结构,材质,纹理,Stingray PB着色器和动画自定义属性(在FBX文件中存在时)。 有了这些改进,就可以保留在Unity中完成的工作并将更新的Maya资产插槽重新放回到Unity场景中,因此您可以简单地从上次中断的地方继续工作。

The FBX Exporter package (in beta) is available from the Unity Asset store, and includes the custom Maya plug-in.

FBX Exporter软件包(测试版)可从 Unity Asset商店获得 ,并包括自定义Maya插件。

Embedded materials on import


Now you can create materials inside the import prefab instead of in an external ‘Materials’ folder. FBX files may contain embedded textures and materials. Until recently, the first import always created additional assets. However, subsequent imports did not create additional assets, unless the generated materials had been moved or deleted. Textures were overwritten on every import. We have added the option of making embedded materials appear inside the FBX in the project, and made them read-only. You can also manually extract textures via a button in the import inspector. Finally, extracting an FBX file into the project creates an editable clone. This clone is explicitly associated with the original FBX meshes via the importer’s metadata.

现在,您可以在导入预制件中而不是在外部“材料”文件夹中创建材料。 FBX文件可能包含嵌入的纹理和材料。 直到最近,第一次导入始终会创建其他资产。 但是,除非将生成的材料转移或删除,否则后续的进口都不会创建其他资产。 每次导入都会覆盖纹理。 我们添加了使嵌入材料显示在项目中的FBX中的选项,并将其设置为只读。 您也可以通过导入检查器中的按钮手动提取纹理。 最后,将FBX文件提取到项目中将创建可编辑的克隆。 该克隆通过导入程序的元数据与原始FBX网格明确关联。

Animated Custom Properties


Various DCCs (e.g. Maya and 3DSMax) support adding custom properties (or attributes) to objects:


Unity can now import animation curves on custom properties from FBX files (disabled by default):


These will appear in the Animation Window as Animator properties, just like additional curves created from imported clips:

这些将显示为“动画”窗口中的“动画”属性,就像 从导入的剪辑创建的其他曲线 一样 :

You can then use a MonoBehaviour to drive other Component properties, or use an AssetPostprocessor to bind your curves directly to any Component.


Maya/3DSMax Stingray physically based shader

Maya / 3DSMax Stingray物理着色器

Importing FBX files containing models using the Stingray PBS shader is now supported:

现在支持使用Stingray PBS着色器导入包含模型的FBX文件:

Stingray PBS Materials in Maya 2016:

2016年Maya的Stingray PBS材料:

Same materials imported in Unity:




  • The Stingray PBS has slightly different properties than the Unity Standard Shader, so we have created a shader variant called “Standard (Roughness setup).” This shader has a separate roughness map, and thus consumes more graphics resources than the Unity Standard Shader. For this reason, this shader requires shader model 3.5 in forward rendering. We recommend using the Standard shader where possible.

    Stingray PBS的属性与Unity Standard Shader略有不同,因此我们创建了一个名为“ Standard(粗糙度设置)”的着色器变体。 该着色器具有单独的粗糙度图,因此比Unity Standard着色器消耗更多的图形资源。 因此,此着色器在正向渲染中需要着色器模型3.5。 我们建议尽可能使用标准着色器。

  • The Stingray PBS and Unity Standard Shaders have similar looks and responses to light, but do not use the same code. There will be differences between what you see in Maya or 3DSMax and what you see in Unity.

    Stingray PBS和Unity标准着色器具有相似的外观和对光的响应,但是没有使用相同的代码。 在Maya或3DSMax中看到的内容与在Unity中看到的内容之间会有差异。

  • Any changes made to the underlying ShaderFX graph in Maya or Max are not exported in the FBX file and thus will not be reflected in Unity. We do not recommend modifying the ShaderFX graph.

    在Maya或Max中对基础ShaderFX图形所做的任何更改都不会导出到FBX文件中,因此不会反映在Unity中。 我们不建议修改ShaderFX图形。

Improvements to Avatar Masks


In 2017.2, the workflow and UI for mask updates has been improved by displaying the updated hierarchy, with the invalid mask paths in red. Mask checkboxes for invalid paths are disabled.

