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[556] Multi-Task Zipping via Layer-wise Neuron Sharing
Authors: Xiaoxi He Zimu Zhou Lothar Thiele

[557] Dimensionally Tight Bounds for Second-Order Hamiltonian Monte Carlo
Authors: Oren Mangoubi Nisheeth Vishnoi

[558] Approximation algorithms for stochastic clustering
Authors: David Harris Shi Li Aravind Srinivasan Khoa Trinh Thomas Pensyl

[559] Evolutionary Stochastic Gradient Descent for Optimization of Deep Neural Networks
Authors: Xiaodong Cui Wei Zhang Zoltán Tüske Michael Picheny

[560] Learning to Infer Graphics Programs from Hand-Drawn Images
Authors: Kevin Ellis Daniel Ritchie Armando Solar-Lezama Josh Tenenbaum

[561] Graphical Generative Adversarial Networks
Authors: Chongxuan LI Max Welling Jun Zhu Bo Zhang

[562] Variational Learning on Aggregate Outputs with Gaussian Processes
Authors: Ho Chung Law Dino Sejdinovic Ewan Cameron Tim Lucas Seth Flaxman Katherine Battle Kenji Fukumizu

[563] MacNet: Transferring Knowledge from Machine Comprehension to Sequence-to-Sequence Models
Authors: Boyuan Pan Yazheng Yang Hao Li Zhou Zhao Yueting Zhuang Deng Cai Xiaofei He

[564] Poison Frogs! Targeted Clean-Label Poisoning Attacks on Neural Networks
Authors: Ali Shafahi W. Ronny Huang Mahyar Najibi Octavian Suciu Christoph Studer Tudor Dumitras Tom Goldstein

[565] Information Constraints on Auto-Encoding Variational Bayes
Authors: Romain Lopez Jeffrey Regier Michael I. Jordan Nir Yosef

[566] Recurrent Transformer Networks for Semantic Correspondence
Authors: Seungryong Kim Stephen Lin SANG RYUL JEON Dongbo Min Kwanghoon Sohn

[567] Online convex optimization for cumulative constraints
Authors: Jianjun Yuan Andrew Lamperski

[568] Predict Responsibly: Improving Fairness and Accuracy by Learning to Defer
Authors: David Madras Toni Pitassi Richard Zemel

[569] Deep State Space Models for Unconditional Word Generation
Authors: Florian Schmidt Thomas Hofmann

[570] ResNet with one-neuron hidden layers is a Universal Approximator
Authors: Hongzhou Lin Stefanie Jegelka

[571] Transfer of Value Functions via Variational Methods
Authors: Andrea Tirinzoni Rafael Rodriguez Sanchez Marcello Restelli

[572] The Cluster Description Problem - Complexity Results, Formulations and Approximations
Authors: Ian Davidson Antoine Gourru S Ravi

[573] Sharp Bounds for Generalized Uniformity Testing
Authors: Ilias Diakonikolas Daniel M. Kane Alistair Stewart

[574] Deep Neural Networks with Box Convolutions
Authors: Egor Burkov Victor Lempitsky

[575] Learning towards Minimum Hyperspherical Energy
Authors: Weiyang Liu Rongmei Lin Zhen Liu Lixin Liu Zhiding Yu Bo Dai Le Song

[576] LF-Net: Learning Local Features from Images
Authors: Yuki Ono Eduard Trulls Pascal Fua Kwang Moo Yi

[577] SLANG: Fast Structured Covariance Approximations for Bayesian Deep Learning with Natural Gradient
Authors: Aaron Mishkin Frederik Kunstner Didrik Nielsen Mark Schmidt Mohammad Emtiyaz Khan

[578] Tangent: Automatic differentiation using source-code transformation for dynamically typed array programming
Authors: Bart van Merrienboer Dan Moldovan Alexander Wiltschko

[579] Multi-domain Causal Structure Learning in Linear Systems
Authors: AmirEmad Ghassami Negar Kiyavash Biwei Huang Kun Zhang

[580] Privacy Amplification by Subsampling: Tight Analyses via Couplings and Divergences
Authors: Borja Balle Gilles Barthe Marco Gaboardi

[581] Exponentially Weighted Imitation Learning for Batched Historical Data
Authors: Qing Wang Jiechao Xiong Lei Han peng sun Han Liu Tong Zhang

[582] Algebraic tests of general Gaussian latent tree models
Authors: Dennis Leung Mathias Drton

[583] Navigating with Graph Representations for Fast and Scalable Decoding of Neural Language Models
Authors: Minjia Zhang Wenhan Wang Xiaodong Liu Jianfeng Gao Yuxiong He

[584] Deep Structured Prediction with Nonlinear Output Transformations
Authors: Colin Graber Ofer Meshi Alexander Schwing

[585] Sequential Test for the Lowest Mean: From Thompson to Murphy Sampling
Authors: Emilie Kaufmann Wouter M. Koolen Aurélien Garivier

