LeetCode-051 N-Queens

Description The n-queens puzzle is the problem of placing n queens on an n×n chessboard such that no two queens attack each other. Given an integer ...

2019-04-22 21:03:43

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使用 ECB 实现 make reservation 用例的详细设计(包含用例简介,顺序图,类图) 用例简图: 顺序图: 类图: 将逻辑设计类图映射到实际项目框架的包图。用树形结构表述实现的包和类 ...

2018-07-01 23:20:03

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一、描述软件架构与框架之间的区别与联系 软件架构:是一个系统的草图。软件架构描述的对象是直接构成系统的抽象组件。各个组件之间的连接则明确和相对细致地描述组件之间的通讯。 软件框架:是特定语言和技术的架构应用解决方案。面向领域的、可复用的“半成品”软件,它实现了该领域的共性部分,并提供了一些定义...

2018-06-08 22:57:03

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LeetCode-050 Pow(x, n)

Description Implement pow(x, n), which calculates x raised to the power n (xn). Example Example 1: Input: 2.00000, 10 Output: 1024.00000 Exampl...

2018-06-08 20:41:54

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LeetCode-049 Group Anagrams

Description Given an array of strings, group anagrams together. Example Input: [“eat”, “tea”, “tan”, “ate”, “nat”, “bat”], Output: [ [“ate”...

2018-06-08 20:10:17

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LeetCode-048 Rotate Image

Description You are given an n x n 2D matrix representing an image. Rotate the image by 90 degrees (clockwise). Note You have to rotate the image...

2018-06-08 20:04:51

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LeetCode-047 Permutations II

Description Given a collection of numbers that might contain duplicates, return all possible unique permutations. Example Input: [1,1,2] Output: ...

2018-06-08 18:21:00

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LeetCode-046 Permutations

Description Given a collection of distinct integers, return all possible permutations. Example Input: [1,2,3] Output: [ [1,2,3], [1,3,2]...

2018-06-08 18:15:54

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LeetCode-045 Jump Game II

Description Given an array of non-negative integers, you are initially positioned at the first index of the array. Each element in the array repres...

2018-06-08 18:10:11

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LeetCode-044 Wildcard Matching

Description Given an input string (s) and a pattern (p), implement wildcard pattern matching with support for ‘?’ and ‘*’. ‘?’ Matches any single c...

2018-06-08 17:52:00

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LeetCode-043 Multiply Strings

Description Given two non-negative integers num1 and num2 represented as strings, return the product of num1 and num2, also represented as a string....

2018-06-07 01:10:01

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LeetCode-042 Trapping Rain Water

Description Given n non-negative integers representing an elevation map where the width of each bar is 1, compute how much water it is able to trap ...

2018-06-07 01:05:42

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LeetCode-041 First Missing Positive

Description Given an unsorted integer array, find the smallest missing positive integer. Example Example 1: Input: [1,2,0] Output: 3 Example ...

2018-06-06 17:14:23

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LeetCode-040 Combination Sum II

Description Given a collection of candidate numbers (candidates) and a target number (target), find all unique combinations in candidates where the ...

2018-06-06 16:37:36

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LeetCode-039 Combination Sum

Description Given a set of candidate numbers (candidates) (without duplicates) and a target number (target), find all unique combinations in candida...

2018-06-06 16:25:28

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LeetCode-038 Count and Say

Description The count-and-say sequence is the sequence of integers with the first five terms as following: 1 11 21 1211 111221 1 is read off as “...

2018-06-06 16:15:32

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LeetCode-037 Sudoku Solver

Description Write a program to solve a Sudoku puzzle by filling the empty cells. A sudoku solution must satisfy all of the following rules: Each o...

2018-06-05 20:57:17

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LeetCode-036 Valid Sudoku

Description Determine if a 9x9 Sudoku board is valid. Only the filled cells need to be validated according to the following rules: Each row must co...

2018-06-05 20:48:13

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LeetCode-035 Search Insert Position

Description Given a sorted array and a target value, return the index if the target is found. If not, return the index where it would be if it were ...

2018-06-05 20:31:12

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LeetCode-034 Find First and Last Position of Element in Sorted Array

Description Given an array of integers nums sorted in ascending order, find the starting and ending position of a given target value. Your algorith...

2018-06-05 20:28:35

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