在2017.2中,通过显示更新的层次结构(红色的无效蒙版路径)改进了蒙版更新的工作流和UI。 无效路径的掩码复选框被禁用。

New AssetBundle API for more control

新的AssetBundle API可实现更多控制

AssetBundles lets you segment your app into multiple files, and call upon them when you need them, whether they’re local or remote.  This is great for optimizing performance or managing how your app files are distributed. Shipping with 2017.2 is a brand new API for AssetBundles.  If you use AssetBundles to pull in content securely from a CDN, this could be for you.   Previously, your options  for loading  AssetBundles were either from File or Memory.  Sometimes, however, an intermediary step needs to be taken before the data is usable.  For example, we wanted to solve the issue where a client is pulls data from a secure CDN.  In this case, decrypted content would be served as a stream, and you’d have to write extra steps to convert the data to a useable format.  Now, you can read the data directly as a managed Stream object with a new API, AssetBundle.LoadFromStream.  And less code is required from you!

通过AssetBundles,您可以将应用划分为多个文件,并在需要时调用它们,无论它们是本地文件还是远程文件。 这对于优化性能或管理应用程序文件的分发方式非常有用。 2017.2附带的是AssetBundles的全新API。 如果您使用AssetBundles从CDN安全地引入内容,则可能适合您。 以前,用于加载AssetBundle的选项来自文件或内存。 但是,有时在数据可用之前需要采取中间步骤。 例如,我们要解决客户端从安全CDN提取数据的问题。 在这种情况下,解密的内容将作为流提供,并且您必须编写额外的步骤才能将数据转换为可用格式。 现在,您可以使用新的API AssetBundle.LoadFromStream作为托管Stream对象直接读取数据。 您所需的代码更少!

XR平台 (XR Platforms)

Platform: Built-in Vuforia Support


We have introduced integrated support for the development of Vuforia-enabled apps in the Unity Editor. With Vuforia, you can now create cross-platform augmented reality experiences using everyday objects. Vuforia enables you to attach digital content to images and physical 3D objects, identify and track objects using custom-designed marker icons, and much more.

我们在Unity Editor中引入了对开发支持Vuforia的应用程序的集成支持。 借助Vuforia,您现在可以使用日常对象创建跨平台的增强现实体验。 通过Vuforia,您可以将数字内容附加到图像和物理3D对象上,使用自定义设计的标记图标识别和跟踪对象,等等。

Vuforia support can be installed through the Unity Download Assistant and enabled under Project Settings > Player Settings > XR Settings. You can learn more about Vuforia here and download their Core Sample Assets here for free.

可以通过Unity Download Assistant安装Vuforia支持,并在项目设置>播放器设置> XR设置下启用。 您可以 在此处 了解有关Vuforia的更多信息 在此处 免费 下载其核心样本资产 。

About Vuforia:
Vuforia is a software platform for augmented reality applications on handheld and headworn devices. It delivers a cross-platform solution for attaching digital content to physical objects and environments. Vuforia is supported by a global ecosystem of more than 375,000 registered developers and more than 45,000 published applications.

Vuforia是一个用于手持式和头戴式设备上的增强现实应用程序的软件平台。 它提供了一个跨平台的解决方案,用于将数字内容附加到物理对象和环境。 Vuforia得到了全球生态系统的支持,该生态系统包含超过375,000个注册开发人员和超过45,000个已发布的应用程序。

Windows Mixed Reality


Unity now has brand new native support for Windows Mixed Reality immersive headsets, enabling creators to publish VR content to the Microsoft Store.

Unity现在对Windows Mixed Reality沉浸式头戴式耳机提供了全新的本机支持,使创作者能够将VR内容发布到Microsoft Store。

Unity’s support also includes workflow enhancements, such as being able to preview the HMD view on-device through the Editor.


Whether you’re creating a tailored experience just for this platform or porting an existing VR game, Unity has unlocked access to an entirely new range of VR devices.


For more detailed information, head to the getting started guide.

有关更多详细信息,请访问 入门指南。

OpenVR support for MacOS


Unity has worked closely with Apple and Valve to optimize Metal 2 to run against Unity’s current VR rendering paths, Multi-Pass, and variants of Single-Pass. For the final release, developers will be able to improve performance using the new Metal 2 features announced at WWDC and combining them with the use of instancing. This will cut the number of draw calls required in half.