[586] Distributed Learning without Distress: Privacy-Preserving Empirical Risk Minimization
Authors: Bargav Jayaraman Lingxiao Wang David Evans Quanquan Gu

[587] A no-regret generalization of hierarchical softmax to extreme multi-label classification
Authors: Marek Wydmuch Kalina Jasinska Mikhail Kuznetsov Róbert Busa-Fekete Krzysztof Dembczynski

[588] Efficient Formal Safety Analysis of Neural Networks
Authors: Shiqi Wang Kexin Pei Justin Whitehouse Junfeng Yang Suman Jana

[589] Bayesian Distributed Stochastic Gradient Descent
Authors: Michael Teng Frank Wood

[590] Visualizing the Loss Landscape of Neural Nets
Authors: Hao Li Zheng Xu Gavin Taylor Christoph Studer Tom Goldstein

[591] The Limits of Post-Selection Generalization
Authors: Jonathan Ullman Adam Smith Kobbi Nissim Uri Stemmer Thomas Steinke

[592] Graph Convolutional Policy Network for Goal-Directed Molecular Graph Generation
Authors: Jiaxuan You Bowen Liu Zhitao Ying Vijay Pande Jure Leskovec

[593] On Controllable Sparse Alternatives to Softmax
Authors: Anirban Laha Saneem Ahmed Chemmengath Priyanka Agrawal Mitesh Khapra Karthik Sankaranarayanan Harish G. Ramaswamy

[594] L4: Practical loss-based stepsize adaptation for deep learning
Authors: Michal Rolinek Georg Martius

[595] Learning Latent Subspaces in Variational Autoencoders
Authors: Jack Klys Jake Snell Richard Zemel

[596] Turbo Learning for CaptionBot and DrawingBot
Authors: Qiuyuan Huang Pengchuan Zhang Dapeng Wu Lei Zhang

[597] Learning to Teach with Dynamic Loss Functions
Authors: Lijun Wu Fei Tian Yingce Xia Yang Fan Tao Qin Lai Jian-Huang Tie-Yan Liu

[598] Multi-View Silhouette and Depth Decomposition for High Resolution 3D Object Representation
Authors: Edward Smith Scott Fujimoto David Meger

[599] Size-Noise Tradeoffs in Generative Networks
Authors: Bolton Bailey Matus J. Telgarsky

[600] Online Adaptive Methods, Universality and Acceleration
Authors: Yehuda Kfir Levy Alp Yurtsever Volkan Cevher

[601] Compact Generalized Non-local Network
Authors: Kaiyu Yue Ming Sun Yuchen Yuan Feng Zhou Errui Ding Fuxin Xu

[602] On the Local Hessian in Back-propagation
Authors: Huishuai Zhang Wei Chen Tie-Yan Liu

[603] The Everlasting Database: Statistical Validity at a Fair Price
Authors: Blake E. Woodworth Vitaly Feldman Saharon Rosset Nati Srebro

[604] Lipschitz-Margin Training: Scalable Certification of Perturbation Invariance for Deep Neural Networks
Authors: Yusuke Tsuzuku Issei Sato Masashi Sugiyama

[605] Proximal SCOPE for Distributed Sparse Learning
Authors: Shenyi Zhao Gong-Duo Zhang Ming-Wei Li Wu-Jun Li

[606] On Coresets for Logistic Regression
Authors: Alexander Munteanu Chris Schwiegelshohn Christian Sohler David Woodruff

[607] Neural Ordinary Differential Equations

[608] Unsupervised Learning of Artistic Styles with Archetypal Style Analysis
Authors: Daan Wynen Cordelia Schmid Julien Mairal

[609] Approximating Real-Time Recurrent Learning with Random Kronecker Factors
Authors: Asier Mujika Florian Meier Angelika Steger

[610] Contamination Attacks and Mitigation in Multi-Party Machine Learning
Authors: Jamie Hayes Olga Ohrimenko

[611] An Improved Analysis of Alternating Minimization for Structured Multi-Response Regression
Authors: Sheng Chen Arindam Banerjee

[612] Incorporating Context into Language Encoding Models for fMRI
Authors: Shailee Jain Alexander Huth

[613] CatBoost: unbiased boosting with categorical features
Authors: Liudmila Prokhorenkova Gleb Gusev Aleksandr Vorobev Anna Veronika Dorogush Andrey Gulin

[614] Query K-means Clustering and the Double Dixie Cup Problem
Authors: I Chien Chao Pan Olgica Milenkovic

[615] Training Neural Networks Using Features Replay
Authors: Zhouyuan Huo Bin Gu Heng Huang

[616] Modeling Dynamic Missingness of Implicit Feedback for Recommendation
Authors: Menghan Wang Mingming Gong Xiaolin Zheng Kun Zhang

[617] Representation Learning of Compositional Data
Authors: Marta Avalos Richard Nock Cheng Soon Ong Julien Rouar Ke Sun

[618] Model-based targeted dimensionality reduction for neuronal population data
Authors: Mikio Aoi Jonathan W. Pillow

