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翻译 多益网络_网络安全的未来日益激烈的信息控制之战

多益网络Over two decades ago, Alphabet CEO Eric Schmidt noted, “The Internet is the first thing that humanity has built that humanity doesn’t understand, the largest experiment in anarchy that we have eve...

2020-09-27 16:20:26 1541

翻译 与大多数台式机和移动广告软件说再见

Some time ago I wrote an article where I described — read it here — an easy way to get rid of advertisements on your smart TVs. Since I was recently struggling with Android apps containing pervasive a...

2020-09-27 16:10:35 262

翻译 网络安全如何影响seo

In today’s digital world, SEO is now as important as any work performed by sales or engineering departments. 在当今的数字世界中,SEO与销售或工程部门执行的任何工作一样重要。 Almost all of today’s companies have onsite SEO interns,...

2020-09-27 16:00:59 456

翻译 应用层加密方_加密应用层数据之前要问的6个问题

应用层加密方In the era of Facebook data scandals and Edward Snowden whistleblowers, data has never been as valuable as it is today. 在Facebook数据丑闻和Edward Snowden告密者时代,数据从未像今天这样有价值。 Consumers are starting to...

2020-09-27 15:51:07 967

翻译 网络安全攻防靶场怎么进入_如何进入网络安全

网络安全攻防靶场怎么进入Do you dream about working in cybersecurity? 您是否梦想着从事网络安全工作? Imagine going to work every day, hacking into fortune 500 companies, legally. Or spend your days investigating cybercriminals ...

2020-09-27 15:41:53 1193

翻译 新兴技术abcdefg_智能技术如何掩盖新兴的公司控制时代

新兴技术abcdefg 重点 (Top highlight)You can easily trade all your dumb stuff for smart things. Smart is now becoming the new normal. You don’t even have to seek it out. Wait long enough and the upgrades wil...

2020-09-27 15:31:01 607

翻译 aws rds 加密_如何在AWS S3上存储加密文件

aws rds 加密AWS S3 storage offers four ways of server-side data encryption: AWS S3存储提供了四种服务器端数据加密方式: SSE-S3, where the encryption keys are managed by AWS. SSE-S3,其中加密密钥由AWS管理。 SSE-KMS, where the encryp...

2020-09-27 15:21:08 609

翻译 gke下载_从gke安全访问AWS

gke下载It is not a rare case when an application running on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) needs to access Amazon Web Services (AWS) APIs. Any application has needs. Maybe it needs to run an analytics q...

2020-09-27 15:11:01 378

翻译 apache nifi_apache nifi流指纹安全漏洞

apache nifiIn this post, I will discuss a security vulnerability discovered in Apache NiFi flow fingerprints containing sensitive property descriptor values appearing in logs (CVE-2020–1942). During a...

2020-09-27 15:01:38 463

翻译 aws ssh 证书配置_在AWS Lambda中运行netflix bless ssh证书颁发机构

aws ssh 证书配置 发出短期用户证书以进行SSH访问 (Issue Short Lived User Certs for SSH Access)I found the following video posted on my company’s intranet the other week and really enjoyed Russell Lewis’ talk on how Net...

2020-09-27 14:52:09 327

翻译 捍卫者usb管理控制系统_捍卫基于成熟度的网络安全方法

捍卫者usb管理控制系统 反对成熟度和基于风险的网络安全方法是没有意义的 (It doesn’t make sense to oppose maturity & risk-based approaches to cyber security)This interesting piece from McKinsey made me think and deserves some comme...

2020-09-27 14:43:01 128

翻译 如何修复Windows 10中最烦人的东西

Windows 10 is great, but it has its issues, from unpredictable reboots to Cortana. Here’s how to fix some of the more irritating quirks with Microsoft’s latest operating system. Windows 10很棒,但是有它的问题,从...

2020-09-27 14:33:08 14162

翻译 沙特认证_所有的沙特机器人去哪儿了

沙特认证This essay was original published in Pressing, a newsletter about press freedom. If you haven’t yet subscribed, you can do so here and receive this letter in your inbox every Tuesday morning as we...