Unity与Apple和Valve紧密合作,优化了Metal 2,使其能够与Unity当前的VR渲染路径,Multi-Pass和Single-Pass的变体兼容。 对于最终版本,开发人员将能够使用WWDC上宣布的新Metal 2功能,并将其与实例化结合使用来提高性能。 这样可以将所需的绘图调用次数减少一半。

For more information on virtual reality development in Unity, head to our manual page.

有关Unity中虚拟现实开发的更多信息,请访问我们的 手册页

Google ARCore (plugin)

Google ARCore(插件)

We have added support for Google ARCore augmented reality technology when targeting Android 7.0 and above. The ARCore API provides accurate device position and orientation information as well as feature point-detection, which identifies the physical space of the user’s surroundings.

在针对Android 7.0及更高版本时,我们增加了对Google ARCore增强现实技术的支持。 ARCore API提供准确的设备位置和方向信息以及特征点检测功能,该功能可以识别用户周围环境的物理空间。


Unity’s support for ARCore makes it easy for you to drive a standard Unity camera using your device’s real-world position and orientation. This enables you to create planes representing surfaces of the device’s surroundings and to render the color camera’s image as the background for an augmented reality experience.

Unity对ARCore的支持使您可以轻松地使用设备的实际位置和方向来驱动标准Unity相机。 这样,您就可以创建代表设备周围表面的平面,并将彩色摄像机的图像渲染为增强现实体验的背景。

The SDK currently supports development for Google Pixel or Pixel XL, and Samsung Galaxy S8 running Android 7.0 Nougat and above. It requires Android API SDK v.24 or later.

该SDK当前支持针对Google Pixel或Pixel XL以及运行Android 7.0牛轧糖及更高版本的Samsung Galaxy S8的开发。 它需要 Android API SDK v.24 或更高版本。

To set up the SDK, follow these steps:


  1. Download and import the ARCore SDK for Unity.

    下载并导入 ARCore SDK for Unity

  2. Configure Unity for ARCore development following the steps in the Unity Forum.

    按照 Unity论坛中 的步骤配置Unity以进行ARCore开发 。

We can’t wait to see the amazing experiences that you produce with ARCore. Join the discussion on our forum to be a part of this exciting new frontier in AR!

我们迫不及待想看到您使用ARCore产生的惊人体验。 加入我们论坛上的讨论 ,成为AR激动人心的新领域的一部分!

Apple ARKit (Plug-in)

Apple ARKit(插入式)

Since the original announcement of ARKit at WWDC and the launch of our Unity ARKit plugin back in June, we’ve seen an incredible response from the community. We have worked side-by-side with developers and made continual improvements to our plugin.

自从WWDC上ARKit的最初发布以及6月我们的Unity ARKit插件发布以来,我们已经收到了社区的惊人回应。 我们与开发人员并肩合作,并对我们的插件进行了持续改进。

The Unity ARKit plugin provides you with friendly access to ARKit’s features: motion tracking, live video rendering, plane finding and hit-testing, ambient light estimation, raw point cloud data, and more. There are also Unity components that make it easier for you to create new AR apps, or easily integrate AR features in existing Unity projects.

Unity ARKit插件使您能够方便地访问ARKit的功能:运动跟踪,实时视频渲染,平面查找和命中测试,环境光估计,原始点云数据等。 还有一些Unity组件,使您可以更轻松地创建新的AR应用程序,或轻松地将AR功能集成到现有的Unity项目中。

Unity’s ARKit Plugin has a unique capability that will save you hours of development time: the Unity ARKit Remote. This tool speeds up iteration by allowing you to make changes to the scene and debug scripts in the Unity Editor, in real-time, without having to build to the device.
Our plugin now supports access to the following new functionalities:

Unity的ARKit插件具有独特的功能,可节省您数小时的开发时间: Unity ARKit Remote 。 该工具允许您实时更改场景并在Unity编辑器中调试脚本,而无需构建设备,从而加快了迭代速度。

  • Light estimation for ambient color temperature, in addition to the ambient intensity


  • Specifying your own User Anchors


  • Receiving events when the tracking state has changed


  • Event notifications for when an AR session is interrupted or resumes


We have included many new examples to help you get up and running on your AR project fast, including:


  • Scaled content (imagine a city in your living room)


  • Focus Square (a UI element to show where to place objects)

    Focus Square(用于显示对象放置位置的UI元素)

Occlusion (shader and material that will hide virtual objects behind real ones)


Shadow (shader and material to ground your virtual object in the real world)


The Unity ARKit Plugin is available now as a package from the Asset Store. It is also available as an open-source repository on BitBucket, where you can join us in making it even better. Head over to the forums to learn how to get started or if you have any questions.