[619] On gradient regularizers for MMD GANs
Authors: Michael Arbel Dougal Sutherland Mikołaj Bińkowski Arthur Gretton

[620] Heterogeneous Multi-output Gaussian Process Prediction
Authors: Pablo Moreno-Muñoz Antonio Artés Mauricio Álvarez

[621] Large-Scale Stochastic Sampling from the Probability Simplex
Authors: Jack Baker Paul Fearnhead Emily Fox Christopher Nemeth

[622] Policy Regret in Repeated Games
Authors: Raman Arora Michael Dinitz Teodor Vanislavov Marinov Mehryar Mohri

[623] A Theory-Based Evaluation of Nearest Neighbor Models Put Into Practice
Authors: Hendrik Fichtenberger Dennis Rohde

[624] Banach Wasserstein GAN
Authors: Jonas Adler Sebastian Lunz

[625] Provable Gaussian Embedding with One Observation
Authors: Ming Yu Zhuoran Yang Tuo Zhao Mladen Kolar Princeton Zhaoran Wang

[626] BRITS: Bidirectional Recurrent Imputation for Time Series
Authors: Wei Cao Dong Wang Jian Li Hao Zhou Lei Li Yitan Li

[627] M-Walk: Learning to Walk over Graphs using Monte Carlo Tree Search
Authors: Yelong Shen Jianshu Chen Po-Sen Huang Yuqing Guo Jianfeng Gao

[628] Extracting Relationships by Multi-Domain Matching
Authors: Yitong Li michael Murias geraldine Dawson David E. Carlson

[629] Efficient Gradient Computation for Structured Output Learning with Rational and Tropical Losses
Authors: Corinna Cortes Vitaly Kuznetsov Mehryar Mohri Dmitry Storcheus Scott Yang

[630] Generative Probabilistic Novelty Detection with Adversarial Autoencoders
Authors: Stanislav Pidhorskyi Ranya Almohsen Gianfranco Doretto

[631] Diminishing Returns Shape Constraints for Interpretability and Regularization
Authors: Maya Gupta Dara Bahri Andrew Cotter Kevin Canini

[632] Scalable Hyperparameter Transfer Learning
Authors: Valerio Perrone Rodolphe Jenatton Matthias W. Seeger Cedric Archambeau

[633] Stochastic Nonparametric Event-Tensor Decomposition
Authors: Shandian Zhe Yishuai Du

[634] Scaling Gaussian Process Regression with Derivatives
Authors: David Eriksson Kun Dong Eric Lee David Bindel Andrew G. Wilson

[635] Differentially Private Testing of Identity and Closeness of Discrete Distributions
Authors: Jayadev Acharya Ziteng Sun Huanyu Zhang

[636] Bayesian Adversarial Learning
Authors: Nanyang Ye Zhanxing Zhu

[637] Efficient Convex Completion of Coupled Tensors using Coupled Nuclear Norms
Authors: Kishan Wimalawarne Hiroshi Mamitsuka

[638] Maximizing Induced Cardinality Under a Determinantal Point Process
Authors: Jennifer A. Gillenwater Alex Kulesza Sergei Vassilvitskii Zelda E. Mariet

[639] Causal Inference with Noisy and Missing Covariates via Matrix Factorization
Authors: Nathan Kallus Xiaojie Mao Madeleine Udell

[640] rho-POMDPs have Lipschitz-Continuous epsilon-Optimal Value Functions
Authors: Mathieu Fehr Olivier Buffet Vincent Thomas Jilles Dibangoye

[641] Online Structure Learning for Feed-Forward and Recurrent Sum-Product Networks
Authors: Agastya Kalra Abdullah Rashwan Wei-Shou Hsu Pascal Poupart Prashant Doshi Georgios Trimponias

[642] Uncertainty Sampling is Preconditioned Stochastic Gradient Descent on Zero-One Loss
Authors: Stephen Mussmann Percy S. Liang

[643] A Probabilistic U-Net for Segmentation of Ambiguous Images
Authors: Simon Kohl Bernardino Romera-Paredes Clemens Meyer Jeffrey De Fauw Joseph R. Ledsam Klaus Maier-Hein S. M. Ali Eslami Danilo Jimenez Rezende Olaf Ronneberger

[644] Unorganized Malicious Attacks Detection
Authors: Ming Pang Wei Gao Min Tao Zhi-Hua Zhou

[645] Causal Inference via Kernel Deviance Measures
Authors: Jovana Mitrovic Dino Sejdinovic Yee Whye Teh

[646] Bayesian Alignments of Warped Multi-Output Gaussian Processes
Authors: Markus Kaiser Clemens Otte Thomas Runkler Carl Henrik Ek

[647] Hybrid Macro/Micro Level Backpropagation for Training Deep Spiking Neural Networks
Authors: Yingyezhe Jin Wenrui Zhang Peng Li

[648] Gen-Oja: Simple & Efficient Algorithm for Streaming Generalized Eigenvector Computation
Authors: Kush Bhatia Aldo Pacchiano Nicolas Flammarion Peter L. Bartlett Michael I. Jordan

