ACES IDT ODT ? Are you used to ACES tone mapped for your game products Now?

Are you used to ACES tone mapped for your game products Now?在这里插入图片描述


First of all, you know that ACES is promoting the Unified Color space from an Academy Committee.

为什么? 为什么…学院委员会这样做? 知道这一点有助于我了解很多ACES。

Why? Why … did the Academy committee do this? Knowing this helps me understand ACES a lot.


The biggest part of ACES aims to streamline the color space workflow of the cameras you shoot and the equipment that displays the images (monitors, projectors, etc.).


In it, VFX or CG is only part of the story.


Arri, Sony, Canon, Nikon, and so many cameras and sensors express their color with their know-how, color processing,
ACES started when the academy proposed to create a color space workflow using a profile of how each sensor captures the information of the light it captures.

这称为输入设备转换。 换句话说,每个照相机制造商和照相机型号的颜色配置文件用于统一称为ACES的颜色空间。

This is called an Input Device Transform. In other words, the color profile for each camera manufacturer and camera model is used to unify the color space called ACES.

由于ACES FULL实际上是一个巨大的色彩空间,因此对于VFX和后期制作无效,因此我们创建了一个称为ACESCG / ACESCC的色彩空间,这是我们最熟悉的色彩空间。

And since ACES FULL is actually a huge color space, it’s ineffective for VFX and post-production, so we created a color space called ACESCG / ACESCC, which is the color space we’re most familiar with.


When working in the ACES-converted color space, the rendering is rendered in the ACESCg color space, and the images captured by the camera are synthesized in the ACESCg linearized state, and the final delivery is performed.
The process of converting to the device shown is called Output Device Transform.
In this part, the process of converting to the color space represented by each device, that is, Rec.709, Rec.2020, sRGB, P3, etc.

RRT是一个简单的想法,摄影导演(或称“看”)使用“外观”来创建图像感,这可以是电影外观,而不是光的真实表达,而是艺术表达。 该部分通常在ODT之前应用。

When CG rendering with ACESCg, it is important to assign a texture to ACESCg as well.
ACES has a Reference Render Transform (RTT), which is one of the hardest and most difficult to understand.
RRT is a simple idea that a director of photography, or “Look”, uses a “look” to create a sense of imagery, which can be a film look and not a realistic expression of light, but an artistic expression. This part is usually applied before ODT.
The collection of such IDT profiles is ACES.

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