自我觉知 自我知觉_给我20岁自我的建议

自我觉知 自我知觉

自我觉知 自我知觉

I had a lovely interaction on Twitter recently where a young person reached out to me over Twitter DM.

最近我在Twitter进行了一次有趣的互动,一个年轻人通过Twitter DM与我联系。

She said:


If you could go back and give your 20-something-year-old self some advice, what would you say?


I’m about to graduate and I’m sort of terrified to enter the real world, so I’ve sort of been asking everyone.


What a great question! Off the top of my head - while sitting on the tarmac waiting for takeoff and frantically thumb-typing - I offered this brainstorm.

真是个好问题! 我顶着脑袋-坐在停机坪上等待起飞和疯狂的拇指打字-我提供了这次集体讨论。

FirstAvoid drama. In relationships and friendsDiscard negative peopleThere’s 8 billion people out thereYou don’t have to be friends with them allDon’t let anyone hold you back or downWe waste hours and days and years with negative peopleCollect awesome people like PokémonNetwork your butt off. Talk to everyone niceMake sure they aren’t transactional networkersNice people don’t keep scoreThey generously share their networkAnd ask for nothing in return but your professionalismDon’t use a credit card and get into debt if you canWhatever you want to buy you likely don’t need itGet a laptop and an iPad and buy experiencesDon’t buy things. Avoid wanting thingsMolecules are expensiveElectrons are basically freeIf you can avoid want now, you’ll be happier laterNone of us are getting out of this aliveAnd we don’t get to take any of the stuffSo ask yourself what do I wantWhat is happiness for youAnd optimize your existence around that thingEnjoy the simple. street food. Good friendsIf you don’t want things then you’ll enjoy people of all typesUse a password system like @1Password and manage your digital shit tightlyBe focusedAnd it will be okDoes this help?

FirstAvoid戏剧。 在人际关系和朋友中抛弃消极的人那里有80亿人你不必与所有人成为朋友不要让任何人束手无策或沮丧我们与消极的人浪费了数小时和数天或数年的时间收集像Pokémon这样的令人敬畏的人将你的屁股联系起来。 与每个人交谈很好确保他们不是交易网络人很好的人不会保持得分他们慷慨地分享他们的网络并且不要求任何回报,但是您的专业精神如果可以的话不要使用信用卡和债务,无论您想买什么,都可能不会不需要它获得一台笔记本电脑和一台iPad并购买体验不要购买东西。 避免想要东西分子很昂贵电子基本上是免费的如果您可以避免现在想要,您以后会更快乐我们没人都不会活着而我们又不会拿任何东西所以问问自己我想要什么对您来说幸福和优化围绕那件事你的存在享受简单。 街头食品。 好朋友,如果您不想要任何东西,那么您会喜欢各种类型的人。使用@ 1Password这样的密码系统并严格管理自己的数字狗屎,可以专心而行,这可以吗?

What's YOUR advice to your 20 year old self?


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自我觉知 自我知觉


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