[649] Efficient online algorithms for fast-rate regret bounds under sparsity
Authors: Pierre Gaillard Olivier Wintenberger

[650] GILBO: One Metric to Measure Them All
Authors: Alexander A. Alemi Ian Fischer

[651] Predictive Uncertainty Estimation via Prior Networks
Authors: Andrey Malinin Mark Gales

[652] Dual Policy Iteration
Authors: Wen Sun Geoffrey J. Gordon Byron Boots J. Bagnell

[653] A probabilistic population code based on neural samples

[654] Manifold-tiling Localized Receptive Fields are Optimal in Similarity-preserving Neural Networks
Authors: Anirvan Sengupta Cengiz Pehlevan Mariano Tepper Alexander Genkin Dmitri Chklovskii

[655] On the Convergence and Robustness of Training GANs with Regularized Optimal Transport
Authors: Maziar Sanjabi Jimmy Ba Meisam Razaviyayn Jason D. Lee

[656] Model-Agnostic Private Learning

[657] Constrained Generation of Semantically Valid Graphs via Regularizing Variational Autoencoders
Authors: Tengfei Ma Jie Chen Cao Xiao

[658] Provably Correct Automatic Sub-Differentiation for Qualified Programs
Authors: Sham M. Kakade Jason D. Lee

[659] Deep Homogeneous Mixture Models: Representation, Separation, and Approximation
Authors: Priyank Jaini Pascal Poupart Yaoliang Yu

[660] Parameters as interacting particles: long time convergence and asymptotic error scaling of neural networks
Authors: Grant Rotskoff Eric Vanden-Eijnden

[661] Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning for Zero-shot Generalization with Subtask Dependencies
Authors: Sungryull Sohn Junhyuk Oh Honglak Lee

[662] A Simple Unified Framework for Detecting Out-of-Distribution Samples and Adversarial Attacks
Authors: Kimin Lee Kibok Lee Honglak Lee Jinwoo Shin

[663] End-to-End Differentiable Physics for Learning and Control
Authors: Filipe de Avila Belbute-Peres Kevin Smith Kelsey Allen Josh Tenenbaum J. Zico Kolter

[664] BRUNO: A Deep Recurrent Model for Exchangeable Data
Authors: Iryna Korshunova Jonas Degrave Ferenc Huszar Yarin Gal Arthur Gretton Joni Dambre

[665] Stimulus domain transfer in recurrent models for large scale cortical population prediction on video
Authors: Fabian Sinz Alexander S. Ecker Paul Fahey Edgar Walker Erick Cobos Emmanouil Froudarakis Dimitri Yatsenko Zachary Pitkow Jacob Reimer Andreas Tolias

[666] Mapping Images to Scene Graphs with Permutation-Invariant Structured Prediction
Authors: Roei Herzig Moshiko Raboh Gal Chechik Jonathan Berant Amir Globerson

[667] Distributed Multi-Player Bandits - a Game of Thrones Approach
Authors: Ilai Bistritz Amir Leshem

[668] Efficient Loss-Based Decoding on Graphs for Extreme Classification
Authors: Itay Evron Edward Moroshko Koby Crammer

[669] Chaining Mutual Information and Tightening Generalization Bounds
Authors: Amir Asadi Emmanuel Abbe Sergio Verdu

[670] Implicit Probabilistic Integrators for ODEs
Authors: Onur Teymur Han Cheng Lie Tim Sullivan Ben Calderhead

[671] Learning Attentional Communication for Multi-Agent Cooperation
Authors: Jiechuan Jiang Zongqing Lu

[672] Training Deep Models Faster with Robust, Approximate Importance Sampling
Authors: Tyler B. Johnson Carlos Guestrin

[673] Bandit Learning with Implicit Feedback
Authors: Yi Qi Qingyun Wu Hongning Wang Jie Tang Maosong Sun

[674] Unsupervised Text Style Transfer using Language Models as Discriminators
Authors: Zichao Yang Zhiting Hu Chris Dyer Eric P. Xing Taylor Berg-Kirkpatrick

[675] Relational recurrent neural networks
Authors: Adam Santoro Ryan Faulkner David Raposo Jack Rae Mike Chrzanowski Theophane Weber Daan Wierstra Oriol Vinyals Razvan Pascanu Timothy Lillicrap

[676] Streaming Kernel PCA with \tilde{O}(\sqrt{n}) Random Features
Authors: Md Enayat Ullah Poorya Mianjy Teodor Vanislavov Marinov Raman Arora

[677] REFUEL: Exploring Sparse Features in Deep Reinforcement Learning for Fast Disease Diagnosis
Authors: Yu-Shao Peng Kai-Fu Tang Hsuan-Tien Lin Edward Chang

[678] Bayesian Model-Agnostic Meta-Learning
Authors: Jaesik Yoon Taesup Kim Ousmane Dia Sungwoong Kim Yoshua Bengio Sungjin Ahn