Unity ARKit插件现在可以 从Asset Store中软件包的形式获得 。 它也可以作为 BitBucket 上的开源存储库提供 ,您可以在其中加入我们,以使其变得更好。 前往 论坛 以学习入门或有任何 疑问

Stereo Instancing (PC)


Stereo Instancing (also known as single-pass instanced rendering) is an evolution of Unity’s single-pass rendering and is now supported when building with DX11, allowing developers to greatly optimize performance for Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality immersive headsets.

立体声实例化(也称为 单遍实例 渲染)是Unity单遍渲染的演进,现在使用DX11进行支持。开发人员可以极大地优化Vive,Oculus Rift和Windows Mixed Reality沉浸式耳机的性能。

The biggest impact of using this technique is that you can dramatically reduce (half, at times) the number of draw calls generated on the API side, saving a good chunk of CPU time.  Additionally, the GPU itself is able to more efficiently process the draws (even though the same amount of work is being generated). Note: Stereo Instancing is only supported with forward rendering.

使用此技术的最大影响是,您可以显着减少(有时是一半)在API端生成的绘制调用的次数,从而节省了大量CPU时间。 此外,GPU本身能够更有效地处理绘图(即使正在生成相同数量的工作)。 注意:仅向前渲染支持立体声实例化。

To enable this feature, open Player Settings (menu: Edit > Project Settings > Player). In Player Settings, navigate to XR Settings, ensure the Virtual Reality Supported checkbox is ticked, then tick the Single-Pass Stereo Rendering checkbox. Note that stereo instancing only works with Windows 10; you can find more information here.

要启用此功能,请打开“播放器设置”(菜单:“编辑”>“项目设置”>“播放器”)。 在“播放器设置”中,导航到“ XR设置”,确保选中“支持虚拟现实”复选框,然后选中“单通道立体声渲染”复选框。 请注意,立体声实例化仅适用于Windows 10。 您可以 在此处 找到更多信息 。

Tracked Pose Driver


The Tracked Pose Driver is a new cross-platform component that makes recognition between devices and game objects in the scene simpler and more intuitive.


More info can be found here.

更多信息可以在 这里 找到 。

Editor Simulation for Vive HMD

Vive HMD的编辑器仿真

This new feature allows certain aspects of the Vive HMD to be simulated in the Editor, without the need of a physical HMD. This is enabled by adding “Mock HMD‒Vive” to the Virtual Reality SDKs in Player Settings > XR Settings.

这项新功能允许在编辑器中模拟Vive HMD的某些方面,而无需物理HMD。 通过在“播放器设置”>“ XR设置”中的“虚拟现实SDK”中添加“模拟HMD‒Vive”来启用此功能。

The mock HMD will use the same asymmetric projection matrix, hidden occlusion mesh, field of view, aspect ratio, and eye texture size as the Vive. Mock HMD can be used with both multiple and single-pass rendering paths, and it will render as a split screen stereo display in Editor.

模拟HMD将使用与Vive相同的非对称投影矩阵,隐藏的遮挡网格,视场,纵横比和眼睛纹理大小。 模拟HMD可以用于多遍和单遍渲染路径,它将在编辑器中渲染为分屏立体显示。

其他平台改进和更新 (Other Platform Improvements & Updates)

Native Rendering Plugin support for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch的本机渲染插件支持

Other improvements include Native Rendering Plugin support for Nintendo Switch, which enables you to implement low-level rendering and work with Unity’s multi-threaded rendering.