2020-09-27 14:23:29 299

翻译 生物多样性 分类器多样性_网络安全多样性问题使我们所有人面临风险

生物多样性 分类器多样性By Frederick “Flee” Lee 弗雷德里克·李(Flee)Lee I’m from rural Mississippi. Both of my parents grew up on farms, and I spent summers mowing lawns for my mom’s church friends. We didn’t have a co...

2020-09-27 14:13:05 116

翻译 ca pki_pki崩溃了更多

ca pkiThe RSA public key encryption method uses two prime numbers: p and q, and then calculates a modulus (N=p*q). If we can find one of the random prime numbers, we can easily find the other one, and...

2020-09-27 14:02:59 65

翻译 开源软件的安全性风险_认真对待开源安全性

开源软件的安全性风险 曾叱咤风云的 (A Blast From the Past)2019 was a crazy time to be writing software. It's hard to believe how careless we were as an industry. Everyone was just having fun slinging code. Companies ...

2020-09-27 13:53:39 767

翻译 生活方式活动和网络滥用之间存在联系

介绍 (Introduction)The advent of the Internet has brought with it improved communication, opportunities for business, advancements in science and technology. It has also created new opportunities for ...

2020-09-27 13:42:45 343

翻译 星球大战骗局来了

Cybercriminals are using ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’ as bait by creating fake websites that claim to offer free access to the film. In reality, the websites try to trick you into handing over y...

2020-09-27 13:32:28 376

翻译 moloch流量回溯_用moloch和elastic索引网络流量

moloch流量回溯 数据就是一切 (Data is Everything)Whether hunting down hackers in your network, optimizing traffic flow, or just trying to build a network baseline, you’ll learn that data is everything. Data is ...

2020-09-27 13:22:45 933

翻译 在遭到勒索软件攻击时_勒索软件海啸在这里不要成为受害者

在遭到勒索软件攻击时You can’t say you haven’t been warned. The alarms about increasing ransomware attacks, especially during the past year, have come from multiple sources — cybersecurity experts, federal agenc...

2020-09-27 13:12:59 294

翻译 渗透测试和黑客攻击的区别_2020年道德黑客和渗透测试人员的十大操作系统列表...

渗透测试和黑客攻击的区别A hacker is a highly skilled computer operator who uses bugs and exploits to break into computer systems and networks. An ethical hacker, on the other hand, identifies vulnerabilities in c...

2020-09-27 13:03:39 1326

翻译 wifi网状网络_如何建立无线网状网络

wifi网状网络Spotty Wi-Fi in certain areas of your home? A mesh network system can bring seamless connectivity to every corner. Here’s what you need to know to choose the right system and set it up for opt...

2020-09-27 12:54:32 939

翻译 安全siem_当时和现在的安全相关性是关于siem的可悲事实

安全siemWe all know David Bianco Pyramid of Pain, a classic from 2013. The focus of this famous visual is on indicators that you “latch onto” in your detection activities. This post will reveal a relate...

2020-09-27 12:45:17 146

翻译 主成分分析是实证分析么_2020年2月至今的gdprs罚款的实证分析及其对组织的意义...

主成分分析是实证分析么Until 8 July 2019, the average GDPR fine was US$5,600, but on that day, everything changed. The UK’s enforcer of GDPR (the ICO) announced on July 8 that British Airways would be fined a rec...

2020-09-27 12:34:47 523

翻译 一键cia文件转cci_几十年来,CIA秘密经营着全球最大的加密公司之一

一键cia文件转cciby Ryan Whitwam 瑞安·惠特瓦姆(Ryan Whitwam) For decades, Swiss firm Crypto AG supplied governments around the world with encrypted communication systems. Most of its 62 customers never suspected...

2020-09-27 12:24:25 986

翻译 数据驱动式攻击_一种数据驱动的方法来了解网络攻击

数据驱动式攻击Protecting the digital systems, applications and networks that allow society to function from intentional and unintentional harm is a problem so complex that it cannot be achieved using human i...