[679] Disconnected Manifold Learning for Generative Adversarial Networks
Authors: Mahyar Khayatkhoei Maneesh K. Singh Ahmed Elgammal

[680] Unsupervised Cross-Modal Alignment of Speech and Text Embedding Spaces
Authors: Yu-An Chung Wei-Hung Weng Schrasing Tong James Glass

[681] Learning Signed Determinantal Point Processes through the Principal Minor Assignment Problem
Authors: Victor-Emmanuel Brunel

[682] Out-of-Distribution Detection using Multiple Semantic Label Representations
Authors: Gabi Shalev Yossi Adi Joseph Keshet

[683] Stochastic Chebyshev Gradient Descent for Spectral Optimization
Authors: Insu Han Haim Avron Jinwoo Shin

[684] Revisiting (\epsilon, \gamma, \tau)-similarity learning for domain adaptation
Authors: Sofiane Dhouib Ievgen Redko

[685] How to tell when a clustering is (approximately) correct using convex relaxations
Authors: Marina Meila

[686] Constant Regret, Generalized Mixability, and Mirror Descent
Authors: Zakaria Mhammedi Robert C. Williamson

[687] A Bayesian Approach to Generative Adversarial Imitation Learning
Authors: Wonseok Jeon Seokin Seo Kee-Eung Kim

[688] Plug-in Estimation in High-Dimensional Linear Inverse Problems: A Rigorous Analysis
Authors: Alyson K. Fletcher Parthe Pandit Sundeep Rangan Subrata Sarkar Philip Schniter

[689] Constrained Cross-Entropy Method for Safe Reinforcement Learning
Authors: Min Wen Ufuk Topcu

[690] Multi-Agent Generative Adversarial Imitation Learning
Authors: Jiaming Song Hongyu Ren Dorsa Sadigh Stefano Ermon

[691] Adaptive Learning with Unknown Information Flows
Authors: Yonatan Gur Ahmadreza Momeni

[692] Forecasting Treatment Responses Over Time Using Recurrent Marginal Structural Networks
Authors: Bryan Lim

[693] Generative modeling for protein structures
Authors: Namrata Anand Possu Huang

[694] Inference in Deep Gaussian Processes using Stochastic Gradient Hamiltonian Monte Carlo
Authors: Marton Havasi José Miguel Hernández-Lobato Juan José Murillo-Fuentes

[695] Knowledge Distillation by On-the-Fly Native Ensemble
Authors: xu lan Xiatian Zhu Shaogang Gong

[696] Non-Adversarial Mapping with VAEs
Authors: Yedid Hoshen

[697] Generalisation in humans and deep neural networks
Authors: Robert Geirhos Carlos R. M. Temme Jonas Rauber Heiko H. Schütt Matthias Bethge Felix A. Wichmann

[698] Towards Text Generation with Adversarially Learned Neural Outlines
Authors: Sandeep Subramanian Sai Rajeswar Mudumba Alessandro Sordoni Adam Trischler Aaron C. Courville Chris Pal

[699] cpSGD: Communication-efficient and differentially-private distributed SGD
Authors: Naman Agarwal Ananda Theertha Suresh Felix Xinnan X. Yu Sanjiv Kumar Brendan McMahan

[700] GPyTorch: Blackbox Matrix-Matrix Gaussian Process Inference with GPU Acceleration
Authors: Jacob Gardner Geoff Pleiss Kilian Q. Weinberger David Bindel Andrew G. Wilson

[701] Diffusion Maps for Textual Network Embedding
Authors: Xinyuan Zhang Yitong Li Dinghan Shen Lawrence Carin

[702] Simple, Distributed, and Accelerated Probabilistic Programming
Authors: Dustin Tran Matthew W. Hoffman Dave Moore Christopher Suter Srinivas Vasudevan Alexey Radul

[703] VideoCapsuleNet: A Simplified Network for Action Detection
Authors: Kevin Duarte Yogesh Rawat Mubarak Shah

[704] Rectangular Bounding Process
Authors: Xuhui Fan Bin Li Scott SIsson

[705] Improved Algorithms for Collaborative PAC Learning
Authors: Huy Nguyen Lydia Zakynthinou

[706] Sparse Attentive Backtracking: Temporal Credit Assignment Through Reminding
Authors: Nan Rosemary Ke Anirudh Goyal ALIAS PARTH GOYAL Olexa Bilaniuk Jonathan Binas Michael C. Mozer Chris Pal Yoshua Bengio

[707] Communication Compression for Decentralized Training
Authors: Hanlin Tang Shaoduo Gan Ce Zhang Tong Zhang Ji Liu

[708] Depth-Limited Solving for Imperfect-Information Games
Authors: Noam Brown Tuomas Sandholm Brandon Amos

[709] Training Deep Neural Networks with 8-bit Floating Point Numbers
Authors: Naigang Wang Jungwook Choi Daniel Brand Chia-Yu Chen Kailash Gopalakrishnan