其他改进包括对Nintendo Switch的本机渲染插件的支持,它使您能够实现低级渲染并与Unity的多线程渲染一起使用。

macOS player Retina support

macOS Player视网膜支持

We’ve added support for targeting Retina resolutions for macOS on devices that support it.


Windows Player Launcher

Windows Player启动器

We’ve moved the majority of the Windows Standalone Player into a separate signed DLL (“UnityPlayer.dll”), leaving the executable to be a thin wrapper that just calls into it.

我们已经将大多数Windows Standalone Player移到了单独的签名DLL(“ UnityPlayer.dll”)中,而该可执行文件只是一个调用它的精简包装。

Support for Samsung Tizen & SmartTV


Unity 2017.2 will be the last version to support Samsung Tizen and SmartTV. Following this release, Unity will provide 12-months of support, including patches and security updates. To get the latest info on Tizen and SmartTV for Unity, visit the partner page for Samsung.

Unity 2017.2将是支持Samsung Tizen和SmartTV的最新版本。 发布此版本后,Unity将提供12个月的支持,包括补丁程序和安全更新。 要获取有关Tizen和SmartTV for Unity的最新信息,请访问 Samsung合作伙伴页面

图形 (Graphics)

GI Profiler


The addition of the GI profiler shows relevant statistics, including how much CPU time is consumed by the Realtime Global Illumination subsystem to help you optimize GI in your scenes.


HDR Emission


Global Illumination emission now uses 16-bit floating point format for both realtime and baked GI. The HDR color picker limit increased from 99 to 64k to unlock the full range. This makes it possible to emit much stronger light from emissive surfaces.

现在,全局照明发射针对实时和烘焙GI使用16位浮点格式。 HDR颜色选择器的限制从99k增加到64k,以解锁整个范围。 这使得可以从发射表面发射更强的光。

Lightmap background (push-pull dilation)


The feature fills the empty areas in the lightmaps with content from lower MIP levels (push-pull dilation). This will fix the cases where dark pixels around geometry edges are visible when rendering with lightmaps. This is due to dark background texels bleeding in when lower MIPs are accessed.

该功能将MIP级别较低的内容(推拉膨胀)填充在光照图中的空白区域。 这将修复在使用光照贴图进行渲染时可见几何边缘周围的暗像素的情况。 这是由于访问较低的MIP时背景暗纹理会渗色。

Progressive Lightmapper Improvements


We now support double-sided materials in the Progressive Lightmapper. We’ve added a new material setting that causes lightning to interact with backfaces. When enabled, both sides of the geometry are accounted for when calculating Global Illumination.

现在,我们在Progressive Lightmapper中支持双面材料。 我们添加了一个新的材质设置,该设置使闪电与背面相互作用。 启用后,在计算全局照明时将考虑几何图形的两侧。

Tree Lightmap Baking


Terrain trees can now cast shadows into the baked lightmap for a lightmap static terrain. The trees themselves will be lit using a light probe that is automatically placed above the tree.

地形树现在可以将阴影投射到烘焙的光照图中,以获得光照图静态地形。 树木本身将使用自动放置在树木上方的光探头进行照明。

Lightmap stitching


Lightmap seam stitching makes it easy to get rid of those annoying edge seams in lightmaps.


A-Trous filtering


For Unity 2017.2, we have added advanced filtering options with a new A-Trous kernel. The new filter preserves shadow edges and contact shapes much better, while at the same time smoothing out noisy areas.

对于Unity 2017.2,我们使用新的A-Trous内核添加了高级过滤选项。 新的滤镜可以更好地保留阴影边缘和接触形状,同时平滑嘈杂的区域。


Linear Rendering with WebGL 2.0

使用WebGL 2.0进行线性渲染

You can now be sure that linear rendering inputs, outputs, and computation are in the correct color space. The brightness of the final image will be adjusted linearly according to the amount of light in the scene. That means more consistent lighting across your scenes and assets. You can get more details here.