2020-09-27 12:14:35 1049

翻译 pci和pci_如何超越pci合规性来保护您的组织介绍

pci和pciOriginally posted here: https://blog.hackedu.com/how-to-go-beyond-pci-compliance-to-secure-your-organization-part-1-introduction 最初发布在这里: https : //blog.hackedu.com/how-to-go-beyond-pci-complia...

2020-09-27 12:03:39 171

翻译 物联网 虚拟设备_在这个假期保护您的物联网设备

物联网 虚拟设备New IoT devices are being developed everyday, and with them, new ways for hackers to enter your home. This is partly because companies want to start selling their IoT devices, with little care...

2020-09-27 11:54:16 89

翻译 deepin无声_无声战士大厅

deepin无声An hour southwest of Baltimore, MD, a collection of historical treasure is on display in a small, unassuming looking building. The National Cryptologic Museum is a major part of the National S...

2020-09-27 11:43:31 104

翻译 华盛顿学校心理健康调查使学生的性别和性行为数据受到威胁

In an effort to curb substance abuse and flag student mental health issues, in 2018, Washington state’s King County started giving students an unusual electronic survey. 为了遏制药物滥用并警告学生心理健康问题,华盛顿州的金县于20...

2020-09-27 11:34:14 355

翻译 tpm 证书_在Windows上创建tpm支持的证书

tpm 证书I’ve started experimenting with exposing some of my home lab services to the world without needing a VPN. Instead, I use Caddy (which is an excellent web server, and much easier to work with tha...

2020-09-27 11:25:11 1124

翻译 原生js案例_高度网络的案例将云原生dlp用于saas协作

原生js案例Many organizations are making the shift to cloud-based collaboration and productivity tools because they make it easier — and cheaper — to deploy, manage, and use the tools people need. With ser...

2020-09-27 11:15:02 204

翻译 架构重用_重用cookie

架构重用TL;DR: This is a story how I accidentally found a common vulnerability across similar web applications just by reusing cookies on different subdomains from the same web application. TL; DR:这是一个故事,...

2020-09-27 11:05:42 394

翻译 火狐浏览器与chrome_chrome edge Firefox歌剧或野生动物园哪种浏览器最好

火狐浏览器与chromeYou probably take your web browser for granted, but you have real options: Performance, feature sets, and privacy tools vary wildly among internet-surfing apps. 您可能认为Web浏览器是理所当然的,但您有真正的选择:...

2020-09-27 10:55:11 435

翻译 银行风险预警 第三方数据_网络第三方风险

银行风险预警 第三方数据 现代软件开发的性质使得很难知道代码的实际编写位置和编写者。 (The nature of modern software development makes it hard to know where code was actually written and by whom.)DECEMBER 16, 2019 ROBERT HANNIGAN 2019年12月16日,...

2020-09-27 10:45:20 338

翻译 cookie饼干_多数民众赞成在饼干崩溃的方式

cookie饼干For a lot of people, announcing the death of cookies would mean adios to those annoying messages supposedly explaining their use that we accept without understanding, without even reading them...

2020-09-27 10:36:04 187

翻译 网络犯罪人员统计_网络犯罪调查人员的十六进制编辑介绍

网络犯罪人员统计People interested in entering the growing field of cybercrime investigations can gain a leg up on the competition by learning how to use a hex editor. To “hex edit” means to make changes to th...

2020-09-27 10:26:32 257

翻译 视频监控云服务架构_如何有效实施监控云基础架构

视频监控云服务架构As organisations are migrating more and more computing to the cloud, they are at risk of becoming more susceptible to malicious attacks. When it comes to the cloud, there’s a difference betwe...

2020-09-27 10:16:57 184

翻译 垂钓之王hd_它的专业人士指南,以阻止网络钓鱼

垂钓之王hdPhishing is one of the biggest security concerns for businesses at present. Phishing used to be about just gathering credentials and information, but with the advent of Phishing as a Service pla...

2020-09-27 10:07:19 415

翻译 开源代码安全扫描工具_使用开源工具向网络安全过渡的简单介绍

开源代码安全扫描工具It’s February 2020 and already I have seen multiple articles predicting the massive doomsday heading our way due to the lack of people in information security. Are some of it scaremongering?...

2020-09-27 09:57:10 1069



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