[710] Scalar Posterior Sampling with Applications
Authors: Georgios Theocharous Zheng Wen Yasin Abbasi Nikos Vlassis

[711] Understanding Batch Normalization
Authors: Nils Bjorck Carla P. Gomes Bart Selman Kilian Q. Weinberger

[712] Adversarial Scene Editing: Automatic Object Removal from Weak Supervision
Authors: Rakshith R. Shetty Mario Fritz Bernt Schiele

[713] Attacks Meet Interpretability: Attribute-steered Detection of Adversarial Samples
Authors: Guanhong Tao Shiqing Ma Yingqi Liu Xiangyu Zhang

[714] On Neuronal Capacity

[715] Breaking the Activation Function Bottleneck through Adaptive Parameterization
Authors: Sebastian Flennerhag Hujun Yin John Keane Mark Elliot

[716] Learning Loop Invariants for Program Verification
Authors: Xujie Si Hanjun Dai Mukund Raghothaman Mayur Naik Le Song

[717] Cooperative Learning of Audio and Video Models from Self-Supervised Synchronization
Authors: Bruno Korbar Du Tran Lorenzo Torresani

[718] Towards Robust Interpretability with Self-Explaining Neural Networks
Authors: David Alvarez Melis Tommi Jaakkola

[719] Deep State Space Models for Time Series Forecasting
Authors: Syama Sundar Rangapuram Matthias W. Seeger Jan Gasthaus Lorenzo Stella Yuyang Wang Tim Januschowski

[720] Constrained Graph Variational Autoencoders for Molecule Design
Authors: Qi Liu Miltiadis Allamanis Marc Brockschmidt Alexander Gaunt

[721] Learning Libraries of Subroutines for Neurally–Guided Bayesian Program Induction
Authors: Kevin Ellis Lucas Morales Mathias Sablé-Meyer Armando Solar-Lezama Josh Tenenbaum

[722] Neural Architecture Optimization
Authors: Renqian Luo Fei Tian Tao Qin Enhong Chen Tie-Yan Liu

[723] Preference Based Adaptation for Learning Objectives
Authors: Yao-Xiang Ding Zhi-Hua Zhou

[724] Distributed k-Clustering for Data with Heavy Noise
Authors: Shi Li Xiangyu Guo

[725] Beyond Log-concavity: Provable Guarantees for Sampling Multi-modal Distributions using Simulated Tempering Langevin Monte Carlo
Authors: HOLDEN LEE Andrej Risteski Rong Ge

[726] A General Method for Amortizing Variational Filtering
Authors: Joseph Marino Milan Cvitkovic Yisong Yue

[727] A Reduction for Efficient LDA Topic Reconstruction
Authors: Matteo Almanza Flavio Chierichetti Alessandro Panconesi Andrea Vattani

[728] Cluster Variational Approximations for Structure Learning of Continuous-Time Bayesian Networks from Incomplete Data
Authors: Dominik Linzner Heinz Koeppl

[729] RenderNet: A deep convolutional network for differentiable rendering from 3D shapes
Authors: Thu H. Nguyen-Phuoc Chuan Li Stephen Balaban Yongliang Yang

[730] Robust Hypothesis Testing Using Wasserstein Uncertainty Sets
Authors: RUI GAO Liyan Xie Yao Xie Huan Xu

[731] Robust Detection of Adversarial Attacks by Modeling the Intrinsic Properties of Deep Neural Networks
Authors: Zhihao Zheng Pengyu Hong

[732] Monte-Carlo Tree Search for Constrained POMDPs
Authors: Jongmin Lee Geon-hyeong Kim Pascal Poupart Kee-Eung Kim

[733] Learning to Repair Software Vulnerabilities with Generative Adversarial Networks
Authors: Jacob Harer Onur Ozdemir Tomo Lazovich Christopher Reale Rebecca Russell Louis Kim peter chin

[734] Layer-Wise Coordination between Encoder and Decoder for Neural Machine Translation
Authors: Tianyu He Xu Tan Yingce Xia Di He Tao Qin Zhibo Chen Tie-Yan Liu

[735] Dirichlet belief networks for topic structure learning
Authors: He Zhao Lan Du Wray Buntine Mingyuan Zhou

[736] Stochastic Expectation Maximization with Variance Reduction
Authors: Jianfei Chen Jun Zhu Yee Whye Teh Tong Zhang

[737] Submodular Maximization via Gradient Ascent: The Case of Deep Submodular Functions
Authors: Wenruo Bai William Stafford Noble Jeff A. Bilmes

[738] The challenge of realistic music generation: modelling raw audio at scale
Authors: Sander Dieleman Aaron van den Oord Karen Simonyan

[739] Spectral Signatures in Backdoor Attacks
Authors: Brandon Tran Jerry Li Aleksander Madry

[740] Reward learning from human preferences and demonstrations in Atari
Authors: Borja Ibarz Jan Leike Tobias Pohlen Geoffrey Irving Shane Legg Dario Amodei