现在,您可以确保线性渲染输入,输出和计算在正确的色彩空间中。 最终图像的亮度将根据场景中的光量线性调整。 这意味着您的场景和资产上的照明更加一致。 您可以 在此处 获得 更多详细信息

Linear rendering is now supported on:


  • Windows, Mac OS X and Linux (Standalone)

    Windows,Mac OS X和Linux(独立)

  • Xbox One

    Xbox One

  • PlayStation 4

    的PlayStation 4

  • Android with OpenGL ES 3.x and Vulkan

    装有OpenGL ES 3.x和Vulkan的Android

  • iOS with Metal


  • WebGL 2.0

    WebGL 2.0

Linear rendering is particularly interesting because it allows you to use the Unity Post Processing Stack, including temporal anti-aliasing, and also achieves excellent  results with WebGL.Linear rendering in Unity WebGL player works on any web browser that supports WebGL 2.0.

线性渲染特别有趣,因为它允许您使用 Unity后期处理堆栈 (包括时间抗锯齿),并通过WebGL获得出色的效果。UnityWebGL Player中的线性渲染可在任何支持WebGL 2.0的Web浏览器上使用。

粒子系统改进 (Particle System improvements)

Editable Custom Data Module Labels


The Custom Data module allows you to specify data that can be used for many different purposes. We’ve made the labels on the curves and gradients editable to allow you to describe what each bit of custom data is used for.

“自定义数据”模块允许您指定可用于许多不同目的的数据。 我们已使曲线和渐变上的标签可编辑,以允许您描述自定义数据的每一位的用途。

Inherit Lifetime for sub-emitter particles


There is a new option in the Inherit dropdown for sub-emitters, allowing them to base their own lifetime on the remaining lifetime of their parent system.


This can be useful for creating effects that are guaranteed to only last a specific amount of time, even if they collide and create new particles, for example.


Linear Drag


A new option in the Limit Velocity over Lifetime Module allows you to apply linear drag to your particles. Add it to effects with various sized particles in order to have the smaller ones travel further and faster than the larger particles. A great use-case for this is when creating explosion debris effects.

生命周期极限速度模块中的新选项允许您将线性拖动应用于粒子。 将其添加到具有各种尺寸粒子的效果中,以使较小的粒子比较大的粒子更远和更快地传播。 一个很好的用例是在创建爆炸碎片效果时。



It’s now possible to destroy or disable a Particle System when it has finished playback. Destroying is great for one-shot effects. Destroying allows you to avoid having to perform your own cleanup code. Disabling, on the other hand, can be useful when you are managing your own pool of Particle System Game Objects.

现在可以在完成播放后销毁或禁用粒子系统。 消灭非常适合单发效果。 通过销毁,您可以避免执行自己的清理代码。 另一方面,在管理自己的“粒子系统游戏对象”池时,禁用很有用。

Burst Emission


Bursts counts can now be configured to use the same curve options as many other Particle System properties.


Restart Button


We’ve added a Restart Button to the Scene View overlay in order to spare you the trouble of having to press Stop and Play to restart an effect.


实时运营分析 (Live Ops Analytics)

Running a game as a live service means you can adapt your game to your players’ needs, keep your game fresh, and make the experience more enjoyable. In 2017.2,  our Remote Settings feature is officially out of beta.

通过实时服务运行游戏意味着您可以使游戏适应玩家的需求,保持游戏新鲜感,并让游戏体验更加愉悦。 在2017.2中,我们的远程设置功能正式退出测试版。

Remote Settings



Remote Settings is easy to use. It’s native to the Unity engine and employs an API similar to PlayerPrefs that most Unity developers are familiar with. Recently, we made a significant update to this feature. Remote Settings now supports segments. So you can act directly and immediately on player segments and tailor your game to suit specific groups of players — all without shipping a new binary. The above demo of the upcoming Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition, a remaster of the original title in the form of an all-new mobile adventure, shows how Remote Settings works in a AAA title.

远程设置 易于使用。 它是Unity引擎的本机,并采用了大多数Unity开发人员都熟悉的类似于PlayerPrefs的API。 最近,我们对该功能进行了重大更新。 远程设置 现在支持细分。 因此,您可以直接对玩家细分采取直接行动,并根据特定的玩家群体定制游戏,而无需交付新的二进制文件。 上面即将发布的最终幻想XV袖珍版的演示,以 全新的移动冒险形式对原始标题进行了重新制作,展示了远程设置在AAA标题中的工作方式。

Remote Settings is now officially live and available on your Analytics dashboard.