[741] Approximate Knowledge Compilation by Online Collapsed Importance Sampling

[742] Neural Arithmetic Logic Units
Authors: Andrew Trask Felix Hill Scott E. Reed Jack Rae Chris Dyer Phil Blunsom

[743] Pipe-SGD: A Decentralized Pipelined SGD Framework for Distributed Deep Net Training
Authors: Youjie Li Mingchao Yu Songze Li Salman Avestimehr Nam Sung Kim Alexander Schwing

[744] Improved Expressivity Through Dendritic Neural Networks
Authors: Xundong Wu Xiangwen Liu wei li qing wu

[745] Efficient Anomaly Detection via Matrix Sketching
Authors: Vatsal Sharan Parikshit Gopalan Udi Wieder

[746] Learning to Specialize with Knowledge Distillation for Visual Question Answering
Authors: Jonghwan Mun Kimin Lee Jinwoo Shin Bohyung Han

[747] A Lyapunov-based Approach to Safe Reinforcement Learning
Authors: Yinlam Chow Ofir Nachum Edgar Duenez-Guzman Mohammad Ghavamzadeh

[748] Credit Assignment For Collective Multiagent RL With Global Rewards
Authors: Duc Thien Nguyen Akshat Kumar Hoong Chuin Lau

[749] Statistical Optimality of Stochastic Gradient Descent on Hard Learning Problems through Multiple Passes
Authors: Loucas Pillaud-Vivien Alessandro Rudi Francis Bach

[750] Does mitigating ML’s impact disparity require treatment disparity?
Authors: Zachary Lipton Julian McAuley Alexandra Chouldechova

[751] Proximal Graphical Event Models
Authors: Debarun Bhattacharjya Dharmashankar Subramanian Tian Gao

[752] Bayesian Control of Large MDPs with Unknown Dynamics in Data-Poor Environments
Authors: Mahdi Imani Seyede Fatemeh Ghoreishi Ulisses M. Braga-Neto

[753] Learning Overparameterized Neural Networks via Stochastic Gradient Descent on Structured Data
Authors: Yuanzhi Li Yingyu Liang

[754] Hamiltonian Variational Auto-Encoder
Authors: Anthony L. Caterini Arnaud Doucet Dino Sejdinovic

[755] Modelling and unsupervised learning of symmetric deformable object categories
Authors: James Thewlis Hakan Bilen Andrea Vedaldi

[756] Graphical model inference: Sequential Monte Carlo meets deterministic approximations
Authors: Fredrik Lindsten Jouni Helske Matti Vihola

[757] Statistical mechanics of low-rank tensor decomposition
Authors: Jonathan Kadmon Surya Ganguli

[758] Variational Bayesian Monte Carlo
Authors: Luigi Acerbi

[759] Sample-Efficient Reinforcement Learning with Stochastic Ensemble Value Expansion

[760] Efficient Online Portfolio with Logarithmic Regret
Authors: Haipeng Luo Chen-Yu Wei Kai Zheng

[761] Algorithms and Theory for Multiple-Source Adaptation
Authors: Judy Hoffman Mehryar Mohri Ningshan Zhang

[762] Online Reciprocal Recommendation with Theoretical Performance Guarantees
Authors: Claudio Gentile Nikos Parotsidis Fabio Vitale

[763] The promises and pitfalls of Stochastic Gradient Langevin Dynamics
Authors: Nicolas Brosse Alain Durmus Eric Moulines

[764] How SGD Selects the Global Minima in Over-parameterized Learning: A Dynamical Stability Perspective
Authors: Lei Wu Chao Ma Weinan E

[765] Differentiable MPC for End-to-end Planning and Control
Authors: Brandon Amos Ivan Jimenez Jacob Sacks Byron Boots J. Zico Kolter

[766] Bilevel learning of the Group Lasso structure
Authors: Jordan Frecon Saverio Salzo Massimiliano Pontil

[767] Constructing Unrestricted Adversarial Examples with Generative Models
Authors: Yang Song Rui Shu Nate Kushman Stefano Ermon

[768] Information-theoretic Limits for Community Detection in Network Models
Authors: Chuyang Ke Jean Honorio

[769] Learning Conditioned Graph Structures for Interpretable Visual Question Answering
Authors: Will Norcliffe-Brown Stathis Vafeias Sarah Parisot

[770] Distributionally Robust Graphical Models
Authors: Rizal Fathony Ashkan Rezaei Mohammad Ali Bashiri Xinhua Zhang Brian Ziebart

[771] Transfer Learning with Neural AutoML
Authors: Catherine Wong Neil Houlsby Yifeng Lu Andrea Gesmundo

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[948] Learning to Solve SMT Formulas

[949] Lifted Weighted Mini-Bucket
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Authors: Trefor Evans Prasanth Nair

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[981] Thermostat-assisted continuously-tempered Hamiltonian Monte Carlo for Bayesian learning
Authors: Rui Luo Jianhong Wang Yaodong Yang Jun WANG Zhanxing Zhu

[982] Robust Subspace Approximation in a Stream
Authors: Roie Levin Anish Prasad Sevekari David Woodruff

[983] Mean Field for the Stochastic Blockmodel: Optimization Landscape and Convergence Issues
Authors: Soumendu Sundar Mukherjee Purnamrita Sarkar Y. X. Rachel Wang Bowei Yan

[984] Analysis of Krylov Subspace Solutions of Regularized Non-Convex Quadratic Problems

[985] Autoconj: Recognizing and Exploiting Conjugacy Without a Domain-Specific Language
Authors: Matthew D. Hoffman

[986] DropBlock: A regularization method for convolutional networks
Authors: Golnaz Ghiasi Tsung-Yi Lin Quoc V. Le

[987] Forward Modeling for Partial Observation Strategy Games - A StarCraft Defogger
Authors: Gabriel Synnaeve Zeming Lin Jonas Gehring Dan Gant Vegard Mella Vasil Khalidov Nicolas Carion Nicolas Usunier

[988] With Friends Like These, Who Needs Adversaries?
Authors: Saumya Jetley Nicholas Lord Philip Torr

[989] Decentralize and Randomize: Faster Algorithm for Wasserstein Barycenters
Authors: Pavel Dvurechenskii Darina Dvinskikh Alexander Gasnikov Cesar Uribe Angelia Nedich

[990] Joint Autoregressive and Hierarchical Priors for Learned Image Compression
Authors: David Minnen Johannes Ballé George D. Toderici

[991] Learning Temporal Point Processes via Reinforcement Learning
Authors: Shuang Li Shuai Xiao Shixiang Zhu Nan Du Yao Xie Le Song

[992] Bias and Generalization in Deep Generative Models: An Empirical Study
Authors: Shengjia Zhao Hongyu Ren Arianna Yuan Jiaming Song Noah Goodman Stefano Ermon

[993] Fast and Effective Robustness Certification
Authors: Gagandeep Singh Timon Gehr Matthew Mirman Markus Püschel Martin Vechev

[994] Support Recovery for Orthogonal Matching Pursuit: Upper and Lower bounds
Authors: Raghav Somani Chirag Gupta Prateek Jain Praneeth Netrapalli

[995] Differentially Private Change-Point Detection
Authors: Rachel Cummings Sara Krehbiel Yajun Mei Rui Tuo Wanrong Zhang

[996] Multi-value Rule Sets for Interpretable Classification with Feature-Efficient Representations
Authors: Tong Wang

[997] Domain Adaptation by Using Causal Inference to Predict Invariant Conditional Distributions
Authors: Sara Magliacane Thijs van Ommen Tom Claassen Stephan Bongers Philip Versteeg Joris M. Mooij

[998] Smoothed Analysis of Discrete Tensor Decomposition and Assemblies of Neurons
Authors: Nima Anari Constantinos Daskalakis Wolfgang Maass Christos Papadimitriou Amin Saberi Santosh Vempala

[999] MixLasso: Generalized Mixed Regression via Convex Atomic-Norm Regularization
Authors: Ian En-Hsu Yen Wei-Cheng Lee Kai Zhong Sung-En Chang Pradeep K. Ravikumar Shou-De Lin

[1000] Semidefinite relaxations for certifying robustness to adversarial examples
Authors: Aditi Raghunathan Jacob Steinhardt Percy S. Liang

[1001] Removing Hidden Confounding by Experimental Grounding
Authors: Nathan Kallus Aahlad Manas Puli Uri Shalit

[1002] Topkapi: Parallel and Fast Sketches for Finding Top-K Frequent Elements
Authors: Ankush Mandal He Jiang Anshumali Shrivastava Vivek Sarkar

[1003] Contrastive Learning from Pairwise Measurements
Authors: Yi Chen Zhuoran Yang Yuchen Xie Princeton Zhaoran Wang

[1004] Point process latent variable models of larval zebrafish behavior
Authors: Anuj Sharma Robert Johnson Florian Engert Scott Linderman

[1005] Computationally and statistically efficient learning of causal Bayes nets using path queries
Authors: Kevin Bello Jean Honorio

[1006] Sparse PCA from Sparse Linear Regression
Authors: Guy Bresler Sung Min Park Madalina Persu

[1007] Multiple Instance Learning for Efficient Sequential Data Classification on Resource-constrained Devices
Authors: Don Dennis Chirag Pabbaraju Harsha Vardhan Simhadri Prateek Jain

[1008] Transfer of Deep Reactive Policies for MDP Planning
Authors: Aniket (Nick) Bajpai Sankalp Garg None

[1009] The Price of Fair PCA: One Extra dimension
Authors: Samira Samadi Uthaipon Tantipongpipat Jamie H. Morgenstern Mohit Singh Santosh Vempala

[1010] GroupReduce: Block-Wise Low-Rank Approximation for Neural Language Model Shrinking
Authors: Patrick Chen Si Si Yang Li Ciprian Chelba Cho-Jui Hsieh


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