远程设置 现已正式启用,并且可以在 Analytics(分析)信息中心上使用

全面的其他改进 (Other improvements across the board)

Performance Reporting: Android Native Crash


Now, when you use the Performance Reporting service, native crash reports will automatically get sent from your players’ Android devices to the Performance Reporting service.  In the developer dashboard, you’ll be able to see these crash reports alongside your unhandled managed exceptions and native iOS crash reports.  You can enable the Performance Reporting service for your project in the services window in the Editor.

现在,当您使用效果报告服务时,本机崩溃报告将自动从播放器的Android设备发送到性能报告服务。 在开发人员仪表板中,您将能够看到这些崩溃报告以及未处理的托管异常和本机iOS崩溃报告。 您可以在编辑器的“服务”窗口中为项目启用性能报告服务。

Recorder (experimental)


The Recorder captures frames during gameplay and produces image sequences (JPG, PNG, GIF, OpenEXR) and video files (WebM, H.264/Windows only). You can add this feature to the Unity Editor by downloading the Recorder from the asset store.

记录器在游戏过程中捕获帧并生成图像序列(JPG,PNG,GIF,OpenEXR)和视频文件(仅WebM,H.264 / Windows)。 您可以通过 从资产商店 下载 记录 器来将此功能添加到Unity编辑器中 。

This first experimental release includes a dedicated recorder window to select recording options:


You can also trigger recording sessions directly from Timeline with a Frame Recorder Track:


Package Manager


Although Unity user won’t see any change in 2017.2, we wanted to give you a heads up. In 2017.2, we are introducing a Package Manager which will enable a more flexible and modular approach to manage all the components and subsystems that ultimately make up Unity. For this first release, we are exposing an API for enabling internal components to be updated more frequently than the editor (the first pillar of the system). Stay tuned for more details.

尽管Unity用户在2017.2中不会看到任何变化,但我们还是要提请您注意。 在2017.2中,我们将引入一个软件包管理器,该软件包管理器将采用一种更加灵活和模块化的方法来管理最终构成Unity的所有组件和子系统。 对于此第一个版本,我们将公开一个API,该API使内部组件的更新比编辑器(系统的第一Struts)更频繁地更新。 请继续关注以获取更多详细信息。

发行说明 (Release notes)

As always, refer to the release notes for the full list of new features, improvements and fixes.


感谢所有帮助测试2017.2 Beta的人 (Thanks to everyone who helped test the 2017.2 beta)

We also want to send a big thanks to everyone who helped beta test 2017.2 making it possible to release 2017.2 today.Info on the asset store sweepstake winners
We are currently reviewing all the beta 17.2 sweepstakes winners and will send gift vouchers to those of you who have qualified in the weeks to come by email.Be part of the 2017.3 betaIf you are not already a beta tester–perhaps you’d like to consider becoming one. You’ll get early access to the latest new features, and you can test if your project is compatible with the new beta.  

我们还要感谢所有帮助beta测试2017.2并使其能够在今天发布2017.2的人。 有关资产商店抽奖获奖者的信息
我们目前正在审核所有Beta 17.2抽奖活动的获奖者,并将通过电子邮件向那些在接下来的几周有资格的人发送礼品券。 成为2017.3 Beta的一部分 如果您还不是Beta测试员,也许您想考虑成为一名Beta测试员。 您将尽早使用最新功能,并可以测试您的项目是否与新Beta版兼容。

You can get access simply by downloading our open beta test. By joining our open beta, you won’t just get access to all the new features, you’ll also help us find bugs ensuring the highest quality software. As a starting point, have a look at this guide to being an effective beta tester to get an overview. If you would like to receive occasional mails with beta news, updates, tips and tricks, please sign up below.

您只需下载我们的开放Beta测试即可获得访问权限。 通过加入我们的公开测试版,您不仅可以访问所有新功能,还可以帮助我们找到可以确保最高质量软件的错误。 首先,请查看本 指南, 了解 如何成为有效的Beta测试人员 。 如果您希望偶尔收到包含Beta版新闻,更新,提示和技巧的邮件,请在下面注册。

Sign up for Beta Newsletter


翻译自: https://blogs.unity3d.com/2017/10/12/unity-2017-2-is-now-available/

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